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 Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Episode 7

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PostSubject: Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Episode 7   Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:45 pm

* Original Airdate: March 19, 2009
* Episode recap: "Hell's Kitchen - Episode 507, 10 Chefs Compete" (Fox.com)
* Team change: Shortly before the start of the challenge, Chef Ramsay transferred Giovanni to the red team.
* Challenge: The chefs each have 20 minutes to make tapas, using leftovers from the previous service. The Red team won this challenge in a close race, 3 to 2.
* Award / Punishment: The red team go to Hollywood Park for a day of watching horse racing. The blue team stay behind to prep both teams' kitchens for that night's service, as well as bringing in small plates for tapas. Lacey was threatening to quit, as no one was listening to her, but was eventually talked back in by Ben.
* Service: During this service, J overcooked rice for both teams, turning it into mush. Andrea and Carol were forced to eat a pasta dish, after Chef Ramsay said that the pasta was raw. Chef Ramsay later expels J from Hell's Kitchen in mid-service, after J committed several mistakes including burning the salmon and undercooking the scallops. Chef Ramsay would later threaten to do the same with Ben after he was caught cooking Beef Wellingtons on a dirty pan. Nevertheless, both teams completed service.
* Winner: The Red Team for finishing service first.
* Nominees for elimination: Each member of the blue team must nominate who they think should leave Hell's Kitchen. The men nominated Lacey, while Lacey nominated Robert.
* Elimination: Lacey and Ben were asked by Chef Ramsay to step forward. Chef Ramsay especially singled out Ben for nominating Lacey, as he felt that it was Ben that should've been nominated. But with J already out of the race, no other team members left Hell's Kitchen.
* Chef Ramsey's Reason: "I kept Ben and Lacey because J put the kitchen in such a hole that they never stood a chance. They're very lucky that I sent J packing."

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Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Episode 7
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