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 Gabon Insider Episode 11 Transcript part 4

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PostSubject: Gabon Insider Episode 11 Transcript part 4   Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:09 am


"I can't imagine myself having to live under those conditions, but if I had to, if you had to, you make a way. You learn to appreciate the other things in life when you're without those things. I'm pretty sure she's grown a lot from it and learned a lot from it."

Loved Ones Visit

Bob and Susie share an afternoon chat with their loved ones at camp

Peggy: You guys must feel you're on the downhill stretch.

Todd: You'd have to be. Holy cow.

Susie: This is an intense moment, so it's awesome you guys came out. As soon as I see him, I started bawling, like how cool we get to see them.

Bob: I didn't bawl.

Susie: I didn't bawl when I'd seen them on the video. I'd seen my son and I was so happy he was well.

Bob: When I saw Peggy, I just started laughing.

Peggy: We laughed for five minutes.

Bob: We couldn't stop laughing.

Peggy (laughs): Look at this. (touches Bob's shirt) This was a yellow shirt.

(they laugh some more about their clothes rotting)

Bob: This was our press day clothes. Some of the girls showed up all dressed up, and some of the guys in expensive suits. They've been out here in suits.

Susie: $1,200 suits. Did you get to talk to Jeff and stuff?

Todd: No, no.

Susie: Oh, you didn't get to talk to him? I thought you'd get to talk to him.

Ken Targets Matty

Feeling that he is the mastermind of the tribe, Ken gathers his alliance in the jungle to persuade them to vote off Matty

Ken: ...I know I can win is the fact is I've trusted you guys and looked out for you guys from day 1. That's why I want to take you guys to the final 3. If I wanted to blindside you Sugar, I could have done it, but hell no.

Sugar: You could still do it if you wanted to.

Ken: Hell no. I promised you guys something and I will keep my word. Like I said at Tribal, if I trust somebody and I know they trust me (something about his heart). I trust you guys. I'm telling you guys the truth right now. Matty wants to blindside you really bad, but in order for them to do that, they have to pull me in. You know Susie's not gonna go with the blindside.

Sugar: You're the swing vote.

Ken: I'm the swing vote again. So basically, if they try to blindside you, it's not gonna work. I'm not going with them. I said, "Matty, stick with the 5, vote out Bob." He's like, "Why don't we blindside Susie instead?" I was thinking about that, if we do blindside Susie right now, we'll still have numbers, unless Matty switches over with Corinne and Bob, it will be 3-3.

Sugar: I think we should stick with the 5.

Ken: I was thinking about it, like no, no.

Sugar: They're coming.

Ken: We were just picking out pears and I'll tell him I told you about Bob trying to sway me and Corinne. Other than that I told Matty to stick with the 5. And who's at the bottom? Corinne or Matty. But yeah, Susie's definitely trying to blindside Matty, and blindside me.

Sugar: I don't trust either of those guys. (?) I don't trust any...

Ken: Watch her. Susie, she's trying to fricking to win the million dollars more than anyone I know.

Sugar: She's trying really hard.

Ken: You know her game. She's dirty.

Crystal: I peeked her game from day 4 when she flipped on me.

Ken: She's been acting super-nice to me and Matty.

Crystal: She's been dissing me hard as hell.

Crystal Chats With Her Boyfriend

Crystal shares her feelings on her tribemates with her boyfriend, Andre

Crystal: This game...it's been a game. You're eating, it's a game. Everything is a game. Right now it actually feels good to not be around them. I sleep up under these people that annoy the mess out of me, baby. They laugh in your face. I just don't know who to trust. We know some stuff they're plotting.

Andre: I'll definitely be thinking about you, praying that you're OK. This is nothing like the deployment of mine. At least we were able to communicate in some type of way. You can't walk out of your hut there, your house, and go to the MWR and use the telephone and say hey.


Crystal: Pretty much when the sun goes down, if we don't have a fire burnt -- well, we'll always have a fire, but if we're not talking about something, we go to bed, unless it's Tribal. Once the sun comes up...none of us has showered in 31 days. Susie paid $340 for a shower the other day at the auction. $340 to take a bath.


Andre: It takes a toll, being without water and without food, but why did you come here? That's just the thing you have to ask yourself. I didn't come to get defeated by not having water and not having food.

Crystal: Actually I would say the first 8-9 days were hard. From 9 to now have been a breeze. From now to the remaining 8 days...

Andre: Harder.

Bob Warns Matty

Watch as Bob deceptively attempts to lure Matty into his alliance

Bob: Hey, I'm toast. I can't get you to come on board with me, I'm outta here. You could be outta here first. Nobody's said anything to me about it, but Susie has a habit of taking out strong players. You're the strongest player in this game, hands down. The other thing is you can't bet on winning an immunity every time.

Matty: I haven't won one in a while.

Bob: I've only won one.

Matty: Me too I think.

Bob: If you take Kenny, and me, and Corinne, they could win the next 3. If Susie wins, you take out Sugar or Crystal. If Crystal wins, we take out...

Matty: In the finals with you I'd be doomed though.

Bob: Why?

Matty: You're the most-liked.

Bob: OK, so you get second place or fifth place, and you could get seventh place if they take you out next, which Susie has a habit of doing. Susie's stroking Marcus, talking, everything's hunky-dory. I'm thinking it's either you or me that's going out next. That's why I'm scampering right now. The only hope I have of being anything but seventh I think. I don't know why they'd take out Corinne, because Corinne's not a threat. Either I'm going out or you're going out.

Matty's Proposal to Jamie

Matty describes the feeling of proposing to the love of his life: his girlfriend Jamie

"You just realize, when you're out here, you realize the important things in your life. She's the most important thing to me. I was so nervous being around her. Having that important, having somebody have that much importance to you, you're kind of nervous around them. This person affects your life so greatly. I just hugged her and we kind of wept to each other. I walked her back into camp and started showing what our daily life consists of. I took her to treemail, I took her to the stream where we bathe, I showed her what we eat, I showed her where we slept, I showed her the clothes I wear. She thought I was the dirtiest thing ever. I didn't know how much time we were gonna have with her there. I wanted to make sure I got to give her my moment, have that moment with her. I walked down to the dock, on the dock out to the lake. I basically told her how much she meant to me ,and that I wanted her to be my wife. Then we hugged and we cried. I proposed to her on a dock in Gabon, Africa. It couldn't have been written any better for me. I'm so happy. I'll never forget it for as long as I live."


Corinne in Ponderosa

Corinne joins her friends in Ponderosa

(Corinne is voted out)

Corinne (solo): It was the right time for me. I didn't want to be in the game anymore. I just didn't want to play with those people. I was beeling it out of there just hoping to see Marcus, Charlie, and Randy. (Corinne walks to the van, saying she liked those 3 the most and can now spend the rest of the game with them) Not to mention there are 5 people I can't stand, going back to a flea, mosquito-infested camp. 33 out of 39 days ain't bad.

(Corinne gets in the van)

Corinne: It's exactly like in high school. There's the cool, popular, intelligent kids, which were me and my friends, and then there's the mutant losers, which would be these people.

(Corinne showers and weighs herself)

Marcus (solo): Corinne was probably one of the most excited people to come off the show and to see us.

(Corinne runs to their tens and shrieks)

Corinne (solo): I ran like a bat out of hell over there. I couldn't wait to feel the love. I saw them, and was like, welcome home, the embrace. Here's the cool, attractive, fun, smart people I remember, that actually liked me.

Charlie (solo): It was exhilirating welcoming Corinne into the jury last night.

Corinne (to the others): Let it be known I will not exchange a single sentence with those people for the rest of my life, and that alone is making me happy right now.

Randy (solo): Ponderosa will be much more fun with Corinne here.

(they head to the new Ponderosa)

Corinne (solo): I'm sorry none of us got to take home the million, but if taking home the million meant I had to align myself with Sugar, Crystal, Susie, or any of those people, I swear to God, they can keep the million.

Charlie (solo): So we transitioned from one Ponderosa to another. Now we get to stay in our own cabins, we get a lot more privacy.

Marcus (solo): It's nice to have that little bit of personal space. That's one benefit. Another benefit is we're all excited about being together in a place where we can enjoy this last week.

Randy (walking around): I'm declaring this entire area clothing optional.

Charlie (solo): We went on our first workout session. Although I definitely had fun hanging out with Marcus and running with Marcus, now I get to run with Marcus AND Corinne, which makes me even happier. Things are just getting better and better for me as a jury member. I'm loving it. As much as I wanted Corinne to make it to the final 2 or 3 and there's no doubt I would have voted for her to win the million, if she wasn't going to make it, I'm glad I get to spend this time with her on the jury. She is enhancing my experience a millionfold.

(various scenes of Marcus/Corinne/Charlie joking around in their workout clothes)

Marcus (solo): The new Ponderosa is not officially Ponderosa until the flag comes out. (they read treemail and get the flag) We managed to get this beautiful flag up. Somehow I found myself doing all the work, which is nothing new to me.

(eating and drinking that night)

Corinne (solo): We're really just gonna enjoy ourselves for the next couple of days. (Corinne exalts over her dessert, then the three of them dance around, ending in Marcus and Charlie carrying Corinne on their shoulders) The one thing Survivor really changes is life is a little bit sweeter, and the little things like brushing your teeth and showering and eating and having people that really embrace and love you no matter what, those things become so much more apparent to you. That's really nice.


The castoff Survivors learn about the wildlife of Gabon

Dr. Lee White: I'm Lee White. I work for the wildlife conservation society.

(Dr. White starts showing slides)

Marcus (solo): It was a really interesting lecture that gave us perspective over where we've been the last month or two.

Dr. White: You're actually in one of the most pristine parts of the whole planet. And almost the whole of Gabon is covered in rainforests.

Charlie (solo): You're so secluded, living in huts and looking at each other, living on one pond, you don't really know where you fit into the context of where you are in this magnificent place. He really provided that for us.

Dr. White: There's something like sixty thousand elephants in Gabon. It's one of the biggest herds of elephants left anywhere. (he says Gabon is a microcosm of the Congo and he gave them a snapshot as well as telling them what keeps Gabon special) And so they created this national park network that covers the whole country. Thirteen national parks. Ten percent of Gabon, eleven percent of Gabon protected. Hopefully forever. (he says to go to Gabonart.com)

Charlie (solo): After Dr. Lee White left us in his helicopter, we immediately got treemail.

(they go on a four-hour safari)

Marcus (VO): We come out of these jungles and all the sudden we're looking over a 400 foot drop.

Charlie (VO): I think one of the most exciting things we saw was a herd of buffalo. They were just taking their time, enjoying the landscape as well. It was a vision. To be able to share that experience with Corinne, Randy, and Marcus was really fun.

Corinne (VO): It was really neat. You felt like you were in Africa. You felt Africa. I thought that was really cool.

(they marvel over the sunset)

Marcus: Amazing. We don't get to see a lot of stuff besides Ponderosa and the base camp. This is our last sunset before we expect things to get busier. It's kind of a great way to spend the last night as the fantastic four.

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Gabon Insider Episode 11 Transcript part 4
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