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 Survivor: Gabon "Not punching Sugar in the face was the hardest part of Survivor"

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PostSubject: Survivor: Gabon "Not punching Sugar in the face was the hardest part of Survivor"   Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:23 pm

Survivor: Gabon
Corinne Kaplan
Eliminated December 4

I thought I was going to be talking to Matty today.
Corinne: I wish you were talking to Matty today.

What was your first impression of Gabon?
Corinne: Gabon g'blows! Everyone says it's beautiful but I thought it looked like someone just dropped me off alongside the New Jersey Turnpike. It's swampy and gross.

Did you feel like an outsider in the Nobag tribe, especially after Randy got voted out?
Corinne: Nobag totally sucked. I stuck by Bob's side for the entire time after Randy left. He and I were up against everybody else. It never felt like home to me. I hated that camp. It had 9,000 more mosquitoes than the Kota camp.

Were you surprised to see your brother show up at the camp?
Corinne: Oh my god, I was absolutely shocked. They let us see our family for five hours. I was actually getting really nervous thinking that there was no way Survivor was going to be that nice to us. I warned my brother that they might make him sleep at camp and do a challenge. I thought for sure the other shoe was going to drop. I couldn't believe they were nice enough to give us that five-hour reprieve.

It seemed like your plan with Bob to vote Matty out was going to work.
Corinne: Isn't that remarkable?

So, what went wrong?
Corinne: What went wrong was that I was playing with morons. Honestly, the big flaw with the plan seemed to be getting people to buy the fact that Bob's Idol was real, when he had just played a fake one at the last Tribal Council. It was so nonsensical, but I thought those people were so stupid that it just might work. Kenny and Crystal completely bought it. Unfortunately, I didn't realize they were going to make an attempt to flush it out into the open. Those five remaining people seem to think they're all going to go to the finals. They're so stupid.

What was the hardest part of surviving for 33 days in Africa?
Corinne: Not punching Sugar in the face. She never did anything to me. It's not like she was the reason I was voted out. She was just the most irritating human being I have ever had to be around. I couldn't stand her by day two. I absolutely despised her by day 33. She's just the most horrific person to be stuck with.

At this point, who do you think deserves to win?
Corinne: I think the people that deserve to win were already voted off. But of the remaining six, Bob deserves it. He's nice and helped out constantly. He belongs in the wilderness. Bob was awesome at challenges and has some strategies. I'm voting for Bob. It's going to take a miracle but lets hope he can pull it off.

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Survivor: Gabon "Not punching Sugar in the face was the hardest part of Survivor"
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