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 The Celebreality Interview - Cali

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PostSubject: The Celebreality Interview - Cali   Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:21 pm

Tragedy! Chance left Real Chance of Love empty-handed, so to speak, and now we get to hear the side of one of the girls he picked over. Below, the girl, who for a minute seemed to have won his heart, talks about her heartbreak upon finding out that was not the case. Cali also talks about accusations of being an industry girl, betraying Risky and she gives us a little taste of what to expect when she turns up on I Love Money 2 next month.

What do you make of Chances decision not to pick either of you?

I mean, I cant force anyone to be with me. Chances decision was hard to deal with at first, but Im not gonna be moping around. There are other guys out there. And I think thats what girls should learn: if a guys not gonna treat them right and give them what they want, they should find somebody who will. Theres no use in chasing after a guy who doesnt want to be chased.

Did you feel at all that the show was something of a waste of time in light of Chances non-choice?

No, I never thought that. I learned a lot about myself, just from watching myself back. I learned a lot living with a house full of females.

What specifically did you learn?

I learned from other peoples actions. I understood why people were fighting and stuff, but watching back, it looks a little unclassy. Screaming at people doesnt solve anything. I also learned that its OK to put my guard down. Its OK to let people in, even if you get your heart broken. I also made friends with girls. It wasnt a waste of time because I built friendships.

Were you heartbroken after the show was over?

I was! I was sad! Eventually you get over it, though. You know, I used to watch all these reality shows and when youd hear the girls say, I love you, Id be like, How can you say that? But I was there, so nobody can say that you cant fall in love. Because, like, for real for real, I really did fall in love. If Chance gave me a better reason for not choosing me, I dont think I would have been so upset. If he said, Im gonna be traveling a lot because of my music, or whatever, I would have understood it. But for him to say he has love for me and still not pick me, that confused the hell out of me.

What did you fall in love with?

Hes funny, wild and crazy as hell. I like guys that are wild. Hes carefree in a way. I like guys that act like they dont give a f***, but are all about you when it comes to the relationship. Chance was carefree in the house, but when it came to me, he was always sweet. He was always sweet with me and an a**hole to everybody else.

Are you sticking to the words of your exit interview and never trusting guys ever?

I do have a problem trusting guys. I always have. But I said that out of anger. I know damn well Ill eventually get married and trust my man or my long-term relationship.

Do you regret the big K you have tattooed on your neck in honor of Kamal?

A lot of people ask me that, but I still think its cute. I dont regret it. I got it because I really liked him at the time and it meant something. But I knew what I was getting myself into. Maybe 10 years from now Ill regret it, but for now, no. It was part of my life. Chance was part of my life.

Speaking of regrets, do you have any for kind of turning on Risky at the end?

I make stupid decisions when Im in love. I kinda f***ed up. I know she didnt do anything to hurt me or backstab me, because shes not that kind of person. I felt really bad that I could have ruined a friendship over this. Over a guy in general. Even if Chance would have picked me. But Riskys cool enough that she ended up forgiving me. Thank God. I think it would have hurt even more if I lost her friendship.

What about the accusations that youre an industry girl?

What is that? Is it because Im around people in the industry? I mean, Chance is an industry guy. I dont understand why that was made into such a big deal. Lets say I was in the house to pursue acting and modeling. Actors and models cant find love, too? And if you look at Rabbit, she was probably more of an industry girl than me. Shes been in several music videos and has famous friends. I live in Hollywood and I go out to parties. Its just a part of my life that they brought on the show to use against me.

But you have been in music videos, right?

I was in one music video. It wasnt even anything. I was in the background in the club. I knew the guy who cast that video and I ended up leaving in the middle of the shoot because it took too damn long.

What about now? Are you interested in more TV after experiencing a little?

Im always going to take advantage of everything that comes my way. If the opportunity comes, Im gonna go for it. Why not? I wouldnt mind doing it again?

If it doesnt, are you content to continue doing makeup? Is that your passion?

Its what I always wanted to do growing up. But makeups always gonna be there. That was my money-maker before.

Speaking of potential future money-makers, what can you tell me about I Love Money 2? How was it?

Crazy. Ten times crazier than Real Chance of Love. I made friends on that show and would be like, Oh my god, how sad, we only have one week left, or, two days left, or one day left. I was sad to leave that house. I Love Money? Uh uh. I wanted to go home! There are no friendships. Everyone there was fake. The only thing that kept me there was the money. I thought I could stay loyal like Hoopz did. Uh uh. Season 2 is a whole different game. You had to be a backstabber to go far.

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The Celebreality Interview - Cali
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