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 Evel Dick Blogs - RealPlayer webcast/Housecalls

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PostSubject: Evel Dick Blogs - RealPlayer webcast/Housecalls   Mon Jun 01, 2009 6:05 am

Well, I got the call that Housecalls is done, CBS couldn't find a sponsor to support the show. They told me that last season, and to be completely honest....
I thought they were full of shit. But, I guess they weren't.
But that falls into the storyline of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

I mean, how could they have a tough time selling sponsorships for the Big Brother 10 Season? They just came off the worst rated season in the shows history in the winter edition/writers strike season of BB9. But even though it was the worst TV ratings, it was record setting numbers for Housecalls (Thanks to all of you who tuned in...
and fuck you who didn't...) They only tell you the ratings for your shifts while you are doing Housecalls, well they only told me my shifts, but did tell me that across the board that they were the biggest ratings... My shifts on Wed/Thurs the ratings trippled, getting us
OVER ONE THIRD OF THE TV AUDIENCE going online and watching me make all the producers sweat for their jobs every shift.

But whoever was selling the sponsorships that next season for BB10 (which I was told almost didn't happen because of lack of a sponsor as well...) did a piss poor job selling the sponsorship for the show. I mean, worst TV ratings, best Housecalls ratings....
That is the selling point right there....
"Just wait until we have a regular audience this summer, if they can keep up that percentage, the show will break records for viewers!" Should have been their pitch. But who knows what the hell it was...

So here are my thoughts, reflexions and feelings about Housecalls.....

I can't even tell you the number of times I heard, "It must be nice to have some money in the bank and not give a fuck about your job!" And I would always reply, "Yeah, it is..."

Then I would drop my pants and trim my Sheila like 80's bush for the entire episode. Or wear a wifebeater that I didn't reveal until we were live that said, "I call Bull$h!#" referring to the screwing Sharron took the day before in a competition where the question was...
"Is there another secret relationship in the house?"
And after a very, very, unusually long, even for Julie Chen.. paaauuuusssseeee
She announced that the answer was "TRUE" and Ryan became HOH, instead of Sharron who would have been HOH had the question had an answer that even resembled an honest answer. And either Ryan or Adam would have been gone that week. But, since the Guinea Pigs had this power alliance/relationship, Sharron was once again put on the block, but was evicted that week. Sharron got fucked with a sandpaper dildo that day. And some people weren't thrilled with me after that, but.... oh well. They knew what they were getting when they asked me to do the show.

Side note about Sharon....
I believe Sharon is one of the most under rated Houseguests of all time.
People don't like her style of play, the "Fly under the radar", "I will be your Pawn week after week", no huge game breaking, house shaking moves. But, every season people go home, who could actually stay in the house because of how they act while they are on the block. Ask Parker... who went on diary room strike when put up. Sharron was put up a record number of times, after being evicted by the actions of her cornhole boyfriend. She came back in because Neil decided he didn't want to be on the show after all and bailed on the show and his commitment to the show, the fans and everyone else that was in the house. Neil, you are an asshole and a tool. Sharon came back in and was partnered with one of the biggest assholes ever in the house, the self proclaimed "Gay EvelDick", Josh. Yet, she was cool and collected, manipulated and convinced others to see things her way, and make them think it was their idea as well. She played Ryan and Adam like they were boys trying to get up her skirt, yet never used her sexuality to persuade anyone, she used her head.
Sharon could have been in the final two that season, easily... she should have been in the final three, had she not been screwed over by that ridiculous answer of "The Guinea Pigs have a secret relationship answer."

Pre existing relationship crucial question HC episode

Anyhow, all the way through the Jessie Housecalls episode. You people are still watching that episode, and it is hilarious....
And I have watched it a few times, yet can't understand Gretchen's over reaction and yelling out to "Cut their mics!! Cut their mics!"
Was it because she was being talked over? Not included? Was Jessie's intelligence infecting her mind? I am still lost when I see that one.
If you haven't seen it yet, check it out... it is fucking great!

Housecalls with Jessie

Speaking of Gretchen....
I have mixed feelings about her, to be honest.
I know it had to be hard for her and her ego to sit next to the guy she ripped on
every chance she got, the season before. And here I was, talking shit, saying the things she wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole and bringing in the highest ratings HC ever had.
She took it in stride for the most part, but there were times when you could cut the air with a knife the tension was so thick.
I never went after her or ripped her. I always tried to show respect for her opinions and thoughts. I continually would reach out and tried to make our relationship on and off screen, better... Although I never or I should say, rarely did I ever hear from her out of the studio. But I felt we had a good relationship while we were together. And who knows what the future will hold. And I hope she will be a guest on my webcast this season.

It was very disappointing for me in BB10 after having such a good time with it for BB9.
And don't draw conclusions, like it was all Gretchen, because I just spoke about her prior to this, it wasn't. There were lots of things adding to the mixed feelings I had about Housecalls last season.

One of my favorite episodes of BB9 Housecalls was the roundtable episode with all the co-hosts together in a roundtable to talk about the season...

Housecalls Co-host roundtable episode

I had the Real Player webcast, which was taking a lot of my time, energy and focus. And I was shooting a pilot at the same time. Add to that, the switching of shifts, not once, but twice. And I took off to shoot the pilot during the switch the second time and got the days confused and missed a shift due to ..... thinking I was on one day when it had been switched... as well as missing a shift or two while shooting the pilot....

So at the end of BB10, I had wished I had just done the one season and left.

But in retrospect, I think I was just on BB overload. That is all I was talking about, all I was doing. I won BB8 and before I could breath, I was doing the video blogs for Real Player, Housecalls for CBS.com and was planning on doing Reality Remix once a week, until Dani no showed for the first episode and I was in a panic to get to Housecalls on time.... I was late for my first shift. So, I told Reality Remix that it was too much, thanks but I couldn't do it (I was really only doing it for Dani, the pay for it was good and she could have paid her rent and bills with the once a week gig. But if she didn't care enough to show up after all I went through to get her the gig with me, fuck it....)

All in all, I will look back on my time positively. I had a lot of fun and got to talk about the show as a fan/viewer with a players perspective. And got to do get away with doing some crazy, fun, stupid shit. Like this episode where I dedicated the show to Sheila, the Penthouse Sheila of the 80's with the 80's bush, lmao!

Dick dedicates the episode to Sheila and strips..

I had a great time with Bunky and wish we would have been able to do some episodes together. (We will on the Real Player webcast this season, so watch for it.)
Here is Bunky as my Evel Twin, Sweet Rick...

Sweet Rick takes over for Bunky

And I made some friends along the way. I want to say thanks to the producers and staff at Housecalls for putting up with my shit and for letting me take it places I wanted to go with it. So, Lara, Mike Byron, Chim Chim Jason and all of you that came in from time to time...

And thanks for putting together such cool promos in season 9 for us.
Here's mine, Kaysar's, Bunky's and Dani's as well. I love how you guys really captured who we were and it translated onto film well.
You guys ROCK!

EvelDick Promo #1 (Clean)

EvelDick Housecalls Promo #2 (beeps)

Dani's Housecalls Promo

Kaysar's Housecalls Promo

Bunky's Housecalls Promo

Thank you very much for being part of something I will look back on fondly. And I hope to keep in touch with all of you...

Thanks to all of you who watched Housecalls, not just the last couple seasons, but for making it a great companion show for Big Brother for all the years it ran (7 years, I think)

My webcast for realplayer will be more centered around Big Brother this season. I will have some guests that have nothing what so ever to do with the show, but I will have more past Houseguests, more segments with past Houseguests, as well as some fun reenactments of scenes from past seasons.... and a new segment we will probly do weekly called WWDD, What Would Dick Do? Where we will go over something that happended that week in the house and will ask you.... What Would Dick Do.

As for the rumors of no wrap party...
I am talking to some people and am still looking for sponsors, but
what I am thinking is throwing a big shin dig in Vegas where all the cast and production would be invited. I am trying to set it up so that any past Houseguest who would like to come out will be able to get at minimum, heavily discounted rooms and flights, and if I can swing it, free flights and hotel.

Fans will be invited to attend. Tickets will be sold to the event, which will help with the lowering of the cost to attend for the former HG's. So, the more of you that attend, will afford more past HG's to attend.

There will be different levels of ticketing that will include some type meet and greet party for everyone. Next level will include an activity of some sort... Followed by other options and access to your favorite HG's.

I will keep everyone up on what is going on with all of the above.
Thanks for making it this far in my babbling blog...

Talk soon


"Anybody Want Cake?"
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Evel Dick Blogs - RealPlayer webcast/Housecalls
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