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 The Amazing Race 10/26/2008

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PostSubject: The Amazing Race 10/26/2008   Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:55 am

Leg 5 (New Zealand → Cambodia)
The Detour was a choice between Village Work and Village Life. In Village Work, teams had to go into Tonl Sap and retrieve two full baskets of fish and return them to the Siem Reap Harbor on Tonl Sap. In Village Life, teams had to retrieve a pair of teeth from a dentist, a doll from a tailor, and a basketball from a floating basketball court all on Tonl Sap. Each team member had to score a basket each before returning all the items they had collected to the Siem Reap Harbor. In this leg's Roadblock, teams had to go into Angkor Wat and find an Echo Chamber where if they beat their chest, there would be an echo heard within the room. They then picked up a stone frieze with their next clue on the reverse.

Additional tasks

* When first arriving in Siem Reap, teams had to fill a truck with 25L of diesel fuel and then ride the truck to Siem Reap Harbor on Tonl Sap, the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia. Teams then rode a marked boat to the boat stop Kho Andeth for their next clue.

2nd--Toni/Da - las
- 5th--Kelly/Christy
La - t--Aja/Ty

Due to getting pulled over for speeding, Terence and Sarah were issued a 30 minute penalty to start the next leg.

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LFU Addict
LFU Addict

Number of posts : 698
Location : Washington State
Favorite BB House Guest : Dan
Registration date : 2008-08-24

PostSubject: Re: The Amazing Race 10/26/2008   Mon Oct 27, 2008 1:36 pm

Season 13: Episode 05: Do It Like A Madman

Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 6:03am, separated couple Ken & Tina opened their clue instructing them to fly over 5,600 miles to the city of Siem Reap, Cambodia and make their way to a roadside gas pumping station.

Arriving at Auckland International Airport, Ken & Tina went into a nearby travel agency and booked a flight on Singapore Airlines into Singapore, which would then connect to a Jet Star flight into Siem Reap. Their flight was scheduled to depart at 12:25pm out of Auckland, so the couple hoped to be alone on the plane and gain a sizable lead.

Driving to the airport in second place, Terence cruised along the New Zealand highway until he heard the heart-wrenching sound of police sirens behind him. After Terence pulled to the side of the road, an officer approached the car and wrote him a speeding ticket for traveling 117km/hr in a 100km/hr zone. After driving off, Sarah joked, "I always thought you were a slow driver."

Having wasted time being pulled over by the officer, Terence & Sarah's chances of catching Ken & Tina's flight were now in jeopardy. As the pair continued driving to the airport, the separated couple began boarding the Singapore Airlines flight still hoping to be flying solo. However, Terence & Sarah pulled up to the airport and ran onto the flight just in the nick of time. Tina frowned in frustration upon seeing them board the plane.

As Ken & Tina and Terence & Sarah flew to Singapore, divorcees Kelly & Christy, along with mother and son Toni & Dallas, booked a 4:55pm Emirates flight to Singapore that connected to the same Jet Star flight to Siem Reap. While waiting for the travel agent to process their tickets, the divorcees decided to have some fun at the expense of Dallas. The pair whispered to each other that Dallas, with his dark, spiky hair, reminded them of Teen Wolf. Hearing their giggles, Dallas later remarked, "Kelly & Christy irk my nerve. They think they're God's gift to this earth. I wonder what they would look like if they didn't paint their faces in the morning."

When siblings Nick & Starr arrived at the airport, they boarded the 4:55pm Emirates flight to Singapore along with Toni & Dallas and Kelly & Christy. Frat boys Andrew & Dan walked into the airport moments later hoping to make it on the same flight. The travel agents told the stunned frat boys that boarding had closed, but Dan wouldn't take no for an answer. He went straight to the Emirates Airlines counter and asked again to get on the flight, knowing that they would be left in last place with long distance dating couple Aja & Ty if they didn't depart. Again, Dan was met with resistance and was told that the flight was now closed. However, the agent made one last call down to the gate and they agreed to accept them onto the flight. A thankful Andrew later marveled, "I couldn't have done that without Dan. I never would've thought of something like that."

Arriving at the airport after all of the teams departed, last place Aja & Ty jumped on the next flight that connected through Singapore. While the other six teams met up in Singapore and shared the same flight to Siem Reap, the long distance dating couple boarded a later connecting flight in Singapore still in last place. The pair shared a tender moment in the airport holding hands with Aja saying, "Whenever I'm around him I feel butterflies. If I hold his hand I feel the energy passing between us."

Landing in Siem Reap, siblings Nick & Starr took the lead out of the airport and maintained it while traveling to the roadside gas pumping station, as the other teams all got lost to varying degrees. Opening their clue, the siblings discovered they needed to use a hand pump, the method most commonly used in this part of Cambodia, to fill a truck's gas tank with 25 liters of diesel fuel.

With no other teams in sight, Nick cranked the pump to fill up a five-liter reservoir with diesel fuel from the barrel. Then he turned a valve located below the reservoir to allow the diesel fuel to flow into the truck's gas tank. After repeating the process four more times, the siblings completed the task to earn their clue. Opening it, they learned they had to now jump in the back of their now fully-gassed truck and have the driver take them to Siem Reap Harbor. From there they had to take a marked boat to the floating restaurant, Kho Andeth.

On the ride to Siem Reap Harbor, Starr became worried that the driver was going the wrong way. At one point, she asked him to stop so she could get out and ask a local for directions. As she was doing this, separated couple Ken & Tina, newly dating couple Terence & Sarah, and mother and son Toni & Dallas all passed by on their trucks. Now in fourth place, Starr apologized to her brother for making them stop.

Arriving at the harbor within moments of each other, the race heated up as the four teams jumped into their traditional Cambodian boats. Initially Ken & Tina were passed by everyone on the water, but Terence & Sarah fell to fourth place when the motor on their boat began to smoke and ultimately sputter out. Not willing to throw in the towel, Terence grabbed a pole and, pushing it along the muddy lake bottom, used pure elbow grease to get his boat to the nearby Kho Andeth. Although they had to wait at the restaurant to get their boat fixed, the newly dating couple still remained in front of frat boys Andrew & Dan, who fell behind as they bumbled through the diesel fuel task. Trailing Andrew & Dan were Kelly & Christy, whose taxi driver got them very lost when they landed, and Aja & Ty, who landed in Siem Reap in last place.

Siblings Nick & Starr reached the platform of the floating restaurant, Kho Andeth, in first place to find a Detour with the choice of Village Life or Village Work. In Village Life, teams used their boats to pick up three items: a set of toy teeth from the dentist; a doll from the tailor; and a basketball from the floating basketball court where each team member had to make one basket. Then they had to deliver the items to a man at the dock to receive their next clue. In Village Work, teams had to take their boat to a fishing ground, wade into waist deep water, and search among numerous fishing traps for two filled with fish. Then they had to deliver the fish back to the dock and transfer the fish into baskets to receive their next clue.

Choosing Village Work, Nick & Starr and Toni & Dallas directed their boats through the floating town until they reached the fishing ground. Exiting their boats and wading through the muddy water, the two teams began searching through the large traps in search of fish. The siblings took the lead when they dragged two of the large, heavy traps to their boat ahead of the mother and son, who accidentally took one empty trap to their boat and had to wade back out to find one full of fish. When finished, both teams headed to shore where they dumped off their fish and received their next clue. It instructed them to travel to Angkor Wat, an ancient temple that was built for the king in the 12th century and has since become a symbol of Cambodia.

Meanwhile, Ken & Tina, along with Terence & Sarah and Kelly & Christy decided to pick up the three items in the floating village. Tina had a few problems making a basket at the court but she and Ken still remained on Nick & Starr's heels in second place. Terence & Sarah made up the time they lost with their broken boat by finding the items quickly to maintain their fourth place position. Kelly & Christy continued searching for their items, battling Andrew & Dan, who went to the fishing traps, for fifth place. Just after the frat boys finished loading their traps and headed to shore neck and neck with the divorcees, last place Aja & Ty arrived at the fishing grounds, still working hard to catch the teams ahead of them.

Arriving in first place at the massive, stunning Angkor Wat, siblings Nick & Starr opened their clue to find a Roadblock. In it, one team member had to search the immense grounds of Angkor Wat for a small elusive room named Prassat Kok Troung, also known as the Chamber of Echoes. Once there, they had to stand on a specific spot and thump their chest in such a way as to make the sound echo throughout the chamber, at which point teams could pick up their next clue.

Nick, Tina, Dallas, and Terence all began to search the sprawling grounds of the massive temple with no idea where to find the small chamber. Nick was the first to find a local to lead him right to Prassat Kok Troung where he pounded his chest, heard the loud echo and picked up the clue instructing him to travel to the Pit Stop at Bayon Temple, a 12th century Buddhist temple. Running out of Angkor Wat, Nick hid the clue in his shirt and told the other teams he hadn't yet found it. Later, he said, "If you can hold them up for 30 seconds then absolutely I'll do that at every moment."

Tina wandered around the temple with no idea where to find the Chamber of Echoes. Dallas and Terence each found a local who directed them to their clue, but Tina couldn't find anyone who knew what she was looking for. Just as Kelly & Christy showed up, Tina finally found her clue, but she became so lost trying to exit the massive temple that Christy was able to pass her up after finding her clue quickly.

Stepping onto the mat in first place at Bayon Temple, siblings Nick & Starr cheered at their victory while Phil rewarded them with a trip for two from Travelocity to St. John. On the win, Nick commented, "It brought me back to that first leg when we came in first place. We did it once and we did it again. It wasn't just a fluke. Starr and I are a team to be reckoned with."

Toni & Dallas snagged second place just ahead of Terence & Sarah while Ken & Tina ran to the mat in fourth place just ahead of Kelly & Christy. However, a thirty-minute time penalty was assessed to Terence & Sarah for their speeding violation in New Zealand, so they fell to fifth place allowing Ken & Tina to move up to third place and Kelly & Christy to fourth.

With Ty & Aja closing in on Angkor Wat, Andrew elected to search for Prassat Kok Troung for his team. Dan sweated it out hoping his teammate could find the clue quickly. After some searching, Andrew found a worshipper who pointed him towards the chamber where he picked up the clue. Pulling away from Angkor Wat, the frat boys maintained a narrow lead on the long distance dating couple Ty & Aja. However, when Andrew & Dan pulled up to Bayon Temple, the frat boys couldn't find Phil in the large temple. Walking in the wrong direction, they wasted a lot of time as Ty found his clue and he and Aja headed straight for them. Eventually, the frat boys figured it out and breathed a sigh of relief as they finished in sixth place.

Stepping onto the mat in last place, Aja & Ty received the bad news from Phil that they had been eliminated from the race. On his partner, Ty remarked, "I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. This race only proved it to me. I'm definitely going to move to L.A. to be with Aja. I definitely want to give this relationship the proper attention that it deserves." Aja added, "Ty is the most beautiful man I've ever, ever loved, inside and out. He had completely redefined love for me. I'm just happy to be with him."

Roadblock: A Roadblock is a task that only one person can perform. In this Roadblock, that team member had to search the immense grounds of Angkor Wat for a small elusive room named Prassat Kok Troung, also known as the Chamber of Echoes. Once there, they had to stand on a specific spot and thump their chest in such a way as to make the sound echo throughout the chamber, at which point teams could pick up their next clue.


Detour: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its pros and cons. In this Detour, teams had to choose between Village Life or Village Work. In Village Life, teams used their boats to pick up three items: a set of toy teeth from the dentist; a doll from the tailor; and a basketball from the floating basketball court where each team member had to make one basket. Then they had to deliver the items to a man at the dock for their next clue. In Village Work, teams had to take their boat to a fishing ground, wade into waist deep water, and search among numerous fishing traps for two filled with fish. Then they had to deliver the fish back to the dock and transfer the fish into baskets to receive their next clue.



Order of Finish:

1. Nick & Starr
2. Toni & Dallas
3. Ken & Tina
4. Kelly & Christy
5. Terence & Sarah
6. Andrew & Dan
7. Aja & Ty

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LFU Addict
LFU Addict

Number of posts : 698
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Favorite BB House Guest : Dan
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PostSubject: Re: The Amazing Race 10/26/2008   Mon Oct 27, 2008 1:49 pm

Amazing Race: Terrence Is An Ass - There, I Said It
Episode 5 Commentary by Jessi K.
October 27, 2008

The seven remaining teams began their journey in New Zealand after a mandatory rest period. Everyone began the leg looking very well rested and I attested this to the fact that Phils father most likely tucked them all into bed. They seemed to all have that Keoghan glow about them.

Ken and Tina were the first team to receive their clue to fly 5,600 miles to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to look for their next clue at a gas station. A couple of hours behind them were Terence and Sarah. Just as Sarah complimented her babe on his tremendous driving skills, Terence was pulled over for going 117 kilometers in a 100 kilometer zone. Terence seemed to be kinder to the police officer than he is to Sarah. Thank you officer, sorry! he said as ticketing officer walked away. Then when Sarah stated that she ironically always thought that Terence was a slow driver he snapped back at her, Youre such an ass. Thats the way you comfort someone who just got a speeding ticket? She then reached forward to stroke his back and his ego while apologizing. If only the officers in New Zealand traveled with Maori warriors. Maybe then Terence wouldve been scared into silence.

The speeding ticket didnt hinder Terence and Sarah from making it on the same flight as Ken and Tina, however. The travel agents at the Auckland airport helped to secure their tickets and Terence once again showed them more kindness than his own girlfriend: You guys are awesome! he said while running to catch their flight. And in his next breath he chastised Sarah, Youre always outrunning me out the gate. She again apologized and while I had previously hoped they wouldnt make the same flight as Ken and Tina, I kept my fingers crossed they would just so New Zealand was rid of him. I didnt want any such negativity further infiltrating the land of Keoghan.

Christy and Kelly, Dallas and Toni, Nick and Starr, and Andrew and Dan all made their way to the airport while Tina and Ken and Terence and Sarah made theirs to Singapore. At the airport, Christy and Kelly greeted Dallas and Toni sweetly at the travel agent. Their hiiii!!!! was sweet enough to send them into sugar shock. At the travel agent, Kelly eyed Dallas and leaned into Christy to whisper, Doesnt that hair remind you of Teen Wolf? They then giggled themselves silly at the observation. I see no such harm in looking like Teen Wolf. Wasnt Teen Wolf a total stud? Didnt he impress others with his ability to bite into beer cans? Didnt he lead his team to victory? Christy and Kelly are just jealous they cant get that kind of volume into their own fine, limp hair without a lot of product and back combing.

Dan and Andrew did their best at the travel agency to smooth talk their way on to the flight with the rest of their teams but just as Dan began his happy dance, the travel agent informed him that it was doubtful theyd make it on. It was as if his moves stopped her from even trying to get them on the flight. No, theres no chance of getting on tonights flight, she told them. I half wondered if she was even talking to anyone on the phone as she didnt seem to really be trying. But her apathy didnt stop Dan from trying at the airlines check-in counter and they were allowed on the flight.

Aja and Ty started the leg hours behind the other teams and vowed to do whatever possible to catch up. But there was time in Singapore for a smooch, or so Aja thought. Kiss me, she said to Ty. I always have to beg for affection. For some reason we were then treated to a complete overview of their relationship from Ajas point of view and how she thinks Ty is beautiful and she has butterflies when looking at him. This was puzzling enough but she then went on further to talk about when she holds his hand, she feels a transfer of energy. I was glad she stopped short of the transfer of bodily fluids. I wouldve had to stop watching then and there. Can we not just focus on the race, Aja? Think of the transfer of energy youll feel when that hand is giving you $500,000!

Once in Cambodia, teams were at the mercy of their cab drivers in order to find the gas station they needed to for the next roadblock. Personally, I find all of the shouting and pointing at the cab drivers more painstaking even than Terences whining. I cant imagine what its like to be a cab driver in another country and have two Americans shove a piece of paper in your face while a camera is filming you and then be shouted at with fast, fast! or go!, go! the entire duration of the trip. Even if the address I was supposed to drive them to was my own home, I wouldnt be able to think clearly enough to get them there.

At the gas station, teams had to fill up a truck with 25 liters of diesel fuel using a hand pump. The task seemed easy enough but as usual, Dan and Andrew struggled. No matter what they tried, nothing seemed to be happening which really annoyed Dan. He shouted at Andrew, Dude, you cant just like pump like a baby! How Dan was ever let into a fraternity Ill never know. They then investigated other teams as to how they were completing the task. When Andrew asked Ken if there was a trick to it, Ken replied, its just like pullin a zipper down and lettin her flow, boys. Whoa, I thought. This was definitely not a family show this evening. First, weve got Terence calling Sarah an ass. Then, we learned the intimate details of Aja and Tys relationship. And now weve got Ken talking salty. This show was one shirtless male away from being moved into the 9 p.m. hour.

With their trucks full of gas, teams made their way to the Siem Reap Harbor to look for Kho Andeth. Though Nick and Starr had left before any of the other teams, the other teams drivers had a bit of Terences lead foot and Terence and Sarah, Ken and Tina, and Dallas and Toni caught up to pass them by on the road. At the harbor, teams chose a boat to take on further to the Kho Andeth restaurant and it was a race again on the open water. As Ken and Tina were passed by Nick and Starr, Tina expressed her disappointment by saying, Gosh dang them turkey lips. Siem Reap might as well have been called See em N Weep.

Though the teams were shifting placement by the moment, there was no real drama to it all as Aja and Ty were still hours behind. But that didnt deter from the enjoyment of watching Terence try and push their broken down boat to Kho Andeth. The detour at Kho Andeth also lacked any real drama. Teams had to choose between village life or village work. In village life, Phil said, teams must use their boats to pick up three items: a set of teeth from the dentist, a doll from the tailor, and a basketball from the basketball court, after having made one basket each. I waited for him to add that the court would be inhabited with tigers but it really was as cut and dry and boring as that: pick up three items and deliver them to a man at the dock. The other detour, village work, was just as simple. Teams had to make their way to the fishing grounds on the lake and find two fishing traps filled with fish and then take them back to the dock and dump them into baskets. I guess not every detour can be as thrilling as wrestling Bolivian women.

While the items teams delivered in past Amazing Race detours seemed to serve some type of purpose, like timber or newspapers, the objects teams had to carry this episode seemed ridiculous. Chattering teeth? Are Cambodians hard up for gag jokes? (And did we really need the visual of the wincing woman in the dentists chair having her teeth extracted with a very ominous looking instrument?!)

Terence and Sarah chose village life for their detour since Terence proclaimed himself good at basketball. There is nothing this man cannot do. Hes speedy. Opens envelopes really well. Bounces back from having trunk lids closed on his forehead. Pushes broken down boats using a large stick. What a catch! Too bad hes also really good at being an ass.

On their way to Kho Andeth, Christy and Kelly spotted Terence and Sarah shootin hoops and so they stopped there assuming thats where they also needed to be. Were young and quick, well do this challenge quickly, they said as they hopped off the boat. They also may be illiterate as once again, they completely ignored the clue that they needed to go to Kho Andeth for their next one. After making a basket, they realized they need to get a clue, in more ways than one.

When teams finished their detours, they made their way to the beautiful Angkor Wat via tuk tuks. At the temple, teams had to search the grounds to find the chamber of echoes room. Once there, they had to pound their chests to hear the sound of it echo before picking up their next clue. It wasnt necessarily a good sense of direction that teams needed but rather the ability to ask someone where the room was. Once teams found the room, they pounded their chests and I expected the walls to open up and reveal their next clue. But no, the thumping sound reverberated against the walls and they then bent over to pick their clue up off the ground. Riveting. I was grateful when Nick lied to Tina about finding the clue because at least something of interest happened at the temple.

First to the mat at the pit stop at the Bayon Temple were Nick and Starr followed by Toni and Dallas and Terence and Sarah. Terence and Sarah were interestingly enough given a 30 minute penalty for their speeding infraction earlier in the day, though it did not affect them this leg but rather, at the start of the next. I feared Phils life having to break that news to Terence.

Finishing behind them were Ken and Tina, Christy and Kelly, and Andrew and Dan. Though it was edited to seem like they were right there all along, Aja and Ty crossed the mat last. I had thought we were due for a non-elimination leg, but Ty and Aja werent so lucky. Besides, the non-elimination legs usually come just when the team you want to go home comes in last. So unfortunately for Ty and Aja, their relationship is about become long distance again. But fortunately for us, we have still have six teams to go the distance with. Ill be watching to the bitter end, no matter what.

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PostSubject: Re: The Amazing Race 10/26/2008   

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The Amazing Race 10/26/2008
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