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 Rock of Love Bus:The Celebreality Interview - Brittaney

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PostSubject: Rock of Love Bus:The Celebreality Interview - Brittaney   Wed Jan 21, 2009 11:38 pm

At last, the mystery of the socks can be revealed! Below, Brittaney talks about her supposed theivery, her alleged racism, her former life in porn and why she thinks she thinks Rock of Love Bus gave her character a raw deal.

What do you think about your portrayal on the show?

I feel I was portrayed completely wrong. I was probably the sweetest, nicest person on there. They took 48 hours and edited into 30 minutes and I looked like a crybaby racist. Im far from that. I also was a little bummed out that they didnt show the gift I gave to Bret [during the faux wedding] and instead made me look like a stalker. I donated $500 in Brets name to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. My father and sister both share that with Bret. They both have full-blown diabetes. Im a hypoglycemic because of it. It really meant a lot to me, so I got misty eyed as I was giving the gift. When I read the vows that I wrote, which were supposed to be to a man that I was in love with on my actual wedding day they were not meant for Bret at that moment I was still misty because of the gift that I gave him. Its really unfortunate that they didnt show that. Not just to give me kudos, because I dont want kudos for it. I want the charity to get exposure and more donations for its cause.

Is it fair to say, though, that your time on the show was emotional?

Certain parts were. It was actually a great time the first week. All the girls were my best friends and we had a really good time. There were a few parts that I got a little emotional because I think I was PMSing. Unfortunately, when I PMS, I cry at the drop of a pin.

What made things change between you and the girls?

Natasha, the little black girl, accused me of giving someone drugs, which I would never do. She said I gave her a Xanax, and I didnt even have Xanax on me. I dont understand where this came from. She kept on it and all the girls started turning on me, one after the other and it became this big drama fest. But thats great for TV.

So all of this isnt hard for you to watch?

Not at all. I think its funny. I got a good laugh out of it, actually. I was definitely a great character on the show. They made me a huge asset. Even though they portrayed me looking like a stalker, which Im not, I became a villainous character. It wasnt how I was completely during the show, but in a way, its kind of funny. People will always remember me and when people recognize me when Im out, they cant believe that Im such a sweetheart. Its nice to be able to show the real me.

Going into the show, you seemed super into Bret. Did you have strong feelings for him?

No. VH1 contacted me to be on the show. I always liked Poison and I always thought Bret was hot, so I thought it might be fun to meet a rock star and hey, if love happened, it happened. But no, I wasnt gaga for Bret before the show. Im sorry that it looked like that. But I do think that Bret is a great guy. Another thing they didnt show was at the end, I told him I didnt feel anything for him either and I just wanted him to find his true love. Instead, they showed me as a psychopath (laughs maniacally).

Was there something Bret did that made you realize you didnt feel anything for him, or was this just a general vibe?

Im mostly attracted to Hispanics and Asians. My current boyfriend is Mexican and hes gorgeous. I dont know, Ive never been into the white-boy look, but I did figure: Bret Michaels the rock star, how hot is that? I thought we might have a lot in common. He just seemed like hed be a cool guy. And he actually was very nice.

What about when you told Natasha that she won the all-access pass because shes black? Is there any clearing up to do there?

Well, what they didnt show is that the day before, she had called me a white-trash prostitute from Las Vegas. Shes the one who pulled the race card. I dont honestly believe that Bret would like a transsexual-looking little black woman. She looks like a man. And the type of attitude she had, she was really ugly inside, and her ugliness on the inside made her even uglier outside. I just didnt that was the type of girl Bret would want. And it wasnt just because shes black. It was because of her attitude and everything else. I grew up not seeing color, but unfortunately, at that moment, I was a little drunk and I was pissed off and so I said how I felt. I really felt that the only reason she had lasted as long as she did at that point was because she was black, and if the situation were reversed and I were on Flavor of Love, Id feel the same way about myself.

You explained that your grandfather was black. How did that work?

My grandfather is Theodore Rambeau, and I would like to state his name. He was the original lead singer of the Ink Spots for Bugsy Siegel. My grandmother married him after my biological grandfather passed away. I wasnt born yet, so I grew up with an African American grandfather my whole life.

What about the sock incident?

I did, in fact, ask the people at the rink and the crew if it was OK if I took some socks. I asked if I could keep my socks, and then I told them I was running out of socks and there was a bunch of pairs on the ice and that there was another new pair in the locker room. They said they were just going to throw them away anyway. So I took em with me.

So you just didnt pack enough socks?

Yeah, exactly. I was running out. I would never steal, though. I believe in karma, and that everything comes back to you two-fold.

Who do you resent the most?

Ashley, NatashaI dont know. I guess I resent the person who came up with the idea to go through my things the most. I think its very catty and rude to go through a persons things. And the bed my things were on, with the used ketchup and stuff, wasnt a bed that anyone slept in. We only slept in hotel rooms. That was just a bed I threw my stuff on.

Did it bother you when the other girls made fun of your weight?

I love myself and Im happy the way that I am. I think the girls feel bad about themselves somehow, so they have to make other people feel bad to make themselves feel better. I love myself. Im happy with what God gave me.

Where are you with the porn thing? There seemed to be some suggestion that youd moved on with your life

I havent done an adult film in five years. Im a producer and director, not a starlet. Ive performed in very few films. I performed in them to learn the business of producing and directing and then I opened my own company where I produced two video lines. Its been five years since I closed that business. I now own a concierge service and Im a DJ in Las Vegas.

So how was your experience in the adult industry?

It empowered me. I was able to take that experience and empower other women, letting them take the starring role and tell the guys what to do. In my films, I didnt let women be degraded. I think I helped women. I helped them steer clear of STDs, teaching them how to read their tests and demanding that the men took the tests before they shot instead of waiting a few weeks. I taught the girls how to take care of themselves and be powerful women in a mans world.

Its interesting how with people like Mary Carey, reality TV is a vehicle for crossing over from porn to the mainstream.

It is kind of a platform for crossing over, but I crossed over into the music industry before anything. Im a singer-songwriter. Im coming out with my album in February. Ive already released four tracks that are big hits that are playing all over the world in strip clubs and nightclubs. Im also a DJ, so I travel the world spinning music. My name and backing from having been in the adult world actually helped me to be able to become this celebrity entity to be able to become a powerful DJ out there.

All things considered, was the show a good experience for you?

It was half good experience and half horrible experience. Im too educated and successful as a woman to have to deal with junior-high drama. I just cant believe that women of their age would actually act that way. I am happy, though, that I was a crybaby from time to time because I dominated the camera.

I have to say that it was sometimes tough watching you get beat up by the other girls like you were.

It was hard no to scream and cuss back at them, but Im more classy than that. I tried to hold back as much as I could.

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Rock of Love Bus:The Celebreality Interview - Brittaney
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