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 Rock of Love Bus: The Celebreality Interview - Melissa

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PostSubject: Rock of Love Bus: The Celebreality Interview - Melissa   Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:59 pm

Conspiracy theory! Before being told to, Get the f*** out! by Bret, Melissa told him she never made any defamatory phone call. Thats her story and, even months after shooting the show, shes sticking to it. Below, Melissa offers her take on the phone incident, talks about her inabiltity to handle the other girls drama and gives us an update on her implants. We know youre on the edge of your seat, wondering if the leaks have been dammed.

How was your time on the show?

It was interesting. (Laughs.)

It seems like you had a rough time from the start.

Yeah. I live a really good lifestyle. Im really carefree. I try not to have very much stress or negativity. That was hard to get used to. I could get used to being on the road, but it was really hard being around that many women who were catty and looking for drama daily and drinking all the time.

Didnt you expect that, having watched Rock of Love 2?

Dont get me wrong, I like to party and have a good time, but I think that some people dont know their limits. But I did expect it. I planned on sticking to it to the end. There were lots of times where I said I wanted to leave, but the main reason came down to just knowing it wasnt gonna happen with Bret and I after spending some time with him. There was no point in wasting any more time.

What brought you to that realization?

Just being around him. Im really good at reading people. I feel like if you were willing to put yourself out there sexually, you were more likely to get his attention. I prefer not to have a guy like that. I was hoping he wouldnt be like that. Im just not that girl.

When he eliminated you, he cursed at you. Harsh, no?

Well, he didnt eliminate me, I eliminated myself, but yeah, his words after I said I wanted to go were harsh. He cursed at me, which is rude. I just didnt want to be there anymore. It wasnt worth it to me to deal with all the girls, to have to be there and deal with all that for someone I thought wasnt really there for love.

Do you resent Bret?

No, not at all. I let bygones be bygones. I would like for him to apologize for what he said, but if he doesnt want to, thats fine.

On the first episode, you said that you didnt want to stay for nothing. What did that mean? Were you essentially telling him that you better win or else?

I meant that if he wasnt there for love, he should let me know that this was something he was doing just to meet a lot of chicks. At that point, it seemed like the only way to get his attention was to do stuff I wasnt willing to do, so I needed to know if thats the way the entire show was going to be.

You took him aside multiple times.

Hes very convincing with his words, and he told me he wanted me to stay. He told me he was there for love, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. When we went on our date to the strip club, to me that was the time for him to get to know us on a personal level, but he decided not to do that. I didnt think that was a way to show his sincerity.

Beverly was reluctant to dance onstage during that date. What did you think of that?

We all were, except for Brittaney. And Maria. I dont mind going to strip clubs. Thats fun. I just dont think its the first thing you should do with someone.

How are your implants?

Everythings fine. I had to get home and get the [potentially leaking one] checked out. I got them redone because I felt like it was the best thing to do. Sometimes with a leak, you cant really tell, so its better to be safe than sorry. But I should be good now with these implants. Im pretty clumsy, I fall a lot. Recently, I was doing a dance class and I fell like 20 feet, and I was good. Nothing happened to them.

What about the phone call incident? When Bret confronted you, you told him you never made the call.

I didnt. It wasnt until I was off the show that I made the phone call you hear me on. I never made a phone call on the show. That was Brittaney Starr on the bed. Thats her jacket and her ring on her finger. How would the girls have heard me from the hotel, anyway? If you look at those shots, you see that the conversation is happening on the bus. Also, I never made fun of Brets extensions. I just stated that he has them. I didnt find out till I was off the show that it was Brittanya and Natasha who said they heard me on the cell phone. I wish I could have defended myself because I had information about both of them that could have gotten them kicked off the show.

So youre saying that Brittanya and Natasha invented this idea of you making a phone call, and the show was edited to reflect their story?


What kind of information did you have on those two?

Both of them had boyfriends. I knew their boyfriends names and phone numbers and everything about them. Especially Brittanya, because Ive known her for three years. We went on this show as friends, and she totally stabbed me in the back so she could go further in the game. I didnt know it was like that, but now I do. Ive had a lot of problems with her since Ive been home, too. Shes a really violent person and shes always trying to be confrontational and start fights. We were both at this party for the Rock of Love Bus premiere and she was acting like she was cool with me. I told her, If you dont like me, thats fine. You dont have to pretend and be fake. We dont have to talk. We can go to these events and be cordial adults. And then as Im walking by, one of her stupid friends tries to pull my hair and start a fight with me. They all got kicked out. I just looked at her and said, You have no class. I just try to remember Im 30 and shes 22. Shes still a little girl with a lot of growing up to do. And thats another thing about Bret: he was willing to settle down with a 22-year-old. That kind of made me disgusted and not want to get to know him anymore. Why would a 46-year-old want to be with a 22-year-old?

They mentioned that you were talking to your boyfriend.

Yeah, a boyfriend that I do not have. I was dating someone for three years before the show. We broke up. I didnt have a boyfriend on the show and I dont now. Im still looking for love. Brittanya knew we werent together because he was a really bad boyfriend. He treated me really bad and she knew all about it. I think she felt threatened by me, especially because our strip club date lasted so long.

Do you regret doing this show?

It was fun, it was a good experience. I dont regret it. I take everything as an experience. But yeah, it was a little bit of a waste of time. Well see what the future holds, I cant really say right now.

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Rock of Love Bus: The Celebreality Interview - Melissa
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