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 Most of What I Did Was for Entertainment Value RealityNewsOnlines Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabons Sugar

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PostSubject: Most of What I Did Was for Entertainment Value RealityNewsOnlines Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabons Sugar   Tue Dec 16, 2008 6:26 pm

by David Bloomberg -- 12/15/2008

Like her or not, Sugar may have been the most entertaining people on this season of Survivor. And that was her goal! Was she in it for the prize at all, or did she have a larger goal in mind? Why did she do the things she did? Does she have any regrets? And what does she have to say about Corinne? Read on to find out all of this and much more!

Sugar was something of a polarizing player. Some people loved what she did and said, while others shook their heads because of the apparent lack of strategy. What does Sugar have to say about all this? Plenty!

RealityNewsOnline: Hello, Sugar, and thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at RealityNewsOnline. Id like to start with the question everybody wants to know: Have you ever met a bigger bitch than Corinne?

Sugar: Never in my life, I didnt know they existed. I didnt go to rich-people school. My high school experience wasnt like an 80s movie, but this was, where the good guys win in the end and make the rich preppies all mad.

RNO: What did you think of her non-apology at the reunion?

Sugar: I was hoping people would boo until she actually left the stage. But I guess thats been done already.

RNO: Yeah, I was there booing at the All-Stars reunion when Jerri pulled that stunt.

Sugar: Jerris nothing compared to her.

RNO: Corinne made various comments about you during the game, such as those slamming you for supposedly being uneducated and unemployed.

Sugar: Sorry I grew up poor in the south; we didnt have it so easy.

RNO: But she continued even afterwards. When I talked to her, she said of you, shes not very bright and shes really annoying, and then added, if I saw her hit by a car and dying by the side of the road, I would not help scrape her body off the pavement. Other than flipping her off, which I think was an entirely appropriate response to her nasty comments final Tribal Council, what do you have to say to her?

Sugar: I think thats hilarious. Her family really needs to take out really good life insurance policies because her karma sucks. When shes hit with something tragic, then shell understand.

RNO: Even taking all of this into consideration, why did you decide to lecture Corinne on her behavior during the game?

Sugar: Because Crystal was right there and I knew Corinne couldnt say anything and it was extremely funny.

RNO: She looked like she was going to explode.

Sugar: Yeah, and we could tell it was really funny. Just to get her goat, actually. I guess I already got Randys. Ive tried to apologize to Randy but he cant be cool.

RNO: I heard from some previous contestants that you received a princess edit, leaving out some of your more unlikable behavior. For example, Charlie said, She demanded where to sleep in the hut. She tore up our bags and would wear them as dresses without asking; she would wear our clothes without asking. She said what on her mind all the time and did what she wanted to do. How do you respond to what he and the others said?

Sugar: Its just funny because Charlie is being my friend when Corinne is not around because I guess hes scared of her. I read his exit interviews because it hurt me to vote out Charlie because I thought he was halfway decent. I told him it was guilt by association. If theyre talking $#!t about me and you dont stand up for me, youre just as bad. He can go suck an onion [with the rest of them] too.
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RNO: Moving away from all of that, what was your strategy coming into the game?

Sugar: Thanks for asking. I knew I needed an alpha male to carry me through the first half. I knew I had to leave them so it didnt look like they had carried me the whole time. But I didnt mean to kill Ace so early. I didnt want to kill him at all. I feel very bad about that. Ace and I have since made up and had a road trip and jumped out of an airplane together.

RNO: Do you regret playing emotionally and sealing your fate rather than playing more strategically and giving yourself a chance to win?

Sugar: No, because I played to win Americas heart, not necessarily the jurys. I believe Bob deserved it and Bob and Susies family were very appreciative. My sister told me that [before the finale] and I was like, They should love me, Im about to give him a million dollars! I didnt expect it to be so close though. Got to keep things interesting.

RNO: Over the course of the past few months, what did you think your chances of winning were?

Sugar: I knew I had third place. I didnt have to get nervous.

RNO: A minute ago, you said you were trying to win Americas heart. Can you explain what you meant?

Sugar: I almost did until that bastard stole it! (Laughing.) How the f*&% did you do that? Are you kidding me? (Still lauging.) I didnt even think fan favorite could be the same as the winner. That sneaky bowtie bastard. (Yes, still laughing.)

RNO: Are you surprised you didnt get any votes for your strategy?

Sugar: Yes, I am surprised I didnt get at least a vote or two from somebody who was into the game, but they saw only what happened at Tribal. Based on that, youd think a vote or two could be thrown my way. I was really hoping for fan favorite and I didnt get it. Thats because I dont work in a high school those kids are text crazy.

RNO: Did Jeff Probst psych you out into believing youd won the $100,000 last night?

Sugar: No, everybody else in the world did.

RNO: Did you want to smack him when he switched it over to Bob?

Sugar: No, I think they gave me a pretty good check. Im hoping for future work, which hopefully will lead to even more than that. The producers told my sister, She was playing for more work and shes going to get it. I have to remind everybody Ive been in SAG [Screen Actors Guild] for ten years.

RNO: So then whats coming up in your immediate future?

Sugar: I got the best contract in 17 season of Survivor. I can be on TV for anything in January.

RNO: Thats great!

Sugar: Im hoping we dont freaking strike, because that would be the worst time in my life to strike.

RNO: Do you have anything pending?

Sugar: No. I did a movie when I came back from Africa and one came out while I was in Africa. Im hoping we have a decent pilot season. I do some clothing company work.

And also, I have never lived out of my car that was just for the video. I need to make sure I get that emphasized.


RNO: With hindsight being 20/20, is there anything you would have done differently?

Sugar: I would not have killed Ace, I would have talked to Ace. I was too ready to let him go, and that was not cool. I would have talked to him.

RNO: At the end, you based your decisions on who was a good guy and who wasnt. How did you decide which players were good guys and which were bad guys?

Sugar: Ken was like Smeagol and Gollum [from The Lord of the Rings]. I really didnt know about him. Crystal, Id heard her not getting along with other people but she and I got along great. The only reason it went like that was somebody had to go. For some reason, they freaked out on Matty and kicked him when he was down. I liked Matty a lot. He didnt grow up poor like Crystal and I, but he didnt act like a rich preppie @$$#ole. That made it a little easier to say goodbye to her.
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RNO: Over the course of the game, you said and did a few things that werent very nice in and of themselves. Saying things about Randy and Corinne is probably understandable, but what about Ace-Hole and the like?

Sugar: For Ace-Hole I totally got duped and I thought it would be funny, and I knew America would think [he was one] even though I didnt. He was right [in the reunion], he probably should have tried to use an American accent. He has this air about him, hes very condescending and thinks hes better than everybody. I knew people around camp didnt like that and I knew America would like it even less.

Most of what I did was for entertainment value, since I wanted to get more work.

RNO: Time is running out here, so is there anything else youd like to tell us about your time on Survivor?

Sugar: It was probably the best experience Ill ever have. Ill never get to dance with tribal people in Africa again. It was the most beneficial thing to grow a thicker skin. I needed to make peace.

RNO: Thanks again, Sugar!

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Most of What I Did Was for Entertainment Value RealityNewsOnlines Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabons Sugar
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