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 5 Questions With: 'Amazing Race' Winners Nick and Starr Spangler

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PostSubject: 5 Questions With: 'Amazing Race' Winners Nick and Starr Spangler   Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:28 pm

After 23 days, five continents and almost 40,000 miles, siblings Nick and Starr Spangler crossed the finish line first to win 'The Amazing Race 13.' They beat out 10 other teams to win the big prize of $1 million.

The brother-sister duo -- Nick, 22, stars in the Off-Broadway production, 'The Fantasticks,' while Starr, 21, is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader -- dominated the race, winning seven of 10 legs as they traveled through Bolivia, Cambodia, Kazakhstan and Russia.

The day after the finale, the Spanglers chatted with AOL TV about sibling rivalry, Starr's budding romance with fellow racer Dallas Imbimbo and holding onto old grudges.

1. Many siblings would probably kill each other if they ran this 'Race' together. How did you avoid that fate?

Starr: I wasn't sure if we were going to fight. You know, it's been five years since we had spent more than a couple days together because he was in college and then I went to college. So it could've gone any way, but Nick and I know each other so well.
Nick: Our super-competitive nature brought us together, and that's what allowed us to deal with any crap that the other would pull because, at the end of the day, we both really, really wanted to win. Starr would start stressing, but I'm not going to yell at her, "Calm down you freak," because ... I still want to win.
Starr: Nick and I knew we're family going into this and we're going to be family coming out of it. Unlike other teams that are trying to figure out where their relationship is during the race, Nick and I just had to focus on getting to the pit stop.

2. You clashed with other teams, most notably with best friends Kelly and Christy. Did you all kiss and make up?

Nick: Starr and I pretty much let go of everything. Kelly and Christy said a lot of negative things about us -- personal stuff that didn't relate to the race -- but even if they've said these terrible things, it's like, "I don't know why you said it ... but let's get over it, you said it six months ago." But a lot of the other teams, I think, still hold personal grudges against us. So, it's a bummer that people can't let go of things, but what can you do?

3. What do you think when viewers and other racers talk about your luck?

Nick: Over the course of the season, we were the luckiest team, absolutely. But I don't think we won because of luck. Look at the first leg, for example. We were right on Terence and Sarah's heels for much of that leg, and then at the very end they made a wrong turn and went down the elevator and we went the right way to the cargo net. There's no luck in that -- they made a mistake and we didn't. Sometimes we did get lucky with cab drivers, sometimes we got unlucky with cab drivers.
Starr: You know what, though? We worked hard, and we were very competitive. When it comes down to it, we never came last. Both Ken and Tina and Dan and Andrew were saved by a non-elimination leg. Nick and I were very consistent throughout the entire race, whether it was luck or not.

4. Starr, how are things with Dallas going?

Starr: They're going really well. [Dallas] wasn't at the finish line because of his passport situation because he was stuck in Russia. So it was really hard not to have him and [his mom] Toni there when we finished, because they were our best friends while racing. But he called me and said, "We spent 30 days together, and I miss you." So I flew out to California to see him; we went sky diving, and we decided that it was something more than a race flirtation; we've been dating ever since. We've been spelunking; we like to have an adventurous relationship. We're both very outgoing and competitive, and it's been great. We're planning on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro this summer, so we're excited.

5. Will you ever wear camouflage again?

Starr: [Laughs] Absolutely we will. I don't know if you know, but we wore that camo in honor of our brother who is over in Iraq. Actually, he just came home yesterday, but for the entire course of our race ... our family has been very excited for us and we haven't been able to share it with Jake, our brother. We're a very close-knit family, so wearing the camo was in his honor ... and our way of bringing him with us.
Nick: It was funny, my mom actually bought us those camo shirts ...
Starr: And Nick hated them!!
Nick: When I first saw them I was like, "No way am I wearing that!" Then we had to decide what we were going to wear at the starting line, and I thought to myself, "What if we are eliminated in the first leg? Just in case, why don't we wear the camo at the starting line so that if we're eliminated we could say "See, Mom, we wore those stupid shirts you bought us!"

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5 Questions With: 'Amazing Race' Winners Nick and Starr Spangler
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