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 Survivor Gabon: Bob Wins Survivor Gabon part 1

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PostSubject: Survivor Gabon: Bob Wins Survivor Gabon part 1   Mon Dec 15, 2008 8:18 pm

Bob Wins Survivor Gabon

On day 36 of Survivor Gabon there are only five players left, Susie, considered a poor strategist, Matty whose physical strength has abandoned him, Sugar, the pin up model who practically lives on Exile Island, Bob, the last of the Koda tribe who won four challenges in a row, and Kenny who acts like a weakling, but is a strategist who works the game. Down to the final five, it is a matter of who will outwit, outplay, and outlast to become the sole survivor on tonight's Survivor Gabon final episode.
Sugar congratulates the final five on a perfect play with the hidden immunity idol. Sugar says that she has never felt so powerful in her life. Kenny wonders why Bob didn't give him his necklace. He says that Bob is not a man of his word, and Bob says that Kenny was trying to embarass him in front of the others for not being a man of his word. He says that Kenny didn't need it. Sugar speaks to Bob and tells him that the others still think that she is with Kenny and Susie, so she is going to work on him to be sue that it is still working. Bob says, "Yes, dear." Kenny says that he felt uncomfortable with Sugar and voting out Crystal, but after walking and talking with her he is feeling comfortable again and thinks that she is taking him to the finals.

Survivor Gabon Immunity Challenge #1The tribes get face paint, strips of fabric, and beads to dress up as warriors. They have fun decorating themselves. Jeff teases Bob as being very Village People when they show up for the challenge. They have to dig under a wall, go across planks, enter a maze, untie ropes to get to a maze where three huts will hold puzzle bags. They must find three bags of puzzle pieces and must leave and re-enter when they locate a bag. The puzzle is of a Gabonese hut and the first to get the puzzle completed will win immunity. All get through the fence and wander the elevated maze. Matty falls off and must begin again, but he catches up and after undoing the ropes, he is the first to locate a bag of puzzle pieces within the 25 huts of the Gabonese maze. The others get their first bags and head on out for their second run. Matty remains in the lead with two bags, but Sugar takes the lead when she gets her third bag, and Bob is right on her heels. Bob is making quick work of the puzzle and his closest competition is Sugar. Bob completes his puzzle to win immunity and is the winner of five straight challenges. It is day 37 and another person will go home tonight.

Sugar returns to beautiful scenery of a hippo floating in the water. Kenny relaxes in a hammock feeling that he has it all tied up at this point. Matty finds him and tells him that he still hasn't written his name down and he wouldn't blindside him. Susie worries because no one is telling her what is going down. She feels vulnerable tonight. Matty corners Sugar and tells her that the final result in the game should be Sugar, Matty, and Kenny. Sugar feels that it will be Susie tonight, but she wonders whether or not it should be Kenny. Sugar isn't sure whether to go after Susie who she has no ties to, or Kenny who she feels sure is a liar and might tryto sway other votes.

At tribal council, Bob is reminded by Jeff that he has five wins and asks him if he feels vulnerable. He agrees with that and says that is why he feels the need to win. Susie says that she feels vulnerable because she is not making strategic moves and is somewhat an outsider. Kenny is asked why he expected the necklace, and he says that he and Bob had a deal. Bob says that the deal didn't include Kenny getting his necklace and then blindsiding him by taking him out.

Kenny becomes a cast offThe votes:
Kenny, Susie, Kenny, Kenny. Kenny is voted out and is the sixth member of the jury. Jeff comments that it is another blindside, they are down to four, and the game is anything but over.

Kenny's last words:
Just like in a video game, sometimes you don't make it. He says that they blindsided him, but he played the game and is proud of how far he made it.

Back at camp Susie and Matty have a chance to speak while Bob and Sugar are out paddling about. Susie says that today is going to seal her fate and she is going to try to win, although Sugar and Bob seems pretty confident. Matty goes off to get tree mail and finds that they are going to Exile Island to pay their respect to the fourteen who went before them. They will remove the masks and take them to the highest plateau and burn them.

Michelle is the first they visit, and Gillian is next. She is well respected. Paloma is third and she finds that she can stand up to a challenge. Jacquie is next and she is respected. GC found that his life was changed in just 15 days and he knows who he is now. Kellie finds that the game made her appreciate her life so much. Ace is next, and Sugar feels awful about Ace because she took him out. Ace found that he had a separation because he was so well traveled. Dan found that he had to take what he could from it. Marcus says that there are choices that are bad and choices that are good, and he felt that in the game he tried not to double cross people. Charlie was a great guy and he found that he fostered relationships with people, a skill he will take home with him. Randy was surprised that he was hated and well liked, and he learned that it was alright to like people. Corinne finds that living life without a filter makes her who she is. Crystal finds that the hardest part is to get so close and not succeed. Failing has been very humbling to her. Kenny is seen as a sweet kid and was underestimated. He feels that he grew and evolved as a person. They arrive at the top of the savannah and find a Gabonese tribe there to assist them in burning the masks. It is done with reverence and ceremony amid tribal chanting.

Survivor Gabon Immunity Challenge #2The final four head to their final challenge. This challenge has stacks of colorful blocks. They have 200 tiles each and must build a house of cards ten feet tall. The first person to complete the build is the winner. In the event that no one has built one in thirty minutes, the highest tower will be the winner. Sugar is building in triangles, but it collapses. So does Susie's. Susie makes it to five feet and her's collapses again. Sugar's collapses again at 6 feet. Bob cannot seem to get a house of cards going. Susie is at the highest point at 6 feet, and Sugar goes to 7 feet at the five minute mark. Susie gets hers to 8 feet and sits on it as no one else is close. Susie wins final immunity, which guarantees her a position at final tribal council. Susie is shocked that she won, but is happy. Sugar says that is what happens when you underestimate your opponent, because sending Kenny home instead of Susie put her in this position.

Bob is told that he is going, and Matty says that he is sorry that he has to write his name down. Susie says that she worried about herself and that she has to write down Bob's name. She asks Bob if he thinks he would get the jury vote, and he declines to answer. Sugar comes up with the idea of causing a tie. She says that if Susie and Matty write down Bob and she and Bob write down Matty, it will leave Bob with a chance to win. She says that she promised Matty that she would never write down his name and did not make that promise to Bob, but Bob is like a father figure and she just lost her dad. Bob goes off alone and practices making fire. He wonders if he will get another chance.

Susie is asked by Jeff what it feels like to know that she will go to the final three. Bob is asked what it feels like to be vulnerable. He replies that he is well liked by four members of the jury, but he won't give up until the end. Matty says that Sugar went out on a limb for him and he can't vote for her. Bob says that Matty is well liked. Sugar finds herself between a father figure and a brother figure and has to choose. Sugar has tears as she struggles with her decision.

Matty becomes a cast offThe votes:
Bob, Bob, Matty, Matty. The vote is tied. The tiebreaker is a fire making challenge. Matty and Bob take their places at a firemaking station with flint, steel, and fire making kindling. The first to get their fire high enough to burn through a rope will go to tribal council with Susie and Sugar. Bob gets fire first but it begins to go out and he has to work to bring it back. Matty works to get his flame going, but never succeeds in getting it beyond the brush stage. Bob's flame is high and it burns through the rope. The two men hug it out and Matty leaves. It is Sugar, Susie, and Bob to the final tribal council.

Matty says that he grew up quick because of the Survivor Gabon experience, and he wouldn't have traded it for the world.

It is day 39 on Survivor Gabon and as the three left dismantle the camp, they count the notches on the pole. They find a feast at tree mail, with a pitcher of milk, orange juice, champaigne, eggs, raspberry buns, butter, and other breakfast foods. Following that they prepare the camp for burning. Bob says that he has a final challenge in the game and that is to convince the jury that his work, his challenges, and his ethics should win him sole survivor. The tribe stands back and watches the hut burn down.

Kenny wants to get Bob to admit that he wasn't honorable in the game. Randy doesn't like any of them. Corinne wants a chance to say what she was unable to say in the game. The jury enters. The power has shifted to the jury and they will be gathering information to help them make a decision.

Susie makes her opening statement. She says that she wanted to just try, and for her it was important that she succeeds in trying, going up against good and talented people. Bob says that for 38 days he wished that they wouldn't write down his name and on day 39 he just wants them to. He says that these people have made this game the most exciting time of his life and he was priviledged to play with them. Sugar says that in 38 days she spent 10 away from them. She says that she played an independent game and had no real alliance until the end when she aligned with Bob to give him a chance to win because he deserved to be up there.

The jury addresses the survivors. Charlie asks Sugar and Susie why they should win. Susie says that she is still trying and she deserves to win this. Sugar says that she isn't sure that they have to vote for her, but it would be nice. Charlie asks Bob if the spooning was enjoyable and Bob says that spooning at night was enjoyable, and he didn't give a hoot. Crystal tells Bob that Sugar remote controlled her and wonders why he let her and he says that he didn't need to do anything different. She asks why Sugar why she voted her out and Sugar says that she rubbed people the wrong way, but she liked her and thinks that she will forgive her. Kenny asks Sugar why she backstabbed him, and she replies that she had an alliance with Bob and with Matty and she totally underestimated Susie. Bob is asked why he didn't give him the necklace and Bob says that when he heard that

Corinne asks if Susie will agree to have her vocal chords removed she will give her the vote. She tells Sugar that she is an unemployeed, uneducated leech on society who cries fake tears over her father, and doesn't deserve the million. She asks Bob to be nasty and he comes up wth the fact that he was upset with Sugar's treatment of Randy when they voted him out. Marcus says that his own father taught him to take control and why didn't Bob? Bob says that he didn't need to, the opportunity didn't come up. Randy asks Susie why she felt sorry for him. Susie says that she didn't understand why he spoke to people like he did and thinks that he is unhappy. He asks Sugar why she made a jackass out of him and she says that he is a jerk and she didn't need to do that because he did it to himself. Bob says that he was outraged with Sugar's response and let her know that. Matty asks if Susie deserves the win. She says that she has tried and she was upset with Randy's treatment. Sugar is asked what evil things she has done and she replies that she broke Kenny's heart. He asks if that is all. He asks Bob why the other two deserve the win over him and Bob replies that he feels they don't.

The jury votes. Randy tells all three of them to kiss his a** and Kenny paced before he cast his vote. Corinne says that Bob played a good game, but she doesn't know how he handles real life. Jeff takes the votes and says that he will see them in Los Angeles. He leaves, taking the votes with him.

The Reunion Show:

Jeff greets the group on the set in Los Angeles and tells them that tonight they want to hear their name called out. Sugar is wearing a silver cocktail dress, Bob is looking neatly trimmed in his bow tie and button down shirt, and Susie looks refreshed.

Bob wins Survivor GabonThe votes:
Bob, Susie, Susie, Susie, Bob, Bob, Bob. The winner of Survivor Gabon by a vote of 4-3 is BOB! Bob's family comes out to hug him and they show a film of his hometown rooting for him. At 57 he is the oldest winner of the game. He is overwhelmed.

Bob says that the fake idol saved his place in the game. His plan was to fly under the radar. He collected beads and found the centerpiece, took the string from the scroll with the clues to the idol with it. Jeff had thrown it into the fire, but after the tribe left, he recovered what he could and after sharing it with the crowd, he gives the remains to Bob. They discuss how Bob is turning the challenges into physics lessons. Matty is asked about his fire making and he says that he got over confident. He never saw that tie coming. Sugar has found that she has to wear makeup when she leaves the house because people follow her. Jeff says that although America likes her, her tribemates don't all feel the same way. He replays Corinne's comments to Sugar at tribal council.

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Survivor Gabon: Bob Wins Survivor Gabon part 1
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