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 Castaway Interview: Marcus Lehman

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PostSubject: Castaway Interview: Marcus Lehman   Mon Nov 10, 2008 12:56 am

By Gordon Holmes
Fri, 07 Nov 2008 20:00:37 GMT

Poor Marcus went from the leader of the most powerful alliance to the first member of the jury in one episode. We had a chance to talk with the latest Survivor castaway about his relationship with Charlie, Dans negative comments from last week, and last nights twist

Gordon: Seems like you had a rough night, what happened out there?
Marcus: They had a pretty accurate display of the major points that happened over those couple of days, and just reliving being around a group of people who kind of didnt get it in a sense of what we were trying to accomplish. It was just unfortunate, the way they put that twist in really made it tough to be successful in the strategy that wed work so hard in the last 14 days to put together. You know, it sucks.

Gordon: It seems like people are in one of two camps. The one being, its a TV show and we want it to be interesting, so heres a twist. The other being, its still a game and changing the rules mid-game leaves too much up to chance.
Marcus: One of the analogies Ive made to the situation is lets say the Gators, Im a Florida fan obviously, lets say the Gators are up 21 to 7 in the third quarter and then theyre like, Why dont we switch the score so the Gators are down 21 to 7. You can still win the game, right?

Gordon: I guess you kind of feel cheated for caring about the beginning stages of the game if they can switch it up so easily. It just doesnt work for me.
Marcus: I sort of feel the same way, and its not because it was me, or if it had been Charlie that went out or someone else, it would have been the principle of it.

Gordon: After the first episode, my pick was Jacquie. She was in a strong alliance, she was smart, athletic, quiet. Then theres a shake-up and shes gone. I worry that they run the danger that viewers are going to be attached to a player whos playing a strong game, then have them not earn their dismissal from the game.
Marcus: I think the group of people I was with like Jacquie and Charlie and Corinne and Randy and Bob were excited for success because my success was their success and their success was my success. And it just grew on itself and that's why we had such a good run. And you can have a deus ex machina come in and blow the whole plan. Thats kind of what happened in my instance, and you can shake your head at it, but in the end, I think thats how real life works.

Gordon: The one thing that did throw me last night was how quickly you gravitated toward Crystal. Was that accurately portrayed in the show?
Marcus: I got along with Kenny and Crystal. The funny thing is Kenny and I watch the sameIm such a dorkI watch anime. I call myself cultured because I try to experience lots of different things. I had a lot in common with Kenny and I had a lot in common in Crystal. Youve got to understand, the guy they talked about in the show, there are two people that I consider family in Atlanta, this guy is one of them.

EDITORS NOTE: Marcus is talking about Crystals cousin, Kenny.

Marcus: This guy, we lifted weights together this whole time, if you said you need to have him at the gym at 4:30 in the morning, he was there. This guy is a rock. And I really felt like blood is thicker than water. And Susie had been backing off of promises left and right. She was completelywellshes Susie. And I felt like we really needed something else to make this work.

Gordon: Howd you feel when Crystal turned on you?
Marcus: Its one of those things where you feel like you have this common bond. It is meaningful and for someone to take advantage of something like that...and for what? A couple extra thousand dollars even, or the million dollars? I just shake my head at something like that, Id rather go home and not lose that part of myself.

Gordon: You compared your strategy to an onion, with different people inhabiting different layers. And weve had fun with that, calling it the Shrek Alliances, the Shrekers, the Shrekies
Marcus: You cut me deep, Shrek. You cut me real deep.
Gordon: We had Marcus Mark and the Onion Bunch.
Marcus: That was a good one, I give you props for that.
Gordon: Which one do you prefer that we run with in the future?
Marcus: The funny thing is that me, Charlie, and Corinne started calling ourselves Menage A Kota.

Gordon: I talked to Dan last week after his booting, and he seemed to hold a lot of ill will toward Corinne and even a little bit toward you. I never got a sense of that from the show. Was something lost in the editing?
Marcus: Unfortunately for Dan a lot was lost in the editing. Dans a great guy, I hope the best for him. I think hes very far along the path of beginning to appreciate himself. I think hes got a bit of a way to go. And I wish only the best for him. The unfortunate thing you didnt see was how the first couple of days I was rooting for him, Ive been on a similar path, I lost my sister a couple of years ago, and a lot of those things have happened in my life. And, youve got to figure out where your interrnal power comes from. And I think hes doing it. But it seems like he has a lot of blame for other people for certain things. Lets be honest here, I hate to say it but to be a young, athletic, good-looking, intelligent guy and get yourself voted off before Susie, you have to be very hard to be around. And Im just throwing that out there, its not to be rude or anything, but thats honestly the reality.

Gordon: When we met in Gabon, you said the three things you learn in medical school are not to smoke, use sunscreen, and stay out of Africa. Would you add anything to that now?
Marcus: Id actually scratch off the Africa part now, I still agree about not smoking. But, make sure when youre in Africa to live up every moment. And when I walked off that show, I started the next part of the show which is the Ponderosa, and I had an absolute blast there.

Gordon: Howd you feel when you saw Kens Mark-Ace vote?
Marcus: One of the things about people who are intimidated by people who are going out and trying to do their best and being successful about things, they say a lot of things in the hopes that theyll suddenly become true if they say it enough. Honestly, I think Ace and I were both trying hard in the game, which is something I commend Ace for, he never gave up. But, I think were night and day as far as personalities and our strategies for being leaders. He wrote Mark-Ace trying to be clever, but nobodys going to be fooled by that attitude.

Gordon: A lot of times on television, whenever theres a gay and straight dynamic, it seems like the writers want to milk comedy from it, make is seem like the straight guy feels awkward. It was great to see that they let you and Charlie just be buddies without resorting to tired jokes.
Marcus: I really appreciate you asking that question, because obviously with the election in California and my home state of Florida, people obviously have a lot of things to still move on from. One of the cool things about Charlie and I, like you said, is we were friends. Its definitely a unique circumstance in that its not the most common thing in the world, and people approach you with a bit of trepidation. We just hit it off, we have a lot in common, hes an amazing guy. I appreciate him being out there and the support we were able to give each other. It was a little disappointing to see that were just going to make this into kind of a slapstick relationship. But at least they threw us a little bit of a bone in that first episode and made people aware that it wasnt just that. I think you have that choice as a show to push that limit and show that you can have a mature relationship between a gay guy and a straight guy and have that be a really cool experience. People may think differently about some of those things were voting on now.

Gordon: I was thinking you two would make a great team on The Amazing Race.
Marcus: If you could hook me up with that, Charlie and I would have the most hilarious time ever.
Gordon: Cause theyve done the old war heroes and the divorcees, but theyve never done a gay male and a straight male.
Marcus: Exactly, I dont know if you caught my air guitar last night
Gordon: I did, and I was a little embarrassed for you.
Marcus: It was awesome. That was the show that was Kota most of the time. All that serious stuff? Thats not how it was. Charlie and I were having a blast the whole time. I would love to gallivant around the world and continue to have fun.

Gordon: What do you take away from your time on the show?
Marcus: It was a blast, I definitely recommend it to everyone. Im so privileged to get to experience that. It was humbling and just amazing. I had a great time, and I hope everyones enjoyed watching it so far.

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PostSubject: Re: Castaway Interview: Marcus Lehman   Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:01 am

OH Marcus get over yourself! I'm so glad he is gone.
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PostSubject: Re: Castaway Interview: Marcus Lehman   Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:29 am

LOL kate tell us how you really feel?


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PostSubject: Re: Castaway Interview: Marcus Lehman   Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:30 am

I am with kate, Marcus comes of as he is better then everyone else, TEAM CRYSTAL AND KENNY!
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PostSubject: Re: Castaway Interview: Marcus Lehman   Tue Nov 11, 2008 10:57 pm

Do I have to repeat my shallow ass comment here as well? Man, cuteness really doesn't go far with you guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Castaway Interview: Marcus Lehman   

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Castaway Interview: Marcus Lehman
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