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 Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Episode 5

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PostSubject: Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Episode 5   Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:44 am

* Original airdate: March 5, 2009
* Episode recap: Hell's Kitchen - "Episode 505, 12 Chefs Compete" (Fox.com)
* Challenge: Both teams visit Marukai[citation needed], an Asian supermarket, where they purchase the ingredients needed for "Asian fusion" dishes. The ingredients must consist of one seafood, one poultry, and one meat. Each team has only 25 minutes to shop and $100 to spend. Both teams got what they needed, within budget. Upon returning to Hell's Kitchen, they have one hour to cook their dishes. Each dish will be judged by Chef Ramsay and Tanya Steel, the editor in chief of Epicurious. The red team won, as they had two dishes chosen to the blue team's one.
* Award / Punishment: The dishes chosen by Chef Ramsay and Ms. Steel will be featured at Epicurious' web site. In addition, the red team spend the day sumo wrestling (wearing oversized sumo suits), and imbibing on sake. The blue team make fortune cookies and origami for that night's service. Lacey, who was once seen as a pariah on the blue team, saved the day when she shows her teammates how to fold origami.
* Service: In this service, the night's patrons include a group of sumo wrestlers, who each orders everything on the menu, bringing an extra challenge to the service. Despite a great start on the appetisers, however, it went downhill from there Andrea was caught hiding burned beef Wellingtons, so that Chef Ramsay wouldn't see them, while J's own beef Wellingtons were undercooked, as the oven fan was on low. In addition, Robert has wasted much food in making his dish; he made Chef Ramsay even angrier by not responding to him when he called Robert "Bobby". All was a lost cause, and the kitchen was closed. In a private meeting with Chef Ramsay following the service, Robert explained why he did not respond to "Bobby" Bobby was his father's name, and Robert and his father did not have a good relationship. Chef Ramsay then told Robert that he will respect Robert's wishes, adding that if Chef Ramsay knew about it earlier, this wouldn't have happened.
* Winner: No winners; Giovanni and LA were the Best of Worsts for their teams. Each of them chose a person for elimination.
* Nominees for elimination: Giovanni chose J; LA chose Andrea.
* Elimination: Chef Ramsay went off the board and instead sent Colleen home, as he could no longer tolerate her mistakes. Ironically, as Colleen was leaving, Chef Ramsay complimented her tenacity and told the remaining contestants to follow her example.

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Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Episode 5
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