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 Castaway Interview: Crystal Cox

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PostSubject: Castaway Interview: Crystal Cox   Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:40 pm

By Gordon Holmes
Fri, 12 Dec 2008 18:55:39 GMT

In a season that Jeff Probst called Good vs. Evil, perhaps nobody rubbed more people the wrong way than Crystal Cox. We had an opportunity to sit down with the 2004 Olympic gold medalist (who is currently in L.A. awaiting Sundays finale show) to get her thoughts on Sugar, Corinne, Randy, and how she performed in the physical challenges.

Channeling Jack Bauer for a second: The following takes place between 9 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. Eastern Standard Time

Gordon Holmes: Crystal, good morning.
Crystal: How are you?
Gordon: Im good, Im not up at six in the morning.
Crystal: (laughs)
Gordon: What time did you get up this morning?
Crystal: Four thirty.
Gordon: When you trained for the Olympics, were those early mornings?
Crystal: Hell no! Our days with training started at like eleven.
Gordon: So, Survivor is tougher than the Olympics?
Crystal: Survivor is way tougher than the Olympics. Way tougher.

Gordon: Now, the three Bs...what were the three Bs?
Crystal: Brains, beauty, and brawn.
Gordon: We need to add a fourth one to that, cause last night you were blindsided.
Crystal: Exactly, I was blindsided. And my mouth just dropped. Actually, mostly my heart dropped.
Gordon: Do you trace that back to the argument you and Matty had that Sugar witnessed?
Crystal: I think part of it had something to do with that. But, I knew during the whole game that Matty was gunning for me. When him and Ace congregated whatever theory it was they had to vote me off, at that time I knew that I could not trust Matty. But I knew I had to go with my alliance because we were powerful in numbers. And they would tell me, No Matty, hes, you know, hes not against you. And I had to go with that instead of going with my gut.

Gordon: Now speaking of your alliance, how does a 63 Olympic champion partner up with the skinniest video game player of all time?
Crystal: Oh man, I was like his mom out there. I pretty much had to protect him physically, you know, but he was the mastermind and sometimes hed see things before I did. And we just put our heads together. For us to trust each other as much as we did, I thought was amazing. He was a great player.
Gordon: Its gotten to the point that hes lost so much weight that Im starting to refer to him as Kennys skeleton.
Crystal: Awwpoor baby. We tried so hard to make him eat out there.
Gordon: And hes just getting eaten alive out there by bugs.
Crystal: The bugs were really bad. Id say Kenny and G-C got it the worst. My legs are awful. And with running track, theyre my selling point outside of winning. Its like, quote/unquote, Id like to keep my long, elegant legs. And theyre no longer like that. Theyre all bitten up.
Gordon: Still?
Crystal: Yeah, I still have some war wounds.

Gordon: Last night, CBS put up a video of you going to the Ponderosa (where booted jury members live) and I felt terrible with the way you were treated by the other jury members. Marcus, Charlie, Corinne, and Randy basically ignored you.
Crystal: I felt terrible myself. I didnt see it, but it was by far one of the worse rejections Ive ever had in my entire life.
Gordon: You were only there for three days, but they showed a shot of you and the four of them were facing a table. They wouldnt even look at you.
Crystal: I was just like, you know what? I have thick skin, and I didnt really play the game with these people and they were always on the other tribe. So, I was like, To hell with this, Im Crystal. I made if farther than you. Game over.

Gordon: When you were voted off, it was a bit of a shock. At that time were you thinking about how rough things might be for you at Ponderosa?
Crystal: I did not know that they were going to react that way. Honestly I did not know. I thought, Hey, my game is over, I can get something to eat. And I really thought that Corinne and I were going to rehash things. Because before her exit we seemed pretty cool. And I thought Id have somebody to talk to, but it honestly didnt happen that way. But hey, Im a big girl.

Gordon: Now, youve been portrayed as a villain throughout the show. Do you think you were portrayed fairly?
Crystal: Honestly, people that know me know that Im not a villain, but I know what has to sell for television. Im like Hey, go with it. If its going to make you money, and make me money, do what you have to do.

Gordon: How have people been treating you outside of the game when they see you on the street?
Crystal: Oh my gosh, fans love me. Theyre like, Crystal, Im so glad you speak your mind and you tell people off. But the thing is, I try not to be very brash about it. But, like I told Jeff, theres no gray area, its either this or that. Im just going to say what folks are scared to say.

Gordon: Youre probably going to hear this a lotbut what happened during all of those challenges?
Crystal: Honestly, the challenges were dirt hard. Those challenges are not designed for regular, ordinary training and regular, ordinary play. And, I think mostly with me, Ive trained my body for the last 20 years to run in a straight line or catch a baton. And the challenges were jumping through hoops, and on the ground, in the mud, in the water. The only time I see water in my training is for therapy.
Gordon: Wait a minute, for Olympic training they dont make you put together puzzles and run though swamps.
Crystal: I dont even have to think that hard in running! Its like you just have to go out there and execute, because if you think too hard in running, youre going to lose the race because youre over-analyzing it. This was just a totally different thing to me. I sucked at everything.
Gordon: (Laughs)
Crystal: And then it just became habit for me. Let me just play a social game. Especially last night, we were blindfolded of course, and I looked like a complete dunce out there.

Gordon: OKRandy. We never saw a starting point for the Randy feud. Was there something that set that off?
Crystal: What set the Randy feud off for the Crystals hateration
Gordon: Hateration?
Crystal: (Laughs) Yes, haterationwas my alliance with Kenny and G-C. And that was back in day four, and Randy didnt like it because we were strong in numbers. G-C and Kenny would get food for us, and they were the ones making fire, and Randy didnt take to keen to that because he wanted to be the leader.

Gordon: Now from what Ive been hearing is theres a lot of bad blood heading into the finale. Marcus is upset with you and Kenny, Dan doesnt like Marcus, Corinne doesnt like anybody. Have you made your peace across the board or will there be some rumbling?
Crystal: Across the board Ive tried to make my peace with everyone and tried to reassure them that it was just a game, youre out there for the experience and the million dollars. But, if you didnt make it to the end, then were all losers. So, I just wanted to let them know to take it for what it is, and somebody had to go home.
Gordon: I think if it gets out of line Sunday, you should stand up and say, Hey, were all losers.
Crystal: I should tell everyone to Be quiet, and eat your rice.
Gordon: (Laughs) That should be a t-shirt.

Gordon: You had the opportunity to blindside Marcus because he knew your cousin
Crystal: Yes, my cousin and Marcus are best friends.
Gordon: Have you talked to your cousin since then?
Crystal: I have, and hes at peace with everything. He understands that its a game. And from a family point of view, blood is thicker than water.

Gordon: Alright, word association timeSusie?
Crystal: Wood. She collected wood.
Gordon: Sugar?
Crystal: Sneaky.
Gordon: Randy?
Crystal: Troll. (Laughs)
Gordon: Gabon?
Crystal: Amazing.
Gordon: Kenny?
Crystal: B.F.F.
Gordon: Blindfolds?
Crystal: Lost.
Gordon: Corinne?
Crystal: Groupie.

Gordon: What do you take with you from your time in Gabon?
Crystal: From my time in Africa, I learned a lot about myself. Actually seeing it in person, I realize that I am an outspoken person. I credit my mom and dad for that. But, I got to not really worry about the worries of home and bills, and just really focus on Crystal. It was amazing. I definitely want to go back and visit.

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Castaway Interview: Crystal Cox
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