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 'Survivor' Winner Interview: 'Runaround' Bob Crowley

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PostSubject: 'Survivor' Winner Interview: 'Runaround' Bob Crowley   Tue Dec 16, 2008 6:03 pm

By Gordon Holmes
Mon, 15 Dec 2008 20:49:47 GMT

What do you get when you cross the Professor from Gilligans Island with Bill Nye the Science Guy? Apparently the answer is Survivor's oldest winner ever, Runaround Bob Crowley. We had a chance to talk to Bob the morning after his big win to get his thoughts on Kennys grudge, his bonus hundred grand, and his favorite cuddle buddies.

Gordon Holmes: Bob, congratulations!
Runaround Bob Crowley: Thank you.
Gordon: How does it feel to know youre on your way to pick up a check for a million dollars?
Bob: It feels pretty good.
Gordon: Any big plans for the money?
Bob: Well, probably the only thing Im thinking about is Ive never gone on a honeymoon. Im thinking I might take her back to Gabon and spend more than four hours with her.

Gordon: Last night when you lost immunity, I thought that was the end of the road. Were you shocked when Sugar decided to tie the vote?
Bob: Yes, it came as a surprise. I knew there was a possibility it might happen, but you never can plan ahead in this game.

Gordon: When you and I met in Gabon you said that you had already won. You got free trips to L.A., a free trip to Africa, and to me that meant that you werent really interested in playing the game. But, you really turned it on in the second half of the game, was that your intention, or did you change your mind once you were out there?
Bob: Thats the way you have to play the game. I wanted to play under the radar and thats what I was doing. Then I waited till the second half of the game before I had to turn on the energy, and of course I had to win the immunities to stay in.

Gordon: The only person that it seemed like you really upset was Kenny. Have you and he made peace since then?
Bob: I made peace with it. Im not really sure if Kenny has.
Gordon: Any rough moments last night?
Bob: No. In that respect, Kenny was very gentleman-like. I think he was riding a high in the game when I changed the rules on him. Well, I didnt change the rules, we renegotiated. He was really surprised that he didnt win the game, and he wasnt a happy camper.

Gordon: The fake idols you made were absolutely phenomenal. Once youve had a chance to regroup, any thoughts about joining the Survivor art department?
Bob: (Laughs) Actually, Jeff said the same thing. I told him, Im not doing anything during the summer. If they want to give me a call, Ill give them a hand.
Gordon: You were out there with nothing, imagine if youd had a hot glue gun!
Bob: I almost had a hot glue gun. The resin coming off the tree is just like glue. Its a combination of hot glue and varnish. So, once I heated the rock to 250-300 degrees, when I put the resin over the rock, it oozed over and made the rock look just like glass.
Gordon: I think the lesson we learned this season was, Science pays.
Bob: (Laughs) Thats probably true.

Gordon: When you were talked into tricking Randy with the fake idol, what was your motivation for that? It kind of felt like Randy was going home with or without the fake idol trick.
Bob: My interpretation was a little different. It was very clear to me that I was next, and they wanted to get rid of me. And that would buy me one more week on the game. Even in hindsight, I think if I hadnt played the trick on Randy, I would have gone next.

Gordon: When they announced you won the fan award, you looked shell shocked. Now that youve had time to digest that, could you give us your opinions on that?
Bob: I was shell shocked. I was in a little bit of shock having won the million, then to put another hundred thousand on top of thatI thought it was funny that Jeff bailed me out by sitting next to me and answering the question. Its really nice to know they liked the way I played the game.

Gordon: So, youve won 1.1 million dollars over the course of one night, but which meant more to you, winning the money or cuddling with Charlie?
Bob: (Laughs) Charlies a great guy, and I met a lot of great people. A lot of the cast members were great and well have friendships together forever. Even Randy, even though people wonder about it, I know Randy and I will stay in touch for a long time. I met a lot of great people.
Gordon: Any truth to the rumors that there was some cuddling with Kelly?
Bob: I remember waking up one night at two oclock in the morning and I realized that someone was recording me cuddling with Charlie. I remember thinking, This isnt going to go over well with my homophobe friends back home. The second time it happened I was cuddling with Kelly on one side and Paloma behind me. And we called it The Ham Sandwich and I was the ham. We looked up at the camera again and it was too late to get out of that situation. I was thinking, This isnt going to go over well back home. So I got home and fessed up to it, and it never showed up on the show.
Gordon: Bob, Ive got to tell you, Runaround is a much better nickname than Ham Sandwich.
Bob: (Laughs)

Gordon: Now, you did several creative things with the resin and the fake idols, but the most impressive thing has to be the bow tie buff.
Bob: The bow tie buff started half as a joke, you know I didnt plot in advance what I was going to do. I dont wear bandanas around my head or on my neck. I tried wearing it like the girls do but I just didnt look good like that. And, so I just started playing with it, and Ive always worn a bow tie. Its frustrated a lot of people because they think Im tying it like a bow tie. You cant tie a buff like a bow tie. It took me about two weeks to get it right.

Gordon: Last night during the immunity challenge, the house of cards, I thought that was tailor made for you.
Bob: Well, wed had a discussion of who was more dangerous, Susie or Kenny. Then we voted Kenny out. The original plan was to vote Susie out, but I thought Kenny would be stronger in a challenge. I had no idea that Susie as a young girl came from a poor family who didnt have games to play. All they had were several decks of cards, and theyd put houses together.

Gordon: Aside from the money and the friends, what do you take from your experience in Gabon?
Bob: Probably, I know you get annoyed when I get back to the adventure, but just the adventure of being in Africa and the excitement of being on a show like Survivor. Its been an unbelievable ride.

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'Survivor' Winner Interview: 'Runaround' Bob Crowley
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