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 Paris Hilton's My New BFF | You Gotta Have Class | Episode Summary

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PostSubject: Paris Hilton's My New BFF | You Gotta Have Class | Episode Summary   Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:57 pm

As the girls prepare breakfast one morning, they realize how different the house is without Onch. Now that the mansion is really just a house full of girls, the contestants worry what drama could unfold. Corrie gets a text from Paris asking her to get the contestants to place bets on who knows Paris the most. But the BFFs are too smart for that; they realize this will probably be another challenge, and keep their Paris trivia to themselves.

Sure enough, when the girls walk into the BFF mansion living room, it's set up like a game show stage, complete with host Kirk Fox, who kicks off a game called I Love Paris. The BFF's compete in several rounds of Paris trivia until only Kiki, Kayley, and Zui are left. Kiki wins the challenge when she doesn't miss a single question. As Kiki gets ready to take her "Paris Bucks" and trade them in for jewelry, clothing, and accessories, Paris adds one last spin to the game. Kiki can either take all of her material prizes or trade them in for a one-on-one dinner. Kiki barely hesitates before choosing the date with Paris.

Before Kiki and Paris leave, Paris makes a huge announcement. While she's out to dinner, everyone left at the house will be up for elimination. And since Corrie is the pet, Paris puts her in charge of deciding who get eliminated. The rest of the contestants are shocked, and hold a meeting in the pet bedroom to try and figure out who might be going home.

But the discussion leaves everyone feeling confused and scared that anyone could go home based only on Corrie's whim. At elimination, Corrie has each contestant tell her why they deserve to be Paris' BFF. In the end, Corrie stays true to karma and sends Zui home because of her previous violent threats.

Meanwhile, Kiki and Paris enjoy a nice dinner at Citrus. When Paris gets a text from Corrie letting her know Zui went home, Kiki isn't the least bit bothered. As they finish up their dinner, Kiki happily escorts Paris through a back door to avoid paparazzi.

The next day, the girls throw a pool party at the BFF mansion to celebrate still being in the game. After a few tequila shots and swimming, Paris sends a text letting the girls know she's on her way. Paris can see they're having fun, but she also knows they haven't gotten any real action in weeks. So she brings over one of her guy friends, a rapper known as 'The Lady Killer" and tells the contestants they'll be playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with him.

Some of the girls are excited, but most of them are just freaked out. None of them no exactly how they're supposed to act. What's crossing the line, and what's still acceptable? Each girl has a different approach: Kayley tickles him pink with a feather, Lauren doesn't need much convincing to make out with him, and even Shelley agrees to blow a raspberry on his stomach.

Overall, Paris is not impressed by most of the girls' actions. She warns the girls that for one of them, the choice they made in the closet will be the reason they're send home.

After the game is over, Shelley gets a text telling her she won the challenge, which means she gets to go over to Paris' house for a slumber party. Paris gives Shelley a tour of the house, and the two girls cook a gourmet dinner of mac & cheese and waffles. The next morning, while Shelley and Paris are still sleeping in, the rest of the girls prepare for elimination, each one thinking they could be going home.

At elimination, Paris decides she was so disappointed with the girls' behavior that she is going to put three of them up for elimination: Kayley, Brittany, and Natasha. Each girl up for discussion defends her actions with Dirt in the closet, and in the end, Paris decides Natasha just has way too much attitude to be a real BFF.

After Natasha walks off, Paris lets the remaining BFF's know to prepare for a wild weekend, because she's taking them all to Vegas! Shelley is excited to have her "Vegas Cherry" popped, while Kayley vows not to take a single sip of alcohol. Oh, the possibilities!

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Paris Hilton's My New BFF | You Gotta Have Class | Episode Summary
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