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 The Celebreality Interview - Bay Bay Bay

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PostSubject: The Celebreality Interview - Bay Bay Bay   Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:19 pm

While looking at myself [on the show], sometimes Im like, Damn. Why dont you shut up? Bay Bay Bay tells us, proving she has a sense of humor about herself in the interview below. Reals first runner-up also talks about why she wasnt heartbroken when Real eliminated her, what she thinks of Real now, the strategy she employed to stay on this show for as long as she did and why she considers herself a bitchsometimes!

What did you think of your portrayal on the show?

I think it was kinda bad. It portrayed me as a bitch. I was bad, but I wasnt that bad. But I guess someone had to be the bad guy. I was the only one at the time that would speak my mind 100 percent.

Although you werent bad at all when Real eliminated you. You handled that was surprising grace.

Thats just the person that I am, and that should show the viewers a different side of me. Thats the person I was the whole time. But what they showed was me ranting and raving and being an aggressive individual, when thats totally out of my character.

But you did rant and rave. Was it the situation of being on a reality show that made you act out of character?

Yes. When you have a woman that will stand beside you at all costs and you pass her up for a woman whos crying and ready to leave, it kind of shows what youre looking for. Youre not really looking for a woman thats going to be there for the rest of your life. Youre looking for right now.

Was the show stressful?

Yeah. Thats one of the reasons I stayed with my Bible. It was my only source of strength.

Were you upset at all to be eliminated?

No, at that point, I already knew what Reals decision was. Going into elimination I knew it wasnt going to be me. I knew where his heart was. I was already over it.

At what point did you realize this?

Maybe before Milf left. The signs were clear. I think I would have rather him taken Milf on the finale. There was truly no connection between him and I. The connection he had with Milf was much stronger. Why he kept me around, Im not too sure.

But you said you loved him.

Yeah, I love him as a person, but as far as being in love, no. I guess it took me leaving the show to realize that.

If you had gone before Milf, that really would have pissed you off, though, right?

Oh yeah, it would have pissed me off, but in the end, I would have felt a little better about the situation. Milf would have had a fair chance with Corn Fed. With me, I feel like I didnt have a fair chance because hed already chosen. Once Milf left, hed made his selection. There was nothing left for me to do but ride it out and enjoy Puerto Rico.

Much was made of your lack of a physical connection with Real. What was up with that?

There was no opportunity on his end to make a physical connection with me. He was chasing behind women who were of weaker stature. Women who werent sure what they wanted. Women who were ready to pack their bags and leave. Real didnt want a strong woman. He wasnt ready for a real relationship.

You said on the show you were willing to be hurt by him, but in the end you were not.

Yeah, any woman will tell you what you want to hear. Youre in a situation where youre in a competition and you want to win and you know hes already made the choice. I wanted to let him know that if he thought I was a little too hard that I could be hurt. If it wasnt written on my face, I wanted to make sure he knew that.

How has it been dealing with viewers after being pegged as the villain?

For the most part, Ive gotten more love than anything else. You can get a hater if you walk to the store and you dont have on the right outfit. A person is going to hate on you because theyre not happy with themselves. For me, I just take it as, OK: keep hating because all youre doing is making me famous. I think people try to get under my skin. If they only knew that it makes me more of a bitch or more strong-minded and outspoken, I think theyd stop hating.

Do you consider yourself a bitch?

Oh yeah, definitely. In certain aspects of life. When it comes down to it, if I need to be, hey, why not? No offense to Corn Fed, Cali and Risky because we get along very well, but what would the show have been, honestly, if I wasnt there? I dont mean to sound conceited or stuck-up, but if I wasnt there, it wouldnt have been a show to watch. People have to look at it in that aspect and say, She didnt win, but hey, she was a bitch who gave us a very, very good show.

Were you aware of your contribution to good TV while the cameras were rolling, or is this something made clear in hindsight?

I was aware of a lot, but then again, while looking at myself sometimes Im like, Damn. Why dont you shut up?

What was it about Milf that you disliked so much? It seemed personal.

Actually, none of it was personal. It was all just the truth. Everything that I said about her was the truth. She assassinated herself in this situation. I just helped her. The thing about it is everyone else on the show didnt like her either. People had so much to say at the reunion. But in that situation, I was the one made out to be the enforcer or the aggressor. Whenever they had a problem with her, they came to me.

You were against her even before she got on Risky, though. It was confusing because she didnt seem to be an aggressive personality.

She always had something negative to say. She was very sneaky and conniving. Im not sure why they didnt show her that way, why they didnt assassinate her character the way they tried to assassinate mine. But she was always a negative force, always a negative person in the house. Its hard for me to explain because you dont see any of that. All you see is me going at her, when it was so opposite. I wasnt even on Milf till maybe the sixth episode. And then when you look at her and you think of all the things shes done, talking about shes a single mother and she had to do these things for her son, when there were tons of single mothers in the house and in America that do things in a more legit way. Her excuses were a bunch of crap.

Beyond martyrdom, was she nasty? Did she make comments?

Oh yeah. Milf always had something to say. She didnt really say anything to me, because I think she was a little frightened. But she was very, very cruel to Corn Fed, always getting on her for never having been with a black man. She was just horrible. Its hard to explain.

What did you make of the race question about Corn Fed?

Hey, to each their own. If she had never been with a black man, hopefully she got her chance.

You said Real was the epitome of what a man should be. Is he?

That was competition talk. After watching Real now and the entire show, I sit back and ask myself, What the hell was I thinking?

What was made clear to you watching it back that wasnt while you were taping?

Commentary and things like that.

What do you think of him today?

Not much. Hes a cool individual, but not much.

On the finale, there was the suggestion that you two were intimate. And then it seemed that you were rubbing it in Corn Feds face. Care to clarify?

I was talking about Cali when I said that you can tell when a person talks all night because their face is completely fresh, or when a persondoesnt talk all night. I think that was misconstrued.

You did say that you had a hard night.

That was just to make Corn Fed sweat.

Was the show a positive experience for you?

Oh yeah. It was very positive. The doors its opened after is far better than anything I could have ask for. Thats what Im happy about.

What opportunities have come as a result?

Other TV shows. Sitcoms. Hopefully, Ill write a book soon. Im just doing a lot of things I didnt think I would be able to do or that would have taken me longer had I not appeared on the show.

You have a role on a sitcom?

I cant talk about it, but if it comes through, Ill definitely let you guys know.

So what do you think: are Corn Fed and Real going to last?

No. I would hope so, but I think theyre just too different.

Has this experience soured you on reality TV?

I wouldnt refrain from doing a reality show, but I would advise people to steer clear of doing an of Love show, unless youre 100 percent ready for what youre getting yourself into. Id do I Love Money, though. And Id win it all.

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The Celebreality Interview - Bay Bay Bay
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