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 Paris Hilton's My new BFF : This Friendship is Over episode 9

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PostSubject: Paris Hilton's My new BFF : This Friendship is Over episode 9   Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:53 am

The four remaining BFF-hopefuls take a look back on their past 8 weeks in the BFF Mansion. From Bitchy Baje to Two-Faced Lauren, all of the girls got to look back on their stay. For the first challenge, each of the girls must assist a photographer in doing a photoshoot for Paris, by choosing which props to use, how Paris's facial expressions should be, camera angle, etc. Vanessa wins the challenge. Paris then takes the girls to her "human lie detector", famous radio host Ryan Seacrest, and has all of the girls interviewed and asked some tough questions. While Shelley (nervously) breezes through her interview and gains Ryan's approval (although he thinks she will get ripped apart in Hollywood), Brittany and Corrie start an interview war, and are accused of being fame leeches and full of themselves, respectively. Ryan thinks that Vanessa is too much of a fan to be best friends with Paris. For the next challenge, Ms. Hilton arranges a one-on-one with the remaining contestants. She lies to all of them and tells them they've been eliminated. What they don't know - besides that they're staying, for now - is that Paris is watching their exit interviews. Vanessa breaks down so much that Paris sheds a few tears, while Shelley seems nonchalant about being eliminated. The girls then realize that they're staying, and Paris decides to eliminate someone for real Shelley's exit tape made it seem to Paris that she didn't care about their friendship, which hurt the latter's feelings. She is then eliminated. Paris shocks the girls by saying that one more will be leaving - and apparently she found Corrie to be too self-centered to be BFFs, and was sent back to Texas with Shelley.

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Paris Hilton's My new BFF : This Friendship is Over episode 9
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