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 Emphasis on *Rumor* - Penalty Nomination (AllBigBrother)

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PostSubject: Emphasis on *Rumor* - Penalty Nomination (AllBigBrother)   Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:14 pm

Penalty Nomination
An All Big Brother representative was able to talk briefly with Big Brother producer Alison Grodners office this afternoon about the possible repercussions of Ollies behavior yesterday, following the POV ceremony. In prior years, house guests received penalties or were evicted for the sort of behavior that Ollie displayed. So far feed watchers havent seen any repercussions for Ollie. The official response was that we will need to watch the show to find out whats going to happen to Ollie: You havent seen everything yet, just watch the show. It sure sounds like Ollie is going to be up on the block along with Jerry and Michelle by the beginning of Thursdays show.
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Emphasis on *Rumor* - Penalty Nomination (AllBigBrother)
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