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 Survivor 10/23/2008

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PostSubject: Survivor 10/23/2008   Fri Oct 24, 2008 1:09 am

Survivor Down to a Dirty Dozen

Survior: Gabon, Jessica Kiper

week on Survivor: Gabon, another week for the steadily disintegrating
Fang tribe to bitch at each other over tiny portions of rice. So,
did the remaining members of Fang finally pull it together tonight, or
did Kota continue to wipe the jungle floor with its tempestuous rival
tribe? Here's how it all went down, from the first stab of the back to the final extinguishing of the flame: Matty Whitmore's making "a ring-type thing" to remind himself of Jamie, his girlfriend back home. Awww. Ace
Gordon thinks peoplepeople, not just Sugar Kiperlike him. Figuring
it's not the worst idea ever, Matty, who's sweet if not exactly
brilliant, swears on his girl that he won't stab Ace in the back. And
Ace swears on his mother's lifewe're supposed to assume that means
something to himto maintain their newfound alliance. Over in
Kota, Bob Crowley and Corinne Kaplan are peeved that Dan Kay seems to
think it's OK for him to take multiple servings of his tribe's
luxuriously spiced food. Ace pushes exactly the right button and
Sugar offers to give him the Immunity Idol for safekeeping. "Ace is a
snakebut he's my snake," she says. Randy Bailey gives a fist pump when he sees that G.C. Brown is missing from Fang. Becausehe was such a fierce player? Tonight's
reward challenge: Six members of each tribe (Corinne sits out for Kota)
are tethered to a 20-foot-long, 200-pound stuffed snake. Carrying the
snake on their shoulders, the tribes start running in opposite
directions with the intention of eventually catching the other, like a
big arcade game. Kota's killing it. Then Sugar and Kenny Hoang
both bow out, actually helping Fang's chances. Then Kelly drops it.
Susie Smith gives up for Kota. Crystal Cox ditches Fang. Unsurprisingly The five remaining members of Kota close in on Matty and Ace. Tag! You're out! Kota
wins sweet, sweet sustenance: Fruit tarts, chocolate clairs,
croissants and everything they need to make coffee and brew tea. And
then the winners send Sugar off to Exile Island...again. This time, the
pinup model doesn't feel so great about feasting on fruit while her
fellow Fang members are practically starving. Ace and Kelly
Czarnecki suspect that Crystal, who's looking more and more beaten
down, is "heading the way of G.C." Crystal, meanwhile, says that she's
hoping everyone doesn't compare her to G.C. by mistaking her tears as a
sign of weakness. Immunity challenge: Each tribe splits into
three pairs (Susie sits out for Kota), the members of whom are tethered
together, of course, and have to crawl under a cargo net splayed out
like a huge spiderweb, navigate an obstacle and grab two pieces of a
flagpole. Then crawl back under the net with the pieces before the next
pair sets off. So Kelly and Sugar are in the lead after the
first crawl but, unsurprisingly, Bob and Randy make up the difference
and more, giving Kota a huge lead after the first leg. Crystal and Ace
struggle, as well, and Corinne and Charlie Herschel keep Kota's lead
safe. Finally, Matty and Kenny give 'em hell, close the gap and make it
a race. Unfortunately for Fang, Kota remembers that they're
seemingly preordained to win every challenge and manages to hoist their
flag first. Maybe it's just us, but we were kinda looking forward to
seeing a crack in Kota's faade for a change. Back in the hall
of shame, Ace is all for booting Kelly, who was also ripe for the
picking last week. Matty is more concerned about Sugar playing the
Idol, which, obviously, Ace doesn't have to worry about, so he keeps
pushing for Kelly. Meanwhile, Crystal would rather blindside Sugar or,
joy of joys, see Ace go, figuring that Fang's been no better since the
supposedly strong fashion photographer joined them. Both she and Kenny
warn Matty about the perils of trusting Ace. Sugar tells Kenny
that she gave Ace the Idol, and he's reasonably shocked. Thinking
better of it, she goes and grabs the Idol out of Ace's jacket. Nice! At
Tribal Council: Kelly expresses concern for Crystal's motivation after
seeing her cryand tells the tribe that Ace said the same thing. Ace
defends himself, Kelly rolls her eyes. Jeff Probst points out that
Matty's probably the only one with nothing to worry about. Time to vote. Sugar hangs on to the Immunity Idol. Good decisionKelly's voted out, about three weeks too late, 5-1. Not
much of a surprise, was it? What can Fang possibly do to pull itself
out of this downward spiral? Maybe it doesn't have to do anythingboth
tribes have to drop a member next week! So, while Fang has been
self-destructing and could pretty much lose anyone besides Matty and
Crystal without making a dent, who do you think should be kicked out of

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PostSubject: Re: Survivor 10/23/2008   Fri Oct 24, 2008 10:54 pm

hard to pick who should go when they never loose! the only one i would like to see go on the show is Ace. loser
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LFU Addict

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PostSubject: Re: Survivor 10/23/2008   Sun Oct 26, 2008 3:01 pm

Survivor Gabon Show Recap October 23
Survivor - Survivor: Gabon

Thursday, 23 October 2008 20:29

Show Recap October 23

On Kota, the rich just get richer, while Fang squanders food until there is little left. Ace feels that tribal council was sad with GC leaving. He is concerned that he won't make it until the merge. Matty says that his driving force is his girlfriend, Jaime, and says that he thinks of food constantly. He makes a ring to remind himself of his girlfriend back home. Ace is stressed and wants to make it as far as possible. He tells Matty that he doesn't want to be blindsided. Matty says that he doesn't want Kenny to go and Ace makes a deal with him not to send Sugar home. Matty swears on his girlfriend's life that he will not blindside Ace. Ace swears on his mother.
On Kota the tribe remarks on Dan's multiple servings of food. They worry that food won't last if he continues to eat. On Fang Ken feels that they are at rock bottom with barely enough rice for six days. Ace tells Sugar that he is ninety percent sure that the others have seen her immunity idol. Sugar thinks that they have gone through her bag, so she gives it to Ace for safe keeping. She remarks that it is putting her in a position where she has to trust him. Ace is talking about his position of now holding the idol and is amazed to see an elephant traveling downstream in the water. He stills his voice to a hush in amazement.

Reward ChallengeJeff calls the reward challenge. Each tribe has to carry a 220 pound snake around a track in an attempt to catch the other tribe. A tribe member may at any time drop out, but in doing so, the others must then carry their weight. The tribe that catches up to and touches the opposing tribe first will win the reward, a selection of pastries and coffee. From the beginning, Kota gains on Fang and Fang finds that they are fading fast. Sugar and Kenny drop out of Fang and they seems to move more quickly. Susie drops from Kota and Kelly drops from Fang. Crystal drops next when Mattie tells her to do it. Mattie and Ace carry the load now, while Kota has five guys who catch up easily to Mattie and Ace who are struggling to carry the weight. Kota wins and the reward has enough to sample now and still have enough to take back to camp. Crystal is in tears, saying that she is not used to being a loser. Kota sends Sugar to Exile Island again and she will return for the immunity challenge. Crystal feels that she has been disrespected and is sure that old Fang and new Fang won't get along after the merge.

Survivor Gabon RewardCorinne watches as the tribe divvies up the food, raioning it to each person. Corinne says that without Dan they wouldn't have to go through the rationing. Randy watches the tribe maneuvering and thinks that his best bet will be to lay low.

On Exile, Sugar eats fruit while crying that her tribe has nothing to eat. Feeling guilt, she nonetheless eats. She speaks of giving Ace the idol in case he needs it before the tribal council. Crystal breaks down in tears, and Kelly doesn't understand. Ace sees it as emotional and Crystal says that it isn't a sign of weakness. She worries that she will be put in the same catagory as GC. Crystal tells Kelly that it is not a sign of weakness, but Kelly sees it as that. They talk about losing and how it sucks. Crystal says that she has snapped out of it and it was just momentary, but Kelly isn't convinced. Crystal says that she, Kelly has had fish, but that she, Crystal, has only had one tiny pinch of a sardine and she is just hungry.

Hunger is a huge issue for Fang. Kota finds a huge turtle and Marcus is excited to have caught it. They kill it, and crack the shell, boil the quarted turtle and eat hearty, feeling that this is going to give them the strength they need for immunity.

Immunity ChallengeSugar returns from Exile Island, and Jeff calls them for the immnity challenge. The tribes have to pair off and in teams of two, roped together, crawl under a cargo net and then retrieve a roped package of flag pole pieces. The next pair to go out add another challenge to the routine and retrieve more pieces. When all three pairs have returned with their pole pieces, they can work to assemble a flag pole. The first tribe to raise their flag will win immunity. Kota is out in the lead and keep ahead. Ace and Crystal from Fang work to make up time and do make headway. Ace and Crystal are gaining and Kota loses their lead. Mattie and Kenny work hard to continue to keep the gain and they are right on Kota's tail, moving ahead to take the lead. Dan and Marcus are moving fast, but Mattie and Kenny have overtaken Kota as they work to retrieve their pieces to the flag pole and it is neck and neck as the men travel over the challenge rather than under it. They travel through the jungle and it continues to be neck and neck. Fang returns to the mat first and is untying the pieces but Kota gets on the mat with their pieces and is working together well. Ace is trying to muscle it in, resisting assistance, and Jeff reminds them that all pieces interlock. Kota raises their flagpole first and wins immunity. A dejected Ace, mops his head with his buff. Jeff reminds Fang that if they continue to play like individuals they will continue to join him for tribal council. Crystal says that Ace is always trying to take charge and although he is strong and a great competitor, in all three of the last challenges, he has taken the lead and they have lost. She doesn't see how it is benefiting her.

Ace and Matty talk and Matty wants to flush the idol out of Sugar. Ace wants to get rid of Kelly, but Matty wants to flush out the idol. Ace tries to convince him that she can't play it. Matty speaks to Crystal and she tells him that she wants Ace out and she says that she is leary of Ace and Sugar who she knows are in an alliance. Crystal and Kenny talk about who is writing down Kelly. Kenny realizes that Crystal is going after Ace and Matty and Kenny talk. Matty says that he can't go against Ace. Kenny then speaks to Sugar and she tells him that she gave the hidden immunity idol to Ace and Kenny is shocked, saying that he is sleazy. Kenny tells Sugar to get the idol back and she does. Ace wonders if he is being overconfident.

Jeff speaks to the tribe. He asks Matty what the mood is in the tribe and Matty feels it is cursed. Jeff feels that it is a group of people working as individuals. Ace doesn't feel that they were affective and he feels that he is to blame for it. Crystal agrees when asked if Ace deserves a vote for his actions and she nods affirmative. Kelly isn't sure why she cries and thinks that she isn't stable, but Kelly says that she never said that she was weak. Crystal and Kelly argue about how frustrated she is and she says that she wouldn't understand it. Kelly brings Ace into it and he says that he told her that he said she was frustrated and Kelly says that he is double talking. Matty is asked if he is worried and he says that there is no rhyme or sense to his tribe.

Kelly BanishedThe votes:
Kelly, Crystal, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. The sixth person voted out of Survivor Gabon is Kelly. She leaves with a quick stride and without saying a word. Jeff says that this is the first tribal council where he has seen some true passion and thinks perhaps that this is what has been missing. He tells them to take their torches and return to camp.

Kelly speaks:
Kelly says that she voted for Crystal because she wasn't pushing through the challenges. She says that if it was her time to go, it was her time to go.

Next week:
The tribe discusses who was going to vote for who until the very last minute and others discover who is out gunning for them.

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PostSubject: Re: Survivor 10/23/2008   

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Survivor 10/23/2008
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