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 From Paris Hilton's my new BFF - Zui Suicide's myspace blog

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PostSubject: From Paris Hilton's my new BFF - Zui Suicide's myspace blog   Sat Dec 06, 2008 5:21 pm

Thursday, December 04, 2008

My BFF reunion show blowup...and my REAL reasoning behind it.

Lets start off with from first glance oh yes I did look like I over reacted on Corrie at the reunion show, BUT I do have more reason than just being angry with her remark about asians only being good for doing your nails.
Allow me to give details on words said and events.

MTV edits reality shows like you wouldn't believe, any network for that matter will do this.

You all saw and heard her remark about Asians, BUT the following was also said in that BFF house that no one but cast and crew heard.

Corrie on one of our off days made a remark about the people who were cleaning the house while cameras were off...

" those mexicans missed a spot, they can only get jobs cleaning for us"

A semi shitty thing to say in my eyes. BUT wait there is more.

After Baje was eliminated we were all sitting around the glass table downstairs and were talking about her leaving the house and Corrie made a comment about someone in Baje's family looking like a "nappy headed Gorilla" ( baje had shown us photos from back home a few days before) she also stated that african americans looked like monkeys and had "nasty ass nappy hair"

Now maybe it's just me, BUT I find that completly uncalled for and completly out of line. I live 10 minutes from washington DC and I know for a fact no one around here would dare say something like that. I guess Texas is different, and there a bit more closed minded .( well Corrie isn't making Texas look so swell) .If your still racist and making remarks like that in 2008, you must live in a cave. Hey Corrie guess who will be out next president! Did you even notice? It's not 1950's anymore. ( thank god)

I also want to clean something else up. Corrie stated I had porno tapes, and videos of me doing sex acts etc. Apparently she isn't clear what suicide girls is ( www.suicidegirls.com). I guess the poor dear got SG missed up with her own wild adventures of getting thrown $50 bucks for showing here tits. ( please raise your price honey) And am I wrong but doesn't girls gone wild go much further than just flashing the cam, I believe there is some type of masterbation going on in some of those films. Maybe if we rewind, and study them we can see a shot of Corrie's "beef curtains"

I am a nude model, and everyone has known this from day one. The reason why it's so "fun" to see Corrie getting loose on film is because she wasn't upfront about it. Out with it girl MTV will drag it up, and you should of known this. It was just funny to see Corrie try to hide it, and she was and is so ashamed of it. You might as well of embraced it, and then i would of shock your hand.

MTV didn't want to play these things ( said above) because it would make the network and obviously Corrie look terrible. And it's a good thing they didn't because if they did, she wouldn't be able to walk down the street alone again.

So thats my reasoning for going ape shit on whorrie Corrie.

I think it was well deserved.


( that girl who does "porn?")

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From Paris Hilton's my new BFF - Zui Suicide's myspace blog
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