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 Bromance | Little Jeans, Big Hearts | Episode Summary

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PostSubject: Bromance | Little Jeans, Big Hearts | Episode Summary   Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:43 pm

With just four guys left, the Bro's get a taste of Hollywood -- Brody Jenner style.

In a true test of their bonding thus far he commits the ultimate bro crime and deceives them. They think they are going to be helping him market his new jean company, Brody Jenner Jeans by strutting their stuff on the red carpet. Little do the guys know the entire red carpet gala and jean campaign is a fraud. Brody uses fake designers, make-up artists, paparazzi and even E reporter Ted Casablanca to make the fraud appear as real as their bro-bond. He wants to see how well the guys handle themselves in this glimpse of the life of the rich and famous.

Their taste of the lifestyle begins with a phone call to Chris, where Brody invites them to a spa and explains the situation. They get all done up for their photo shoot and it is capped off with shrieks from Luke when Brody surprises him by having him get his chest waxed.

Next on the list of preparations for the big event is having the fake designer pick out the perfect jeans for each guy as Brody and Sleazy T watch from hidden cameras. As the guys struggle to fit them around their legs and zipper them up, they express their surprise at Brody's designs, looking at the glitz and glimmer shining from the side of their thighs.

As they finally come to terms with what they are going to be wearing on the lower half of the body for the rest of the night, the designer throws in a form-fitting pink tank top to complete the look.

Once they are all dolled up, they meet Brody outside to show off their makeovers.

Behind the scenes, the guys all complain about their new form-fitting style, but in front of Brody, they all claim they're cool with the look. The only bro who's willing to step up to the plate is Femi, who abandons the Jenner Jeans look in favor of his own white tee and jeans. Pulling Brody aside, he says he'd wear the jeans if it's important to Brody, but he has a hunch that the denim isn't really something Brody would wear. To keep the game going, Brody tells Femi that he's researched the jeans and found that they are bound to be the hottest new trend.

Decked out in the BJ line on the red carpet, the guys show off their rock star status by posing and interviewing in front of the bright lights. It's only after they all market the jeans on the carpet that Brody reveals it was all a scam. As reward for being a true bro and stepping out against the jeans, Femi gets to pick his own outfit for the bar that night while the other three wear their BJ jeans and pink tank getup.

In the next test, the guys are able to wear the clothes of their choice, but have no idea what's in store for them as they arrive at Brody's apartment. What was in store is a one on one hangout with Jayde Nicole, Playboy's Playmate of the year... under Brody's watchful eye, of course. While Chris lets the conversation flow as he stays true to himself, Luke fumbles over his words and Alex tries to overcome his nervousness by playing music. Generally a challenge winner, Luke chokes with Jayde, coming across as nervous and fidgety. Meanwhile, Femi makes himself right at home, feeding Jayde strawberries and hanging out.

After watching the bros try to hang with Jayde for a while, Brody decides it's time to come downstairs with Jayde's friend, Kelly, Playboy's Miss October. Hanging out, Femi admits to being overconfident, and Alex takes a wrong turn when he suggests pretty girls and intelligence don't always go together.

Now that she's met each of the bros, Brody has Jayde pick the winner of the challenge. The girls' pick is unanimous -- Chris. His prize? Hanging with both Playmates in the hot tub.

Things really heat up when Brody invites the bro's to sushi. Although they think they're just in for dinner, it turns out they're up for another elimination. After Brody evaluates each guy's performance in the challenges, he asks them to pick one bro to leave the group. While Chris whines about Luke and Alex's budding bromance, Luke explains that he thinks Chris should go home. Ultimately, it's Brody's decision. Femi's instantly safe after stepping up the past few challenges, and Chris stays safe when Brody explains that while his jokes may be bad, he's unlike any of his current bros.

When it's down to Luke and Alex, Brody's got to split up the buds. Since Luke's stayed strong the whole competition, Brody decides to send Alex home, since he's spent a lot of time in the shadows.

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Bromance | Little Jeans, Big Hearts | Episode Summary
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