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 The Amazing Race How many things could go wrong in one day?

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PostSubject: The Amazing Race How many things could go wrong in one day?   Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:21 pm

The Amazing Race
Toni and Dallas
Eliminated November 30

You started this leg in first place, what went wrong?
Dallas: We were in the lead, but everyone caught up at the submarine where we had to get our first clue. And then what killed us was the roadblock. It took me a long time to find the right statues. Then, of course, I lost our passports and wallet.
Toni: It was all downhill from there.
Dallas: How many things could go wrong in one day?

Was it hard to beg strangers for money in Moscow?
Dallas: The language barrier made it harder. If we'd been in the United States it would have been easier. It was also tough because the Russians looked at us like we were crazy for asking for money when we had a cameraman and sound guy with us. Like, how poor could we really be?
Toni: I would send Dallas out after all the cute, younger girls to ask for money. And they actually were very sweet and helpful. By and large the Russians were really trying to help.

Dallas, are you impressed with your mom's performance?
Dallas: My mom is a rock star.
Toni: And I just love you for saying that.
Dallas: She really did an unbelievable job. I was surprised.

Dallas, you and fellow contestant Starr were very flirty. Have you kept in touch?
Dallas: We've been dating for about six months and getting into our fair share of adventures since the race. We have gone skydiving and spelunking. The travel bug has bitten us both.

Would you do it all over again?
Toni: When we were on our way home, we said it was the best adventure we'd never do again. But after we were home for 24 hours, we started arguing over which one of us would do The Amazing Race: All Stars. We were fighting over if he'd run it with Starr or if he'd let me do it again. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It was fantastic.

Who did you choose?
Dallas: I'd have to get my mom in a little bit better shape for the next time around, so I don't have to carry her backpack the entire time. If she's willing to do that, I'll let her be on my team.

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The Amazing Race How many things could go wrong in one day?
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