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 Bromance | Bros In The Wild | Episode Summary

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PostSubject: Bromance | Bros In The Wild | Episode Summary   Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:20 pm

Brody causes a rift between himself, Frankie, and Sleazy T when he tells them he's going camping with the 'contestant bros,' and Frankie and Sleazy T aren't invited. But, with only five guys left in the competition, Brody has to know who can rough it.

Before the boys head into the woods, Brody brings them to a biker bar for a test of strength. He asks Mario, a 'Bad Ass Biker Dude' to fight each bro in a wrestling ring. Whoever lasts the longest in the ring gets some special one-on-one time with Brody.

Most of the contestants can only manage just over a minute in the ring with Mario. Luke is the only bro who manages to give Mario a run for his money, and wins the challenge.

After the fight, the boys pack up and head into the woods. As they set up camp, Brody realizes that some of the guys aren't used to roughing it and don't know a thing about camping. Brody teaches Femi how to fish, and Femi even makes an attempt at preparing his fish for dinner.

While the rest of the guys struggle to put dinner together from scratch, Luke is invited to enjoy his reward for winning the biker fight: a catered, candle-lit, surf and turf dinner with Brody.

After dinner, the guys gather around the campfire and share stories about their families and funny hookups. Finally, the bros are ready to call it a night, and head into their tents. But Brody's not ready to let the guys sleep peacefully yet, and he asks Frankie and Sleazy-T to come help him with a prank. He lets a live alligator loose in the sleeping bro's tent, and stands back and laughs as the guys stumble out to safety.

The next morning, things get personal when the guys gather for a group therapy/bonding session with Brody and 'Dr. Hug-it-Out,' a Life Coach. The doctor encourages the guys to openly share their fears with one another, and everyone learns things about each other that they would never otherwise guess. After taking turns doing trust falls, the contestants pack up their gear and head back to society.

Brody takes the guys to the roof of his high-rise, where five bikini-clad girls wait next to five tubs full of bubbles. Brody lets the bros know that four of them will get their weekend camping grime washed off by the girls, while one of them will be sent packing again...except this time, he'll be heading home.

Brody singles out Gary and Chris as the bottom two, noting that they shied away from both the fighting challenge and the camping trip. Chris convinces Brody that he's truly wants to be his friend, but Gary hesitates, saying that he would rather send himself home than name another bro to take his place.

Brody realizes that Gary has a different path in life, and sends him home. After Gary leaves, Brody and Chris join the other bros in the tubs, and enjoy a little more luxury time.

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Bromance | Bros In The Wild | Episode Summary
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