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 The Girls of Hedsor Hall :Ep 1: Assessment and Appearance

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PostSubject: The Girls of Hedsor Hall :Ep 1: Assessment and Appearance   Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:52 am

There are some girls who want to change their hairstyle, or maybe make a resolution to stop smoking. But the twelve girls you're about to meet need change above and beyond just a classic makeover.

These girls have hit rock bottom, and have put out a cry for help to change their ways. So they are flown to Hedsor Hall in England, where they will have one last chance to change their crazy, disgraceful lifestyles into a life of class, poise, and etiquette.

With a $100,000 trust on the line for the best reformed lady, competition is fierce, but at the same time, the girls must keep their attitudes in check, or they will be expelled.

The girls are split into pairs and driven through England to their new home. Conversations range from boob sizes to speculations about if there will be alcohol waiting for them once they arrive at Hedsor Hall.

Once all the cars pull into the enormous driveway in front of an even bigger house, Tara Conner, former Miss USA and one of Hedsor Hall's instructors, is there to greet them. She gives the girls the basic rules of the game, and then leads them inside to meet their other instructors: Headmistress Gill Harbord and Head Disciplinarian, Rosemary Shrager.

Tara leaves the girls to explore the house and get to know one another before meeting the other instructors. The girls are confused that this is supposed to be a party, but there is no alcohol to be seen. After spending only a few minutes sober and getting to know one another, personalities immediately clash, and fights break out.

The instructors burst in the room as the cat fight reaches its peak, and finally manage to calm the girls down. The instructors line up the girls and present the harsher rules, such as no drinking, cursing, curfews, and above all, no fighting! Ms. Shrager sends the girls to their rooms, wishing them a good nights sleep to prepare for their tough journey ahead.

Unfortunately, the next morning, the girls' feud picks up with even more force when Margie calls Brianna a transsexual, and a water fight breaks out. Ms. Shrager hears the screams and commotion, and races up the stairs to see what is going on.

After harshly reprimanding the girls, and pointing out that not a single one of them appears to respect themselves, Ms. Shrager announces that they will be put into school uniforms. Tara Conner walks in with a stack of matching outfits that appall the contestants: below-knee length skirts, button up shirts with ties, thick white stockings, and to top it off, instructions to wear no makeup or jewelry, and hair must be pulled back.

The girls grudgingly dress themselves and line up in front of their instructors downstairs. The instructors comment on some of the girls poor choices for assembling their outfits, such as pigtails and inappropriate jewelry. Headmistress Harbord presents the girls with their own string of pearls that come with two stipulations: first, each girl must fix her hair and outfit to acceptable Hedsor Hall standards. Secondly, the pearls must be returned if the girl is expelled.

After each girl receives her pearls, the instructors announce that they have arranged a cocktail party for them that night, and the girls need to be on their best behavior. Dignified members of the British society, including a group of attractive gentlemen, will also be attending the party.

The girls are determined to hold themselves together and keep their lady-like attitudes in check, but as the alcohol flows, this proves to be very difficult. As soon as the instructors stop supervising and step out, the real party begins. But when one of the British lords drunkenly points out that Jen looks like a horse, an alcohol-fueled fight breaks out and the party comes to an abrupt end.

The next morning, Ms. Shrager wakes the girls up bright and early with a whistle. She is appalled at Amanda in particular, whose face is streaked with makeup, and even throws out curse words. Ms. Shrager instructs the girls to get dressed and meet Headmistress Harbord for one-on-one talks in her office.

Headmistress Harbord finds fault in each girl she talks to, especially with the girls that admit to stripping for money, and she brings most of them to tears. After an unpleasant meeting with each girl, Headmistress Harbord lets them know that that night, one of them will be sent home.

After the instructors assess each girl privately, they agree that this class is the worst group to come to Hedsor Hall in the past 100 years. Three girls in particular stand out to them as threats to the Hedsor Hall image: Margie, Amanda, and Jenna, and they are called forward to defend themselves.

After being harshly reprimanded, each girl admits her faults and mistakes, and insists that she wants to stay at Hedsor Hall to change. After hearing each girl's reasons for why she should stay, the instructors deliberate amongst themselves. They decide that Amanda's offensive outburst towards Ms. Shrager that morning was unforgivable, ask her to return her pearls, and send Amanda to pack her things and leave.

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The Girls of Hedsor Hall :Ep 1: Assessment and Appearance
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