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 Phil on the Bonny Hunt show

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PostSubject: Phil on the Bonny Hunt show   Sun Oct 26, 2008 3:49 pm

Phil on the Bonnie Hunt show

Phil was sad to see Mark & Bill go

Phil and Bonnie talk about Marks weight loss after seeing himself in the superhero costume

Phil talks about his dad being on the show this Sunday, the teams come in and dad says "Hi". They actually talked about the teams coming to his parents house for sconce and tea but the route did not allow them to go that way. So they came up with the idea of having his dad on the show, it was his Bday.

They stood in the paddock among sheep and sheep dung and after 10 hours his dad wanted to put a jacket on because it was getting cold and Phil told him no, it was continuity and his dad was like what? lol

they show a clip that you can see in this thread of Phil and dad at the pitstop

commercial and when they come back Bonnie says how great it is to meet Phil, Phil talks about his browsie, Bonnie shows Phil's book, they talk about the book, Phil's near death experience etc facing fears.

Phil talks about his experience on Password with Julie Chen, he was asked to be on by Les Moonves...his fear was that he would beat her. He fell on the floor when he got a question right and Regis poured water on his head. He was petrified

Phil says he hosted a show where he was naked for 3 days in a nudist colony!!
(The crowd cheers!)

Everyone in the audience gets a google map satellite tracker

Phil rings the bell, twice, for breast cancer

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Phil on the Bonny Hunt show
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