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 Survivor..... interview with Kelly

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PostSubject: Survivor..... interview with Kelly   Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:50 pm

Survivor: Gabon
October 24, 2008
"I tried as hard as I could"

Survivor: Gabon
Eliminated October 23

Do you regret dropping out of the reward challenge when you were at the front of the snake?
Kelly: They put a 90-pound girl in the front of a 200-pound snake. They gave me the heaviest part of that snake. I didn't want to drop out early. I was running and running and running and Crystal was telling me not to quit. But then she quit. I tried as hard as I could and they thought that they could do it without me, so I dropped out.

Did you like your Fang tribe or your original Kota tribe better?
Kelly: I liked the Kota tribe's attitude better. They were more positive and optimistic, like me. So, I liked the Kota teamwork. But when I went to Fang, oh my god, it went downhill from there. Their attitudes sucked. There was no teamwork with them. But I did get along better with the Fang people.

Do you think Crystal should have gone home instead?
Kelly: Definitely. I voted for her because she has no stamina. She doesn't really stick up for herself but when she gets to tribal, I don't know if that's the real Crystal, but she just turns into a beast. She acts like a totally different person. During the day at camp she never really says anything.

Is Ace responsible for Fang losing the immunity challenge?
Kelly: I 100 percent believe that Ace is responsible for us losing the immunity challenge. He's the one that coupled all the people up. He put me with Sugar. At the end we were beating Kota but Ace insisted on putting the puzzle together all by himself. It sucks that he lost it for us.

Did you know Ace was plotting to vote you out?
Kelly: Ace and I hated each other the entire game. It's because I voted him off that one time and I'd always say negative things about him. I mean who is he with his Cartier bracelet trying to play a game of Survivor for $1 million? Clearly he didn't need that money. Plus, he was just acting like a fool. He knew I was trying to vote him out so he did whatever he could to save his own butt. And that's exactly what he did.

Things became heated at tribal council between you and Crystal. What was going on?
Kelly: Oh my god, tribal was so intense. I couldn't even believe it. Crystal is a beast. Her attitude comes out of nowhere when she's in front of Jeff Probst. She acts like a tough girl, but inside she's really soft and weak. I think she's unstable, like I said last night. She's an Olympic athlete but I just don't see it. And I definitely tried to stick up for myself at tribal council, but it didn't work out.

Who do you think deserves to win?
Kelly: I really want Kenny to win. He has a good heart and he's playing the game right. I just wish he were more of a leader than a follower. He needs to stick up for himself and not listen to Crystal. It's sad because she can't pick on anyone else so she's taking it out on him.

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Survivor..... interview with Kelly
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