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 Survivor : Hidden Immunity Idols/Exile Island

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PostSubject: Survivor : Hidden Immunity Idols/Exile Island   Sat Feb 14, 2009 11:33 pm

Jeff Probst: (Source: TVG Channel Preview)
We're trying to set a tone this season right off the bat about the importance of first impressions and we've got an opening twist that is going to speak to that. This season is going to open up with about a four hour trek to their respective camps. But before they start on their trek we're going to ask them to vote one person out of each tribe and the words I'll use will speak to the notion that maybe they're out of the game, they're not sure. Somebody's going to be voted out of the tribe. They're going to think it's a bad thing, what's actually going to happen is the rest of the tribe takes the trek but they will get helicoptered to the camp. So they'll skip the whole trek, they will have about a four hour head start. We're going to leave plenty of supplies to start building camp, we're also going to leave a clue to the location of a hidden immunity idol. They're not going to have enough time to do both. So the choice is going to be: do I try to change the first impression by starting work on the camp and see if I can get back into the good graces or do I just stay selfish and look for that idol and try to save myself for the first Tribal Council? I think it's going to set the tone for this season that you have to be aware of the social integration that is going on at all times.

Exile Island is desolate. It is a big sand dune. This year two people will go to Exile Island. The winning tribe will chose somebody from the losing tribe, that person will then chose somebody from the winning tribe. So there will always be two people out there. When they get out there they'll find two eggs, two choices. They'll have to figure out amongst themselves who gets which one. They break them open and inside one will be nothing, inside the other will be a note that says, "here's a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol." Nobody except them will know it is back at their camp. Two, you also have power. You can decide to go back to your original tribe or you can mutiny and go back to the other tribe. So we're hoping to get some mutinies this season.

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PostSubject: Re: Survivor : Hidden Immunity Idols/Exile Island   Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:16 am

they should make it where the same person CAN NOT go to Exile Island back to back, its annoying as hell when the same person or the same two people go over and over, and to make it interesting the last persons who went should pick the next person from the opposite team to go, not the entire tribe. These shows need to start being a little more unpredictable more through out the game, yeah they've done the immediate elimination, but throw in a Double elimination on Week 3 and merge on Week 4, its alot of people to merge but by then alliances should have started forming so folks would still be working with each other. Survivor needs to drastically change up their format or start getting more interesting people. Hey do a Celebrity Survivor or a Winners Vs. Runner Ups season.
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Survivor : Hidden Immunity Idols/Exile Island
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