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 Paris Hilton's My new BFF episode 7 "My Kind of People" results

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PostSubject: Paris Hilton's My new BFF episode 7 "My Kind of People" results   Wed Nov 12, 2008 3:54 am

Continued from episode 7, the girls are back in Vegas finding some boys to bring back to the BFF Mansion. Paris gives the girls another chance on the first night back. Kayley hooks up with a lot of boys, but only one shows up. Brittany and Shelley are left man-less when they're stood up back in L.A. Vanessa wins the challenge for bringing back two boys. For the next challenge, Paris collects some dirt on every remaining BFF from ex-boyfriends and ex-BFFs. Shelley is the only girl who is innocent (besides Vanessa, who assists Paris in the challenge as the episode's pet). The rest have some dirt on them. Corrie is described by an ex-friend as "being around the block a little more than a few times." Lauren is accused of groping another girl's breasts. An ex-friend claims Brittany hooked up with her friend's ex-boyfriend. Kayley's ex-boyfriend, whom she cheated on, has some harsh words about her. Paris puts Corrie up for elimination, as the harsh comments from her ex-friend did not help the fact that the house voted her the fakest. Paris orders Vanessa to choose another girl to be up for discussion, and Shelley is picked. At elimination, Corrie claims that her ex-friend was jealous because of her beauty. Shelley tells a story of how she was picked on in high school and thus developed a thick skin. In a shocking turn of events, Paris tells Shelley she's safe and makes her switch spots with Kayley, whom she feels will add drama to her life if they become friends. Paris then eliminates Kayley.

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Paris Hilton's My new BFF episode 7 "My Kind of People" results
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