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 Under the lead of Georges Schaeren

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PostSubject: Under the lead of Georges Schaeren   Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:56 am

Fly legend set sail on the sky again, It must be a very important milestone for Lockheed L-1049 super super constellation airliner.This super plane used be powerful leader during 1950s in the sky flying field, it eas called " Atlantic (600558) king".which was respected by the people all over the world.Breitling also own the same Legendary plane."Breitling Super Constellation" as one of the three super powerful leader plane in the world,this plane got high attention and care by Breitling,After hundred hours repairing, the super constellation sail on the sky again.In order to remember the eternal Classic human aviation miracle,Breitling launch the Navitimer Super Constellation Limited Edition [www.etswatches.com], Only 1,049pieces all over the world,make a salute to the Lockheed L-1049 super super constellation airliner, meanwhile gather funds for maintaining.Breitling's most legendary flagship aviation discount Breitling [www.etswatches.com] which was given a more unique content, a leader in aviation and aircraft watch in the field of the king joined forces to create a sense of extraordinary rare collection.The unique pattern design is the best symbol for this [www.etswatches.com],dial plate insert the words "Breitling Super Constellation". last century, the symbol of Breitling is "B" just echo the "B" on the Three vertical tail plane.Timing pointer small dial and a unique blue numerals and blue calendar display, and the Super Constellation airliner elegant blue lines complement each other. More uniquely creative design from the bottom of the table, the Super Constellation aircraft's technical specifications clearly visible, the outline of the whole plane means more to relief engraved on the dial at the bottom, it is interesting infinite.
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Under the lead of Georges Schaeren
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