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 Dancing with the Stars Recap Week 2: What Curse?

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PostSubject: Dancing with the Stars Recap Week 2: What Curse?   Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:36 am

Its March Madness, indeed! The dance floor delivered more drama in Week 2 with yet another dancer down. Steve-O was conspicuously missing from the lineup after landing himself in the ER two hours before show time.

The Jackass star has been coping with a back injury, which he exacerbated Monday during the dress rehearsal when he did a flip and landed on his mic pack. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution and hopes to be back next week. But will it matter? Find out what Steve-Os no-show meant for Team Rebeland their scores.

Holly Madison and Dmitry: Quick Step
During rehearsals we learn Every days a Holly day. (Is that why the Girls Next Door really broke up?) Holly is going for most improved, but her Playboy figure gets in the way. Your bust is forward and your bum was out a bit, said Len. Carrie Ann loves that Holly is so eager and willingbut then says Dmitry was dragging you around like a doll. Still, she has what they call potential.
Score: 18

David Alan Grier and Kym: Salsa
DAG gets props for calling out Bruno on his unintelligible comments from last week. Bruno proves to be a big baby about the joke, giving David a very succinct and curt review on his routine. But it was Len who dished out the worst insult: Far too much KymIt was all sizzle, no sausage. Hes a better dancer than the scores reflect.
Score: 17

Denise Richards and Maks: Quick Step
Denise was able to shake her opening-week jitters and come out and redeem herself. Carrie Ann: Much better, fantastic! You looked elegant. Len: Great improvement, you were together, well done. Bruno: Great leg action. Bonus: Maks and Denise had much lighter rehearsal moments this week; how cute was it when Maks cooed, Look at you, youre becoming a little ballroom dancer, Im so proud of you.
Score: 21

Belinda Carlisle and Jonathan: Salsa
Belinda stepped it up for her salsa, letting her hair down and shaking it out according to Bruno. Len said she was fun and exuberant but lacked hip action. After telling her she was a fan, Carrie Ann said Belinda lacked grace.
Score: 18

Ty Murray and Chelsie: Quick Step
Most improved of the bunch and thats no bull! Tys country quick step impressed the judgesfrom a caterpillar to a butterfly said Len. He even got props for his form; apparently bull ridings upper arm strength is useful leading little ladies around the dance floor. And I like Tys humorthat fellas growing on me: My cha cha was more of a cha since I forgot half of it, Ty said of his first dance. Im surprised he did so well after last weeks debacle so, as long as Carrie Ann stops with the Yee-haws, Ty can stick around.
Score: 20

Shawn Johnson and Mark: Salsa
Giggles was adorable in her rehearsal package when Shawn said she doesnt know if she can shake her booty and let loose to do the sexy moves required of the salsa. A 17-year-old whos too embarrassed to act sexy? How refreshing! (Do you hear that, Miley Cyrus?) Bruno says shes one of the cutest little things Ive ever seen and I totally agree with himuntil he says, I want you to be naughty and flirtatious. No, no Bruno dont encourage the sluttiness!
Score: 24

Steve Wozniak and Karina: Quick Step
Wozzy Bear turned up all smiles and more pink feather boas despite a fractured foot, or as the doctor described it, Youre crushing your foot. Um, ouch? But The Woz danced on because hes got spirit, darn it, and possibly because his ex Kathy Griffin was in the audience cheering him on. But hes one of those fun-to-watch, needs-to-go-soon guys.
Score: 17

Chuck Wicks and Julianne: Salsa
The hottie couple had a cute segment where Chuck said this dancing stuff is way too embarrassing and he cant get a handle on all the feminine moves. Julianne advises her boyfriend to move his hips like her brother Derek, to which Chuck jokes, Walk like Derekwalk like a girl. As for how the salsa turned out? Bruno: What a wasted opportunityshe did all the work, in and out, in and out. Um, what are YOU talking about, Bruno? Len clarified: It was all Julianne, we want more from you. At least Chuck gets props (from me) along with DAG for calling out Bruno: We all know what Bruno wants.
Score: 20

Lawrence Taylor and Edyta: Quick Step
After fumbling a bit in Week 1, Lawrence admitted hes competing against myself right now. Carrie Ann said he was much better this week: smooth, powerful, graceful. Bruno noted that the competitor came out in you and you performed.
Score: 20

Steve-O and Lacey: Salsa
Steve-O was unable to perform and Lacey appeared solo. According to Bergeron and rules we never heard before, the judges and viewers should place their votes based on his performance in dress rehearsal. They played the video of the taped practice, which you could tell the couple wasnt going full tilt with. Bruno said Steve-O has an appealing streak of madness but this was like a series of unfortunate events that didnt make sense. Whats really a drag: the dance wasnt even considered a salsa by the judges, so he got hurt for nothing.
Score: 14

Lil Kim and Derek: Quick Step
Lil Kim toned down last weeks Nasty side and played up the sophistication for a quick step that showed off her attention-getting skillz. Bruno: You do bling well. Carrie Ann: You are some performer. Len: Youre not shyand youre not refined. Ouch. It was praise overall though.
Score: 23

Melissa Rycroft and Tony: Salsa
From dumped to dazzlingFinally, a real salsa! Carrie Ann exclaimed of Melissa and Tonys smoking hot number. You had it all, that was slammin! Len admitted he was gyrating on the seat. It was full-onthe salsa of the night. Meanwhile, Bruno must be hungry: earlier he called Lil Kim delicious and now he says something about Melissa feeding juicy appetites that plays like food metaphor leftovers from last seasons Rocco DiSpirito.
Score: 26

Gilles Marini and Cheryl: Quick Step
Gilles proved he was no one week wonder with a Superman-themed quick step that once again swept everyone off their feet. Officially the frontrunner.
Score: Triple nines!

New twist: Tuesday night the bottom two couples will have a dance-off to see which one of them will go home.

Elimination Prediction: In a battle of the injured Steves, I gotta go with The Woz.

Leaderboard (Total Out of 60)

Gilles and Cheryl: 51
Melissa and Tony: 49
Shawn and Mark: 47
Lil Kim and Derek: 44
Chuck and Julianne: 40
Denise and Maks: 39
Holly and Dmitry: 36
David and Kym: 36
Lawrence and Edyta: 36
Belinda and Jonathan: 35
Ty and Chelsie: 34
Steve-O and Lacey: 31
Steve and Karina: 30

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Dancing with the Stars Recap Week 2: What Curse?
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