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 Survivor: Gabon Randy: "I couldn't think of one reason why Bob would give me a fake idol."

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PostSubject: Survivor: Gabon Randy: "I couldn't think of one reason why Bob would give me a fake idol."   Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:45 pm

Survivor: Gabon Randy: "I couldn't think of one reason why Bob would give me a fake idol."
Survivor: Gabon
Posted: November 21, 2008

Randy Bailey
Eliminated November 20

What was your first impression of Gabon?
I researched Gabon a good bit before I went. I found videos about it
and bought some books about it, so I knew what to expect.

How did you feel about the tribes merging into Nobag?
So many of the things those people did out there Ч including naming the
merged tribe Nobag - were just not comprehendible. But, like so many
decisions made during the 30 days I was out there, there was nothing I
could do about it. I could rock the boat and get voted off or let them
get away with doing something completely stupid and stay in the game.
They thought of Nobag and I didn't care.

Why did you openly hate everyone?
Like I said to Crystal during last week's tribal council: Do you want a
list? I didn't hate everyone on the show. I hated everyone that was
left in the tribe, except Corrine. The best thing about last night's
episode was that Sugar's true colors were finally revealed. She's an
awful person. And Crystal was always saying that she headed into the
challenges as a warrior. Have you ever seen a bigger joke in your life?
She now holds the record for losing challenges as well as the record
for crying after challenges.

How good did the beer, peanuts and spaghetti you won during the reward auction taste?
It was more fun for me to get it and watch them not get it. I was
eating pretty well out there. We were catching fish and I was winning
every reward. Starvation was never an issue for me. But, the spaghetti
and beer were great. Honestly enjoyed tipping Jeff Probst the $20 more
than I enjoyed the food. He earned it.

Did you have any doubts about the Immunity Idol Bob gave you?
Bob was a friend and an ally of mine. I thought it was real. It was a
pretty good imitation and for the life of me I couldn't think of one
reason he would give me a fake idol. If you don't want me around vote
me off. But with him possibly going to the end and me being in the jury
why would he want to make a fool of me? That's just stupid.

Speaking of the jury, how are you going to decide who wins, since you don't like anyone except Corrine?
Depending on who makes it to the end, it may come down to who I hate
the least. I won't make my vote completely out of spite.

Would you do it all over again?
Randy: Not with those people!

What are you doing now, Randy?
Same thing as before I went on the show. I'm editing my wedding videos
and soaking in the hot tub and watching reality TV. web page


"Anybody Want Cake?"
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Survivor: Gabon Randy: "I couldn't think of one reason why Bob would give me a fake idol."
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