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 Episode 11 Recap: Idol Threat!

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PostSubject: Episode 11 Recap: Idol Threat!   Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:36 am

By Gordon Holmes
Fri, 05 Dec 2008 06:00:37 GMT
39 Days, 18 People, 1 Survivor Blog

Here is the tribe as it currently stands


Runaround Bob 57 Physics Teacher
Crystal 29 Pre-school Teacher
Susie 47 Hairdresser
Ken 22 Super Smash Brothers World Champion
Matty 29 Personal Trainer
Corinne 29 Pharmaceutical Sales
Sugar 29 Retro Pin-Up Model (although she has a vast acting resume)

Were back from the tribal council that saw Randy play a fake immunity idol and Runaround Bob is absolutely livid. He does not appreciate Sugar rubbing their ruse in Randys face. WowRunaround showing some fire! Corinne shows some fire too and gets into a spat of her own with Sugar.

The following morning, Ken lets us know that he wants Runaround Bob to be the next to go because he doesnt think Bob is very good at the game.

Wait, what?

Dont get me wrong, I think Kennys playing an amazing game, but he makes some weird choices. First voting off Charlie over the idol clue, now this? Is he forgetting that Matty could destroy him in any physical challenge and that Sugar still has an immunity idol?

Reward Challenge Time: Two teams will race across a swamp to gather gears. Once they have all their gears, theyll need to put them in the proper places in order to raise a flag. The winning team will then square off against each other in a race to finish a puzzle. First person to get their puzzle together wins reward.

The reward? The opportunity to watch a video of their loved ones on a Samsung Instinct by Sprint. You know, that kind of commercialism is kind of cheap. I expect more from Survivor.

(However, if youd like to purchase a Samsung Instinct or Survivor DVDs, you can do so in Comcast Shopping.)

Jeff gives them a quick look at their videos and its water works all around except for Sugar.

Just kidding, Sugar lost it.

To decide the teams they go with a pick-em (which did so well for them at the beginning of the season) that ends up with Corinne as the odd woman out. Jeff tells her that she wont be able to participate.

Really? Has that ever happened before? Someone doesnt get to participate in a challenge? I dont approve.

Despite falling behind while retrieving the gears, the team of Bob, Crystal, and Sugar manages to raise their flag first.

In the final round, Bob makes quick work of the puzzle, earning himself a longer video of his wife, pizza, and beer. However, while hes sitting down to enjoy his video, his wife pops up from behind a tree to surprise him.

Runaround Peggy lets us know how good she thinks her husband smells. Really? After 30 days in Africa without a shower? This makes me wonder what he smells like at home.

The Runarounds make their way to camp and everyone rushes out to meet Peggy. After pleasantries are exchanged, Bob whistles to signal the other players loved ones to come join them.

On an unrelated note, its getting a bit dusty in the Holmes household.

Sugars sister brought her a vial of her fathers ashes to spread in Africa. Sugar says a final farewell to her father and spreads the ashes in the lake.

Theres a bit more dust in the Holmes household.

Elsewhere, Matty proposes to his girlfriend Jaime (who is a looker and a half), giving her the rock necklace hed been carving for her. She accepts.

Damn dust!

Im going to assume this was the most endearing moment in Survivor history that Jeff Probst talked about in our Question of the Week.

The next day we learn Runaround Bob has formulated a plan. Hes going to make a second fake idol and try to convince Ken that its the idol that Marcus (pronounced Mah-kus by Bob) threw into the sea. Where Bob got the impressive pieces to make this idol I dont know. If Bob or Corinne can win immunity, the other will use the fake idol to try to get Ken to vote Matty off.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will have to answer questions about Gabon. For each correct answer they get, theyll receive a ball. Theyll then throw those balls at a target, the person to come closest to the center of the target wins immunity.

Things we learned during this challenge:
1. The first gorillas were discovered in Gabon in 1847.
2. A female elephant is called a cow.
3. The Gabonese Viper is deadly.
4. Crystal and Susie dont know much about Gabon.

During the ball-tossing portion, Runaround Bob comes the closest, winning immunity and setting his awesome plan in motion.

Im loving that Bob is finally playing this game.

Back at camp, Corinne sells the fake idol story like a champ, telling Ken that theyre going to reverse boot Matty. Ken buys it and suggests that Bob and Corinne bring Crystal along. Bob meets up with Crystal in the woods and shows her the new fake immunity necklace (which is even more impressive than the first fake immunity necklace). Crystal buys it too.

Afterwards, Ken and Crystal decide to kill two birds with one stone by voting for Corinne. This way theyll get rid of Matty and flush out Corinnes idol.

Smart. Smart. Smart.

That night at tribal council, jurors Charlie, Marcus, and Randy show up in solid, brightly colored shirts. Its almost like they planned it.

During a relatively tame discussion session, everyone minds their manners. Even Crystal refrains from her trademark angry rant.

Voting Time: Ken votes for Matty, Matty votes for Corinne, and the rest are all on the down low.

Jeff asks if anyone has a hidden immunity idol to be played, Corinne doesnt step forward. This spares us from another senseless fake idol burning.

One vote Matty, three votes Corinne, two votes Matty. The twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Gabon and the fourth jury member isCorinne.

Verdict: I loved this episode. The smart strategy from both sides turns this from a meh season to a solid one for me. A couple of points to make here

First, some will say that it was dumb for Corinne to make herself a target when Matty may have been next. I disagree. Corinne and Bob had to do something. Now Im wondering if Bob still has the fake idol.

Second, what Crystal and Ken did was super smart. But, they could have accomplished the same thing with both of them voting for Corinne. Now Matty suspects something is up.

Third, people may wonder why theyre not trying to flush out Sugars idol. I think everybody wants to go to the finals with Sugar. From what Ive heard from Charlie and Randy, everyone hates her. With Corinne now on the jury, thats four people who will never vote for Sugar.

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Episode 11 Recap: Idol Threat!
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