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 DWTS:' Secrets from the Ballroom

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PostSubject: DWTS:' Secrets from the Ballroom   Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:53 am

By Tracy Phillips
Thu, 13 Nov 2008 14:05:40 GMT

Ever wonder what happens on a live show behind the scenes? During the commercial breaks? And when people think the cameras arent rolling?

I visited the set of Dancing with the Stars this week, and Ive got some dance-floor dish!

Here are some tidbits from inside the ballroom that you didnt see on Tuesday nights results show:

~Hanging out in the ballroom before the show: Maurice Greene in jeans and sneaks doing a funky dance with his little girl; Lacey Schwimmer in a robe and flip flops chatting with mom; and Warren Sapp already dressed in his tux charming some of his guests.

~Backstage, Derek Hough checked out the Great Balls of Fire piano and made sure it was sturdy, in preparation for Julianne to jump out of it and dance all over it. It was cute to see him watching out for his little sis.

~I don't know if the cameras caught it, but during her surprise performance with Derek, Julianne made a little oops face after an uneasy landing during one of their power moves. The pro that she is, she kept it going seamlessly though and you'd never know she had just had surgery.

~When the judges were announced to the live audience, Carrie Ann Inaba was missing. Seconds later, she made her entrance giggling.

~Lots of attention is paid to Carrie Ann Inabas hair.

~Bruno Tonioli flails his arms a lot even when the cameras arent rolling. He seems like he would be a ton of fun drunk, right?

~Len Goodman isnt quite the fuddy duddy he comes off as. Off camera, he was tapping his water bottle and bobbing his head to an Usher song.

~Warren Sapp is buddies with the crew. Seconds before performing his encore jive, he was joking with a cameraman and doing that thing where guys punch each other in the arm which somehow means that they like each other.

~Pro siblings Lacey and Benji Schwimmer danced together on the show for the first time, and their dad, swing king Buddy Schwimmer, told me later how disappointed he was that he missed ithe was stuck in traffic.

~Brooke Burke may have blown everyone else away this season, but the father of her children, David Charvet, looked unimpressed in the audience. Bored to tears might better describe it. Still, he comes every week to support her, so lets not start rumors.

~With not an ounce of fat on her, Samantha Harriss biceps are even scarier in person.

~Anyone giving the dancers a hard time about their weight should redirect their comments to Cody Linley and Derek Hough. Those boys are extremely lean in the flesh and need to spend some time at an In-N-Out Burger.

~The judges table is like a throne. In between commercial breaks, Tom Bergeron and some of the pros congregate there, and theres a step in front of it which they put a knee on and lean in to talk, as if they're kneeling before the judges.

~Right before the show returned from the final commercial break for the elimination announcement, the dancers had a group hug on stage.

~As Cody and Maurice stood under the red lights waiting for the axe to fall, when Maurices name was read as the one voted off, there were loud, startling CHEERS in the ballroom audience. Who would be so mean? A rabid pack of teeny, tiny "Hannah Montana" fans in the balcony, squealing with delight that their favorite Cody Linley was safe, that's who!

~The entire night left poor Cody shaken and stirred. He looked visibly upset after the show ended. Even though he was safe, Cody had an emotional night. He admitted to me in a post-show interview that he was a little "embarrassed" by the Dr. Drew "therapy" segment in which he bawled over his friendship with Julianne. And while he appreciates his loyal fans' passion, he felt bad for his "buddy" Maurice. He also gave a long, long hug to Edyta when they said goodbye.

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DWTS:' Secrets from the Ballroom
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