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 Castaway Interview: Corinne Kaplan

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PostSubject: Castaway Interview: Corinne Kaplan   Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:26 pm

By Gordon Holmes
Fri, 05 Dec 2008 20:46:45 GMT

We had a chance to ask the last Shreker standing some questions the morning after her booting, and she did not hold back! Check out her no-holds-barred opinions of Sugar, Matty, and the rest of the remaining players.

Gordon Holmes: Now what Ive been hearing, and correct me if Im wrong, but you and Sugar have been feuding since Day 2.
Corinne Kaplan: Thats correct. But I wouldnt say its a feud. A feud requires two people. I just decided that I didnt like her on Day 2. I think she figured it out on Day 22. Theres a lot of things about Sugar that I theyre just not things I look for in a friend. She started off heavily flirting with Ace, Marcus, practically everybody. Then she was saying that shes bisexual, then shes talking about her sexual conquests. Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way. Its just not the kind of girl I would hang out with.

Gordon: Did it surprise you when Bob told Sugar about the fake idol?
Corinne: No, Bob is really one of the most sincere, genuine guys. Sugar was original Kota, and at that point he thought she was going to come with us. He didnt know she was going to vote out Charlie when she did. Even though I didnt like her, she liked Kelly, she liked Bob. But we thought she was going to stay with Kota.

Gordon: Our readers and my own mother absolutely adore Sugar, but players like you, Charlie, and Randy seem to hate her. Do you think shes being portrayed accurately?
Corinne: If you think Sugar is so likeable, then why when we shuffled the tribes wasnt she picked? Why do you think they like Sugar?
Gordon: No clue.
Corinne: If you like someone who has no education, is covered in tattoos, and didnt bother to go to the gym once before she got on the show Survivor, then I guess shes your cup of tea. But if you like someone who worked hard and played hard and really prepared themselves for the game, then thats my alliance.

Gordon: During the recap episode last week, you said you had a speech planned for Sugar if you were ever voted off. Why didnt we see that last night?
Corinne: I knew I was going home and I was so thrilled to be joining my best friends who are sitting on the jury. So when he votes me off, I turn to Marcus, Charlie, and Randy and said, Chill the vodka, boys. Im coming home. And when he snuffed my torch out, I was probably the only person in Survivor history that said, Thank God! What I meant by I was going to go off on Sugar was, basically, I knew she was going to be coming to the Ponderosa (where voted off jury members wait for the next Tribal Council) or she was going to be in the final three. Either way, I promise you, you will see me going at it with Sugar.
Gordon: Now Im excited.
Corinne: I am a woman of my word. I guarantee you will see something never seen before.

Gordon: One of the things that shocked me last night was you said good luck to Kenny and Bob, but not Matty.
Corinne: I dont like Matty.
Gordon: Why not?
Corinne: I take that back, Matty is fine. Matty for the entire time I was staying with him he would talk about how much he hated Crystal. He was saying all these things like he genuinely didnt like these people. But, when he was given the chance to flip -- and you saw Randy and I trying to work him over -- he really likes Randy, but he wouldnt flip. He could have changed the game, but he was too much of an (expletive deleted) to do it.

Gordon: Weve been bouncing around names like The Onion Alliance
Corinne: Please dont call me that, can I please correct that?
Gordon: Sure.
Corinne: There was never an Onion Alliance. Never heard that name till I was off the show. Me, Marcus, and Charlie were Manage A Kota.
Gordon: Got it. But for Charlie and Marcus, Ive heard Charcus and Marlie. Which one are you leaning toward?
Corinne: Yeah, it was an alliance of three! I prefer it to be Cocharcus! Theres no weird thing with Marcus and Charlie being lovebirds on the show. I spent more time with Charlie, probably, than Marcus did. And the three of us were inseparable.

Gordon: Now, somebody who may be your biggest fan is Randy. Can you tell us how that friendship came about?
Corinne: Heres a guy whos 20 years older than me, hes a recluse who lives in a cabin in Missouri. He is more attached to his dead dog than to people, and he is literally my twin. I would cry laughing so hard with Randy. There was something about him that just clicked with me.
Gordon: They should show more of that.
Corinne: The show Survivor does not lend itself to comedy. And there are all these hilarious moments like Charlie and I teaching each other tap routines and Randy and I are mocking other players.
Gordon: Did you spend any time mocking Marcuss air guitar?
Corinne: (Laughs) No, I love Marcus.

Gordon: The fake immunity idol was phenomenal. Is there some craft store where Bobs getting the pieces from?
Corinne: Thats a good question. People think that Bob smuggled them in his (expletive deleted) or something.
Gordon: Thats an idol I wouldnt want.
Corinne: Exactly. Do you remember when I paid $500 for a clue?
Gordon: Yes.
Corinne: Well, we decided obviously that the pieces had to be from something people didnt recognize, so we cant just take them off of the Nobag flag. So we took the beads that came from around my clue. There were these beads around it on this rope. So we used those and woke up at, I dont know, 4 in the morning and took all the metal pieces off of the Tribal Council torches.

Gordon: OK, word association timeSusie?
Corinne: HmmI dont want to say it. I would say somewhere a sugar farm is missing a migrant worker.
Gordon: Rice?
Corinne: Best diet ever.
Gordon: Gabon?
Corinne: Ga-blows.
Gordon: Jeff Probst.
Corinne: Great lay.
Gordon: Kelly?
Corinne: Great rack.
Gordon: This is a family site, Corinne.
Corinne: (laughs)
Gordon: Sugar?
Corinne: The word Sugar should stand for So Unbelievably God Awful and Retarded.

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PostSubject: Re: Castaway Interview: Corinne Kaplan   Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:10 am

I see she is trying to secure her spot in the next allstars..what a BITCH.
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Castaway Interview: Corinne Kaplan
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