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 Castaway Interview: Randy Bailey

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PostSubject: Castaway Interview: Randy Bailey   Fri Nov 21, 2008 6:14 pm

By Gordon Holmes
Fri, 21 Nov 2008 20:37:11 GMT

Love him or hate him, Randy Bailey definitely made Survivor: Gabon interesting. The latest member of the jury didnt hold back when we asked him for his thoughts on Sugar, Crystal, and the rest of Nobag

Randy: I remember you.
Gordon: You do?
Randy: Sure I do.
Gordon: Do you remember good things or bad things?
Randy: I didnt like any of you, didnt you watch the show?
Gordon: Yeah, I dont blame you.

Gordon: Whatd you think of last night? It seems like Sugar and Runaround Bob upset a member of the jury for no good reason.
Randy: They must think that I took a flight back home and Im out of the game. Theres no strategy there. They dont realize that Im voting for the million-dollar winner. And what you didnt see last night was during when Jeff was snuffing my torch, Sugar was falling in the dirt and she was pointing at me and wiggling in the dirt and laughing at me. She just doesnt get it.

Gordon: I spoke to Charlie last week, and he gave me the impression that Sugar isnt being portrayed accurately.
Randy: I was dreading last nights episode, obviously because of what happened. But it was my favorite episode of the season and the reason why is Sugars true colors started to show. She has gotten this edit the entire season that just shows her as Americas sweetheart. Shes a professional pin-up, and she has these cute chick faces mastered and it looks good on TV. But last night it started to show just what a vicious skank she really is. I saw the whole time I was with her. Charlie saw it the whole time he was with her. And fortunately America got to see it.

Gordon: What were some of the things Sugar would do around camp that would drive you guys nuts?
Randy: You saw her last night she was wearing that burlap bag? She makes those bags by tearing up other peoples bags that Survivor gave us to keep our own belonging separate for other peoples. Shes not aware that anyone else is there. She sleeps where she wants, anyway, I dont want to waste my time talking about her. Shell get hers in the end, not in the game, Im talking about life.

Gordon: Is there any animosity toward Bob?
Randy: Bob is a good guy. He doesnt have a clue how to play the game, but hes a good guy. I talked to him and you know, I never want to go camping with him for a month. He told these stories. He tells them three times in the same day. Bobs basically a good guy.

Gordon: The impression I got from you when we talked in Gabon
Randy: And you fell for it.
Gordon: I did. I thought this was a guy who has an edge, but will be able to keep his emotions from getting the best of him.
Randy: I wish I had toned it down a little bit. I did let my emotions get the best of me. I thought I could control it more, but I really had no idea how much I could take these people.

Gordon: How much of what we saw was the real you?
Randy: Yeah, that was all me, but Ive never slept in the dirt with people for 30 days. So, I didnt know what was going to happen. If you remember back the first 10 days when I was with the original Fang, I kept the snarky comments to myself in the confessionals, and I was all smiles and everybodys friend. The people at home saw what I was like when I was by myself and a lot of people hated me, maybe two or three people liked me. But finally it just got to a point where I couldnt hold it in anymore.

Gordon: How hard was it to bite your tongue those first days with Crystal and G-C?
Randy: Ive waited for years to play Survivor, and it was actually pretty easy to bite my tongue because I wanted to be out there. I knew the worst thing in the world to do was try to take over, and everyone there was doing stupid things and that tribe was just hopeless.

Gordon: One of your strategies I noticed was where you mocked Crystal for crying. Was that to prove yourself to Kota?
Randy: What you didnt see was Crystal would cry at every challenge. Win or lose she would just start crying. And everyone was sick of it, both Kota and Fang. When I did the Wah wah wah the only person that I p---ed of was Crystal. Everybody else was like, Its about time someone else said what I was thinking. But yeah, it was a little bit to prove myself to Kota.

Gordon: At the first Tribal Council, Jeff does a demonstration where he lets the players know how quiet they have to be when they vote so they wont be heard by the other players. So, what Crystal said last night was obviously for everybodys ears.
Randy: Oh Gordon, she was screaming it. Her voice was echoing through the jungle. You could hear elephants being scared off and running. Again, this is a perfect example of horrible game play. Just as bad as Sugar and Bob with the immunity idol. If Sugar makes it to the end, after what she did last night how does she possibly think I could vote for her? I dont get it.

Gordon: At this point in the game, who do you think is playing the best game?
Randy: Kennys got a lot of props the last couple of weeks, and hes a strategic player, but last week? His blindside of Charlie? Thats not strategic. The way this game has shaped up, the best way to play is to have no strategy at all. And its working for Bob, its working for Sugar. Corinne knows how to play this game, but shes in a tough spot right now. I hope she can pull it off, I wish her the best. The thing about Survivor is four morons can vote off three rocket scientists all day long and theres nothing you can do about it.

Gordon: When you were at the reward challenge, you said that one of the Gabonese ladies was hitting on you. Now that youre on TV has your love life picked up?
Randy: Actually that lady from Gabon flew back with me and shes living with me now.
Gordon: (laughs)
Randy: No, where I live, nobody even knows that Im on the show. Nobody even recognizes me. I had a love life and it was 15-20 years ago.

Gordon: Do you think youre being fairly portrayed on the show?
Randy: I think its pretty accurate. The only thing that I dont like about it is I have a lot of moments bonding with Charlie, Marcus, and Corinne and it shows a way more human side of me. Marcus and I would go fishing for hours every day. Charlie and I would share a pillow at night, actually it was a bag of rice, but we used it as a pillow. And, Corinne and I would get together and I swear that girl can read my mind, and I can read hers, and we would just laugh for hours. Survivor ought to put a three-hour show on Showtime, they do that with Big Brother.

Gordon: Ive got some word association
Randy: Whatever you want, CBS makes me do this.
Gordon: Do they? Well in that case, give me some thoughts on Charlie.
Randy: Awesome.
Gordon: Sugar?
Randy: Skank.
Gordon: Crystal?
Randy: Another skank.
Gordon: Gabon?
Randy: Nobag.
Gordon: Ponderosa?
Randy: Fun, a relief.
Gordon: G-C?
Randy: Quitter.
Gordon: Runaround Bobs arts and crafts project?
Randy: Go back to Maine
Gordon: Jeff Probst?
Randy: Tool.

Gordon: What do you take from your time in Africa?
Randy: I dont know. I think the jurys still out on that. It was a great time, made some good friends. But whether or not I become a more well-rounded person, time will tell.

Gordon: How do you respond to the viewers that werent Randy fans?
Randy: You know, Im not going to change anybodys mind. The people that hate me, hate me and the people that like me, like me. Theyre free to hate me if they want. Thats fine. I probably hate them too.

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PostSubject: Re: Castaway Interview: Randy Bailey   Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:23 pm

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Castaway Interview: Randy Bailey
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