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 The Amazing Race Leg 8 (India → Kazakhstan)

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PostSubject: The Amazing Race Leg 8 (India → Kazakhstan)   Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:24 am

Leg 8 (India → Kazakhstan)

* Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport) to Almaty, Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan (Almaty International Airport)
* Almaty (Al Agro Chicken Factory) >Roadblock (Who's feeling peckish?)< >Fast Forward (Eat mutton)<
* Almaty (Kok Tobe Arch) >Detour (Play Like Mad or Act Like Fools)<
* Almaty (Old Square) >Pit Stop (Leg Cool<

The Roadblock required one team member from each team to search among 30,000 chickens for one of seven golden eggs. The last Fast Forward on this race had teams eat Beshbarmak, a local Kazakh delicacy, which includes fat from the rear end of a sheep. The Detour was a choice between Play Like Mad or Act Like Fools. In Play Like Mad, teams must travel to the Museum of Folk Art and learn to play a traditional folk tune on the dombra and the shang-kobuz which they then play for locals and earn a tips totalling an equivalent of $1.50 (around 180 tenge) in a park to receive their next clue. In Act Like Fools, teams had to put on a two-person cow costume at a puppet theater and travel across town to a milk stand and drink an entire glass of milk. At the bottom of the glass was the name of their next destination; they should receive their next clue in a meat bazaar there. They then had to bring the cow costume head to the Pit Stop.

After Leg 8, Terence & Sarah were the seventh team eliminated but were not sent to the villa.

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The Amazing Race Leg 8 (India &#8594; Kazakhstan)
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