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 from Surviovor preview 11/30

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PostSubject: from Surviovor preview 11/30   Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:01 am


Announcer: Thursday on a new Survivor, for the seven castaways still in the game, special messages from home...

Corinne's Family on Video: Hi, Corinne.

Announcer: ...hold big surprises.

Crystal: Are you kidding?

Announcer: And was the immunity idol really thrown in the ocean? Or did somebody actually keep it?...

Bob: I've got it...the original idol.

Announcer: ...and hide it?

Corinne (talking to Bob): That's a legit idol?

Announcer: Plus, the marriage proposal.

Susie: What?

Announcer: No kidding.
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from Surviovor preview 11/30
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