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 Celebrity rehab season 1 and 2

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PostSubject: Celebrity rehab season 1 and 2   Mon Oct 27, 2008 9:12 pm

Season 1


* Daniel Baldwin, actor (departed the show in episode four)
* Mary Carey, adult film star and former candidate for California Governor
* Chyna, former professional wrestler
* Jaimee Foxworth, former child actress and adult film actress
* Brigitte Nielsen, actress/model
* Ricco Rodriguez , Mixed Martial Arts fighter, former UFC heavyweight champion
* Jessica Sierra, singer and former American Idol contestant
* Seth Binzer, singer and frontman of California-based rapcore band Crazy Town
* Jeff Conaway, actor and director


Episode One: Intake

On the series premiere of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew," eight drug-addicted celebrities enter rehabilitation under the care of Dr. Drew Pinsky and begin their difficult battle for sobriety. As each celebrity (Brigitte Nielsen, Joanie "Chyna Doll" Laurer, Jeff Conaway, Daniel Baldwin, Seth "Shifty" Binzer, Mary Carey, Jaimee Foxworth & Jessica Sierra) is introduced, their painful backstory and struggle with drugs is profiled. Dr. Drew begins to analyze and assess his patients' struggles through a series of one-on-one meetings, but his attention is pulled away by an incapacitated Jeff Conaway, who lapses into a seizure and ends up being rushed to the hospital.

Episode Two: Detox

Viewing Jeff Conaway's extraordinary and harsh detox, the rehabbers get to see what rehab is really about. The rehabbers watch Jeff's struggle in horror and wonder, could this happen to them? Overwhelmed, Jessica spirals into an emotional tailspin, but she finds some solace when Brigitte comforts her about her broken relationship with her drug addicted, prostitute mother. While Jeff continues to battle his withdrawal symptoms in the hospital, emotions flare for the rest of the group when it is revealed that Jeff brought drugs into the rehab.

Episode Three: New Arrival

Jeff finally returns from the hospital, but while he continues to detox, Drew lectures Jeff's co-dependant girlfriend about how her own bad habits may kill Jeff. Meanwhile, another celebrity joins the group, former Ultimate Fighting Champion, Ricco Rodriguez. Ricco doesn't exactly hit it off with the women in the group and he gets an earful from Jessica during his first group meeting. Later, Dr. Drew works with Mary Carey on how to leave behind her porn star lifestyle, but Daniel tries to lure her back into her sex-charged ways when he entices her into a forbidden flirtation.

Episode Four: Sex and Trauma

Our rehabbers deal with their painful and abusive pasts, as many of them are affected by physical, sexual or mental trauma from a very early age. Dr. Drew explores their various issues, having the group work as a whole to overcome their problems. Specific sexual issues start to surface, prompting newly married Daniel to feel this rehab is not conducive to his sobriety. Daniel comes up with numerous reasons to leave rehab, from issues with the production process to having acting work lined up that he cannot turn down, but in the end, Dr. Drew discovers that Daniel is actually leaving because of the inappropriate text messages that he had sent to Mary.

Episode Five: Bye Bye Baldwin

Everyone reels after finding out about the inappropriate text messaging between Daniel and Mary, so Dr. Drew is charged with pulling the group back together. In an attempt to put her porn star persona behind her, Mary reawakens her sober youth by revisiting ballet. Chyna also starts to open up, as she is pushed to her emotional limits by Dr. Drew's questions as to why she is in rehab if she is not truly an addict. Jeff's journey also hits a nerve when he berates his girlfriend Vikki for bringing alcohol into the unit.

Episode Six: Friends and Family

After threatening many times during his stay at rehab to leave, Jeff renews his quest to quit. Everyone is growing so tired of his antics that Dr. Drew must move the attention away from Jeff and refocus each member of the group towards their respective recoveries. The process is coming close to the end, so Dr. Drew must start preparing the group how to live a sober life in the real world. The first step to that end is to bring friends and family into the unit, as they are the people with whom the rehabbers will depend on most during their continued recovery. During this family weekend, the total effects of addiction are revealed and it becomes painfully clear just how much our rehabbers' addictions have affected everyone around them.

Episode Seven: Retreat

The end of rehab is now approaching and rehabbers must seriously start making plans for sober living. The group even expresses who they think will and won't make it. Since the group is mere days away from the sober living, Dr. Drew plans a trip for them to Catalina where the rehabbers will get a feel of being back in the regular world. This plan backfires completely when the trip turns into utter chaos, leading Dr. Drew to feel like he's failed his patients. Upon returning to the recovery center, Jeff finally carries out on his threats to leave and quits rehab for good. Seth decides to blow off steam after this very emotional day and starts a food fight that is the perfect exclamation point on this day of juvenile behavior and negative results.

Episode Eight: The Disease Is Winning

After the Catalina fiasco and food fight, Dr. Drew is fed up -- he's melting down. He tells the group that even though they are about to leave rehab, the disease is winning and that if they continue to act this way, he's doubts that any of them will make it. Dr. Drew reveals to the group that VH1 is going to pay for 3 months in a sober living facility for anyone who wants it. In Dr. Drew's opinion, they all need to take the offer, but the rehabbers come up with many reasons to say "no." Dr. Drew tells the rehabbers that he is finished helping them and as graduation approaches, it is unclear who will graduate and who will be willing to go to sober living.

Episode Nine: Graduation

Everyone ends up graduating with Jessica, Mary, and Seth going to sober living.

Episode Ten: The Reunion

The cast reunites and talks about where they are since the taping. Daniel Baldwin doesn't appear on the show.

Season 2

Season 2 of Celebrity Rehab premiered on October 23, 2008. In addition to a new cast of recovering addicts, actor and recovering cocaine addict Gary Busey, who, while claiming to be sober for 13 years admits to using "medical marijuana" during his intake interview, will appear as the cast's sobriety coach,[2][3] and has a poignant and memorable one-on-one with his long time attorney, Vicki Roberts, and Dr. Drew and Sophie. Announced participants include:

* Rodney King, who in 1991 was stopped and then beaten by Los Angeles Police Department officers. The incident sparked a racial controversy, which led to the L.A. Riots.
* Nikki McKibbin, singer and former American Idol contestant
* Steven Adler, former drummer for Guns N' Roses
* Tawny Kitaen, actress and model
* Amber Smith, model, actress
* Jeff Conaway, actor, returning from season 1 to recover from numerous back surgeries.[2]
* Sean Stewart, reality TV star and son of singer Rod Stewart.[3]

On October 1, 2008, rock band Alter Bridge, in conjunction with VH1, released a video for their single "Watch Over You" containing clips from the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab.

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Celebrity rehab season 1 and 2
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