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 Gabon Insider Episode 11 Transcript part 1

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PostSubject: Gabon Insider Episode 11 Transcript part 1   Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:07 am

Secret Scene: Corinne

Watch as Corinne cynically vents her true feelings about each of her fellow castaways to her brother, Chad

Corinne: And we've been living in this shithole here, for, I don't know, the last 11 or 12 days. It's infested with mosquitos. I'm completely covered head to toe. There was no food for the first...there's no food for the first 3 days. or water.

Chad: I know, you've lost a lot of weight.

Corinne: Really? Thank you. (they laugh)

Corinne (solo): Having my brother as a new face come into camp, and being able to tell him all the things on my mind and have him understand where I'm coming from, was awesome.

Corinne: I can't believe you actually get to see where I live. It's crazy. You can go back and tell everybody.

Chad: Are you a changed person from this?

Corinne: No...and that's the brilliance of it.

Chad: You're supposed to be totally different, and see things differently. Growing and maturing as a person.

Corinne: I have more hate in me than ever. As if I wasn't already a negative person.

Chad: Of course.

Corinne: I wish you would have met the people I liked, that were here before. Until I got here, I was perfectly happy, I was having a ball. I got here, and I wanted to kill these people. These people are such losers. The one Mexican lady, she doesn't shut up. The little Asian kid, he's never had a girlfriend, he's never had a f'in kiss, he's 22 years old. You know the one, Sugar? The...she's the one I hate the most. You see what she looks like? She claims to be a pin-up.

Chad: For what?

Corinne: (sarcastic) Um...um...I don't know. Wouldn't you like to know?

Corinne (solo): I'm around people 24 hours a day that I can't stand. When I got my brother alone, I was dishing out to him. I was on the floor laughing with my brother, because he totally gets it.

Corinne: I mean I could go on and on. And the other thing is...these people are always trying to see the bright side of things. Which I like it better...like...misery loves company. Me and the people I am aligned with are more like this f'in sucks. That's more my style. (Chad laughs)

Chad (solo): I'm in shock that Corinne's this far into the game. She's not very outdoorsy. This isn't exactly her thing. The fact that she's been here so long and she's still here, and I'm actually here now, it's crazy. I never thought it would happen. I'm actually proud of her.

Chad: What should I tell Mom and Dad?

Corinne: Aren't they gonna be impressed I"m here on day 32? Why are you not more impressed?

Chad: I am impressed.

Corinne: It's very hard to do.

Chad: I know. I don't know why you're here.

Corinne: Neither do I.

(they laugh)

Chad: You bring nothing...

Corinne: Nothing to the table. I can't even find treemail.

Chad: You don't cook.

Corinne: No, I do not. I do not fish.

Chad: What do you do? Everyone gets up in the morning and is like, "I'm going to start a fire," or, "I'm going to catch a fish".

Corinne: Um...I did try tap dancing once or twice.

Chad: Oh, you're entertainment?

Corinne: Yes.

Chad: They just didn't have a pole.

Corinne: No.

Chad: That's the problem.

(Corinne starts laughing)

Tribal Council Voting

Watch as the final seven cast their votes

Corinne (Matty): I'm sorry, I really like you as a person, but you're an individual immunity threat, and I think everyone else realizes that too.

Crystal ("Corrine"): You only started talking to me within the last 48 hours. My alliance is thicker than you could ever think. Sorry, it was great knowing you, but you gotta go.

Bob (Matty with a sad face and a tear): Sorry, Matty. I tried. (folds vote) You chose not to come with us.

Sugar (Corinne): You are a nasty, negative, alcoholic, silicone-enhanced golddigger. You should do really well in LA. Good game, but not good enough.

Matty (Corinne): Sorry, Corinne.

Susie (Corinne): Corinne, I still thought I treated you well in camp, always gave you my extra corn. Had to be you instead of me. Good luck.

Ken (Matty): Matty, this is really a strategic move. I need to get Bob and Corinne to trust me. You're a huge powerhouse and (?) to take you out. Sorry to see you go, bro.

Corinne's Final Words

"I will say I had a great time playing the game. I don't have any regrets, I wouldn't change anything I had done, I wouldn't change the alliances I made. I feel like you come home detoxed, skinny, and tan, so there are no losers on Survivor."

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Gabon Insider Episode 11 Transcript part 1
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