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 Survivor Gabon: Bob Wins Survivor Gabon part 2

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PostSubject: Survivor Gabon: Bob Wins Survivor Gabon part 2   Mon Dec 15, 2008 8:20 pm

Jeff comments that in seventeen years of the show, that is at the top of the list. She says that it was like dealing with a colicky baby and yes, it is her. Corinne likes the boos and asks that they keep it coming. Jeff asks where the animosity for Sugar comes from. Marcus says that her crying did get to them and some of it wasn't on camera. Corinne says that it is sarcasm, and it is the way she is. Randy is up next and he says that he doesn't like any of these people. He says that the behavior is him. Jeff asks if he is just a bitter guy, and Randy says that he used to be likeable, but he hasn't joked this whole season. He says that you are either born to like him or not. Randy says that his closest friend is a dog who never cheated on him, lied to him, didn't cry every day. Jeff says that the highest IQ in the group is Marcus, off the charts high, but the second highest is Randy. Randy says that the test has got to be flawed. Randy is a former commercial pilot, engineering degree from Vanderbilt, and he is an ironman, and he choose six strangers, fans of the show to come because they would enjoy it. Charlie is friends with Corinne and Randy and he likes them, finds them wildly smart.

Jeff asks Crystal about her Olympic Medal and she shares it with the audience. Jeff asks her what happened and she says that she is built to run in a circle. She says she isn't a swimmer but a gazelle. Dan is asked how he deals with the backlash after the show. He says that you have to surround yourself with people who will support you. Kenny really does play video games and competes around the world to put himself through college. He says that his downfall was getting cocky. He says that is everybody's downfall. He says that girls are finding him attractive now, but he wants someone who likes him for himself, and not because he was on Survivor. Michelle says that she ate a termite for him and now he has nightmares. Ace is asked about his accent and he says that he was raised in England, but he was born in Mississippi. He thinks, looking back, that he should have faked the American accent.

Jeff announces the Sprint player of the season. Matty, Bob, and Sugar are the top three vote getters. Matty came in third, Sugar came in second, and Bob took the first place in the Sprint Player of the Season. Bob wins the hundred grand.

Matty got engaged and he and his fiancee have set a date. He got her a real ring. Paloma feels that she can do anything now, and that is thanks to Survivor. Kelly says that being the least valuable player on the team was hard. GC says that he needed to hop on that boat and find food and he was just out there looking for food when he was late for the challenge. Gillian says that it was so worth it.

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Survivor Gabon: Bob Wins Survivor Gabon part 2
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