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 'Dancing with the Stars' Week 9 Recap

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PostSubject: 'Dancing with the Stars' Week 9 Recap   Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:45 pm

By Tracy Phillips
Tue, 18 Nov 2008 12:20:12 GMT

Major shake-ups on the leaderboard stunned the Dancing with the Stars semi-finals, which got down to serious business Monday night.

Brooke Burke was a disaster earning her lowest scores of the entire competition, while Lance Bass managed his best scores everdespite one of the greatest wardrobe malfunctions since Kelly Monaco nearly lost her top in Season 1.

The First Dance

Brooke and Derek: The Jive. Scores: 21
Brooke, who had proven herself as the one to beat all season, picked the worst time possible to fall apart. A breathless Brooke said, I feared it all season and it just happened: I missed the first step, got flustered, and couldnt find my way. Len called it a disaster and Bruno said he was totally shocked. But Carrie Ann calling Brooke disrespectful for her blatant illegal lift was ridiculous.

Cody and Julianne: Paso Doble. Scores: 22
Julianne and Cody were all smiles and high fivin after their military-style paso dobleuntil the judges opened their mouths and ruined their spirit. I thought it was quite unique, but Bruno nailed them for having nonexistent Spanish lines; Carrie Ann said Cody was a 10 for determination but needs to smooth it out; Len said it was stiff and lacked dance quality. One week they tell Cody hes too spastic and loose, the next hes wooden and stiff. They need to make up their mindsno wonder the poor kid is a nervous wreck.

Warren and Kym: Mambo. Scores: 24
Seeing how the last four DWTS editions were won by athletes, the pressure is really on Warren Sapp as the last of the sportsman standing. The Big Fella can do no wrong in the crowds eyes, but Bruno said he gets away with murder though hes is very engaging; Len says he doesnt mess about with technique but knows how to perform; Carrie Ann said it was a bit lackluster. Well, there certainly wasnt anything lackluster about their gambling-themed costumes.

Lance and Lacey: Mambo. Scores: 28
What do you do when everyone else is knocked to their knees? Swoop in and steal the show, of course! Lance and Lacey came blazing out with a showstopper that scored their first 10 of the season.

After a mildly amusing segment with Len looking like James Bond, in his tux, dancing with two babes at once, the dancers each had a Master Class with Len and then it was on to Round 2.

Brooke and Derek: Salsa. Scores: 28
In an I Dream of Jeannie-inspired gold fringe get-up, Brooke returned to the floor, seemingly without her confidence shaken, despite her silly outfit and the stumbles earlier. The judges declared triumphantly: BROOKE IS BACK! Gee, its only been a half an hour since she fell from grace and now rises above like a champion.

Cody and Julianne: Salsa. Scores: 24
Cuties Cody and Julianne also rebounded nicely with some great lifts and acrobatics in their salsa, which the judges called effervescent and a lot of fun. Carrie Ann and Len disagreed on the musicality of it, so it gets canceled out.

Warren and Kym: The Jitterbug. Scores: 25
Bruno makes an incoherent remark about Starship Troopers before insulting Len saying his Master Class stinks. Len says hes not a miracle worker, but gives Warren credit for selling it 100%, so much so that Carrie Ann loved it. Warrens total score for the night is 49, which he notes was his old high school jersey to reel in some good luck vibes.

Lance and Lacey: The Jitterbug. Scores: 29
Now get a kick out if this: Lance was jitter-bugging so fiercely that his shoe flew off midway into the routine. I immediately think this is funniest wardrobe malfunction ever and Bergeron validates my thoughts afterward when he says, Not since Season 1 when Kelly Monaco broke a strap have I seen anything as amazing as that.

The one-shoe wonder not only managed to keep the routine togetherLance and Lacey scored TWO more 10s! They went from zero 10's to three in one night. Looks like lucky charm Grandpa Bass came through tonight. Lance also gets an extra point (from me) for having on clean socks.

Lance and Lacey: 57
Brooke and Derek: 49
Warren and Kym: 49
Cody and Julianne: 46

Elimination Prediction: After tonights show, anybody would be a shocker. Cody and Warren are weaker with technique but both own the crowd. Lance probably would have been a goner but his basket of 10s may sway votes, just as Brookes disastrous first dance is unlikely to harm her spot in the finale. Tough call, but I'll go with Cody since he's been in the Bottom Two, two weeks in a row.

Now prepare yourselves: Tuesday nights elimination is a two-hour, blown-out affair, including the ballroom kids finalists; Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas dancing to Aretha Franklin; performances by John Legend and Leona Lewis; and a new song by Julianne Hough.

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'Dancing with the Stars' Week 9 Recap
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