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 Im Living a Dream and I Dont Want You to Wake Me Up! RealityNewsOnlines Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabons Winner, Bob

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PostSubject: Im Living a Dream and I Dont Want You to Wake Me Up! RealityNewsOnlines Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabons Winner, Bob   Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:11 pm

by David Bloomberg -- 12/15/2008

Last night, Bob won it all both the million dollars plus another hundred thousand as the most popular player. He barely seemed able to speak is he talking now? What does he have to say about it all? What was his strategy? What does he plan to do with the money? Read all about it right here!

As you might imagine, Bob is a popular guy right now and in high demand. But RealityNewsOnline got to talk to him first, even before his Early Show appearance. So what did Bob have to say about everything? Has he found the words he was searching for on the reunion show last night? Read on to find out!

RealityNewsOnline: Hello, Bob, and congratulations!! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at RealityNewsOnline!

Bob: Thank you.

RNO: So why were you so quiet last night?

Bob: Its a little nerve-wracking being on national television. I was hoping that what happened, happened. This is not easy for me.

RNO: Talking or being on TV?

Bob: I have no problem talking. Just the stress of being on national TV live and in front of my whole family. I just didnt want to say the wrong thing.

RNO: You seemed stunned.

Bob: I was stunned. I didnt allow myself to believe that what happened last night would happen until I saw the vote. I knew it was coming down to a most likely four to three vote and it all hinged on Randy and what I perceived the vote to be. It was nerve-wracking. You noticed that Randy had every right to not want to vote for me.

RNO: When I spoke to Corinne, she told me that your use of the fake idol to oust Randy was essentially necessitated because the others blackmailed you, saying to do it or else you were going home. When Randy asked you about it at final Tribal Council and still seemed upset, we saw you hint at that but you didnt seem to specifically explain the situation. Why not?

Bob: The situation was I was under the impression and I think Im correct that if I hadnt have given Randy the idol, that Id be voted out next. I was absolutely convinced of that on the show and Sugar had actually said that to me. She warned me I was next on the chopping block, and looking at the show now and seeing that they were all gunning for me because they all of a sudden realized I was a threat they might not be able to get rid of. I just did it primarily to gain one more week on the show.

RNO: Why not explain more of that to Randy in your final words to him?

Bob: I think I did explain that to Randy and it might just not have made it on the air. I havent seen exactly what they aired very clearly because I couldnt hear in the room we were in. usually I Tivo it and go over it two or three times, which Ill do when I get home.

But dont talk too loud Im living a dream and I dont want you to wake me up!

RNO: What were you thinking as you saw Jeff Probst reading off a third vote for Susie?

Bob: I was thinking, This isnt the way I wanted it to turn out. I actually thought I might have had Matty on my side. When I saw the third vote, I knew there was a possibility there could be a fourth one for Susie, in which case it would save me time talking to you.

RNO: No it wouldnt. Youd have just been talking to me later. Anyway, Does it mean more to you, being the oldest person to have won?

Bob: I have never rally paid attention to how old I am. But it does mean something. I never realized how old I was until I saw myself on TV. I thought I was much younger and much better looking. Im excited that a lot of people my age are excited. Its exciting to know Ive invigorated people who are in the AARP.

RNO: How does it feel to have been voted the most popular player on top of everything else?

Bob: That one there, Im having difficulty with. Im glad Jeff bailed me out last night [at the reunion, by jumping in and answering questions for me]. Winning and then being the most popular I was a little speechless. I sort of am now. Im just really grateful that the fans appreciate me being me. Its been just an exciting ride.

RNO: Any plans for the money yet?

Bob: The one thing that comes to mind right off is Peggy came to Gabon and we got to spend four hours together, then she left. Im thinking we never went on a honeymoon and its been 28 years, so its about time I got off my butt and took her somewhere. So Id like to go to Gabon and take a look at the country. Thats the first thing that comes to mind. To look at the country as tourists as opposed to castaways.

RNO: Did you ever think the description of the challenge king would be applied to you on national TV?

Bob: (Laughs) Maybe in a week or so when it finally settles in. No. Peggy and I were lying in bed the other morning and I knew that Id won five in a row and we were just laughing at it. If youd told me that last February, Id find it hard to believe.

RNO: I feel a little silly asking you about this since you won it all, but why did you concede almost all strategy in the jury questioning, rather than coming up with at least one or two strategic things to talk about?

Bob: That was my strategy. My strategy was to let other people step up to the plate. Everybody who stepped up to the plate got whacked by the pitcher. That was a strategy. They consider a strategy to be planning it all out. My strategy was to stay under the radar and when I needed to win challenges, to win challenges.

RNO: Do you feel like you owe a debt of gratitude to Sugar for essentially handing you the million dollars?

Bob: Without a doubt. If it werent for Sugar, Id be talking to you later. She saved me without a doubt, and she also saved Matty [earlier].

RNO: Unfortunately, since youre a busy guy this morning and need to go on The Early Show, Im being told were out of time. Thanks again, and congratulations again, Bob!

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Im Living a Dream and I Dont Want You to Wake Me Up! RealityNewsOnlines Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabons Winner, Bob
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