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 dancing with the stars season 8 week 3 recap

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PostSubject: dancing with the stars season 8 week 3 recap   Tue Mar 24, 2009 5:00 pm

In Week 3 of Dancing with the Injured Stars, the dividing line between the goods and the not-so-greats widened as three celebs tied with triple nines, while one contestant hit a new low with the first threes given out (in maybe ever?).

Meanwhile, new dance pro (and Julianne Hough clone?) Chelsie Hightower takes a spill and rodeo guy Ty comes to her rescue.

Denise and Maks: The Samba
You know Denises fears are getting the better of her when even Maks in drag doesnt loosen her up. That was so flat and full of holes it was more a waffle than a samba, said Bruno. What happened to the more confident Denise we saw last week?
Score: 16

Chuck and Julianne: The Fox Trot
Chuck is finally in the drivers seat using a stick shift (uh, okay Bruno, if you say so.) Carrie Ann thinks Mr. Julianne is showing hes a contender. Len seems ambivalent. Chuck and Julianne are still far from where she is used to being, but Chuck definitely stepped up his game this week. But they can skate by on just looking great for a bit longer.
Score: 23

Holly and Dmitry: The Samba
Holly pretty much got called out for being a fembot. Len compared the Playmate to a matchstick: Hot on top, wooden at the bottom. Brunos description made less sense: So much display on the top shelf, but under it was the land of plentyplenty to look at. Carrie Ann summed it up: Rough to watch. And when Holly said partner Dmitry was probably wishing he had Jewel backhe didnt exactly disagree.
Score: 17

Steve-O and Lacey: The Fox Trot
The injured Steve-O got the pity commentsLen said the O was for ovation even though there were a few moments where he lost it. Bruno: started well and fell into pieces. Its a shame. Tactless Carrie Ann put it this way: I respect you for what you did this week, sorry you had a rough night.
Score: 15

Lawrence and Edyta: The Samba
LT says hes given up a lot of golf time for this dancing business, but he seems dedicated to making some dance floor magic. Bruno advised LT to have fun with ityou have rhythm; you shouldnt doubt your abilities while Carrie Ann admired his newfound comfort and confidence.
Score: 20

Programming note from Bergeron: If they make it back next week, Edyta will wear the other half of this outfit.

Shawn and Mark: The Fox Trot
There is nothing smooth and elegant about Shawn Johnsonsays Shawn Johnson.
Well, Giggles, the judges beg to differ: you were like dancing on ice, gliding around like a bejeweled hummingbird, and it was your best dance so far.
Score: 27

Gilles and Cheryl: The Samba
These two continue to be red-hot Bruno: You came out like a throbbing red-hot pokerthe samba is a party dance, and everybody would want to party with you. Len: You made a hard dance look easy. Carrie Ann: Boy, you bring out something in Cheryl, she was working it for you and you shook things I didnt know guys could shake.
Score: 27

David and Kym: The Fox Trot
DAG serves up a little less ham this week and gets two snaps UP from Carrie Ann, who said she didnt know you were like a Rockette. Len: best dance youve done. Bruno said DAG took the fox trot to Broadwaywhat a transformation.
Score: 24

Steve and Karina: The Samba
The judges are clearly over The Woz, especially after he attempted The Worm. There is no worming in ballroom! Carrie Ann: You are so cutebut at some point the novelty wears off. Len: You arent killing the dances, the dances are killing you. Bruno: Get on your knees and beg forgiveness. That was the worst samba Ive ever seen. You know its bad when even Bergeron throws in a Brave dance!

Steve, whos now dancing with a pulled hamstring and a fractured foot, still managed to make some jokes, like how when you mix dancing with [Karina] Smirnoff, you end up in an ambulance.
Scores: 10

Melissa and Tony: The Fox Trot
Tony describes the fox trot poses as a martini glass and an olive, and it makes me think for a second that this is a dance I would be good at.

Bruno says Melissa is easy to love (um, Jason might disagree?), music plays from your body (huh?) and you must have a seventh sense (or in Brunos case, non-sense). Len: overallfantastic. (Thanks for clarifying, Len!) Carrie Ann feels the need to say something negative but cant really come up with anything other than somethings lacking, I dont know what, but this obviously comes easy to you, so you need to challenge yourself a bit more.
Score: 27

Lil Kim and Derek: The Samba
Bruno calls the petite one a pocket-sized Venus with super-size sex appeal and said her samba wasnt perfect but you sold it to me. Carrie Ann: That was hot, you were going for it. Len: You must have a bionic booty.
Score: 25

Ty and Chelsie: The Fox Trot
Ty continues to be fish-out-of-water adorable and make me laugh. When Chelsie tells Ty to put on your cool face, he says, Im no Robert de Niro. Then when Chelsie fell during their routine, Ty pulled her up, spared further disaster and they still got a good score. Afterward Ty joked, I was supposed to be the one to fall. We hadnt practiced that one yet. Carrie Ann gives him props for most improved, by miles. Len: youre a hero, you held up the pro. Bruno then compliments Chelsie (to make her feel better about falling down) by saying, she carved a mini Fred Astaire out of stiff wood.
Score: 23

Elimination Prediction: The Woz, God bless him, needs to be eliminated before he does some permanent damage to himself!


Melissa and Tony: 27
Gilles and Cheryl: 27
Shawn and Mark: 27
Lil Kim and Derek: 25
David and Kym: 24
Ty and Chelsie: 23
Chuck and Julianne: 23
Lawrence and Edyta: 20
Holly and Dmitry: 17
Denise and Maks: 16
Steve-O and Lacey: 15

Steve and Karina: 10

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dancing with the stars season 8 week 3 recap
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