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 New BFF's

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PostSubject: New BFF's   Thu Oct 30, 2008 10:59 pm

Today's Cry: Monkey Business Turns Serious

If Jiaozuo City Zoo in China were the equivalent of an American institution, these days it would have to be a middle school. And one particular orphaned baby monkey would be its requisite nerd, a petite little guy who often finds himself at the behest of some mean old bullies (that being the alpha male monkey with whom he shares the cage).

Luckily, zookeepers have stepped up to the challenge and given the monkey his own guard dog, a beautiful canine named Sai Hu. For the zookeepers who previously intervened during rough-ups, saving the monkey's life "several times," Sai Hu has been been a blessing. In fact, whenever the baby monkey smells danger, he jumps on Sai Hu's back (!!!), and the duo are able to fend off the bullies.

Sai Hu and the orphaned baby monkey: BFF's through and through.

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New BFF's
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