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 Survivor Gabon Gossip

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PostSubject: Survivor Gabon Gossip   Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:16 pm

* Breaking News: Ace Gordon was arrested! He was charged with disorderly conduct and a few other thinks after hitting a woman in Florida!
* TMZ: "Survivor" Arrested -- Not Immune from the Booze (November 17, 2008)

* Oh my. CBS referred to contestant Marcus Lehman's penis as "virtually undetectable" in their explanation of why his genitals were not cut from the season premiere episode. How embarrassing for him. Off to find how undetectable it really is. We can't post in the picture or link here, as we like to keep a PG-13 rating, but I'm sure you savvy searchers can find a pic!

* Dan is IM buddies with American Idol winner Clay Aiken.

* The first episode of Survivor was dedicated to Alton Desiree. We checked out her background, turns out she was a cast member for CBS and she drowned on set. Very sad news indeed.

* Contestant Jessica "Sugar" Kiper had no mention of marriage at the time of the show according to her CBS biography. On August 27, 2008, she announced she had married movie director John Lands after knowing him for only 11 days according to her MySpace blog.

* The producer of Survivor Mark Burnett has sued his former employee Conrad Riggs for collecting payments that should have gone to the Mark Burnett Productions. This comes after Riggs sued Burnett claiming Burnett didn't pay his company, Cloudbreak Entertainment, the 10% profit margin promised.

* Contestant Crystal Cox was busted for use of ephedrine in 2002! The USATF disciplined her during the NACAC Under 25 Championships.

* Host Jeff Probst said in an interview that a crane fell and over $100,000 in food was taken! They also had problems with shipping and wildlife.

* Worth noting, it's been mentioned on a few fansites that Erik (the ice cream scooper guy) from Survivor Fans vs Faves has said there is a 99% chance of the show ending at season 20. Reality TV World has reported that host Jeff Probst has signed on for two more seasons, that would bring us to 19 seasons. Who knows? Not me, but we will stay on the lookout.

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Survivor Gabon Gossip
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