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 'Dancing with the Stars:' It's Down to This

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PostSubject: 'Dancing with the Stars:' It's Down to This   Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:04 pm

By Tracy Phillips
Tue, 25 Nov 2008 12:34:08 GMT

It was the final performance night before someone is crowned the winner of Dancing with the Stars, and Warren Sapp set expectations high with the promise of a whole lotta something you havent seen before.

Leading into Tuesday nights finale, everything stands pretty much the same: Brooke dominated the points; Warren dominated the crowd; and Lance was left in the middle, the only one not to score a 10 at some point in the night like the others.

Before the samba smackdown and the freestyle frenzy, there was a new addition to the filler-tainment: begging and pleading. The dancers each got a segment to sway voters their way by telling what they thought their best dance of the season was and why they deserved to win.

Next the ballroom kids champions, Craig and Samantha, are announced. Theyre small and sassy, but the best part is that they won a baby disco ball trophy to rub in the face of their sister, who was last seasons runner up.

The first dance featured all three couples in a samba face off. I was expecting more when I saw how cagey the dancers were being with each other in the group rehearsal, hiding their moves from each other, but the dance ended up fairly even, with a spectacular merry-go-round-lift finish. Once again, Brooke got the highest score, Warren got the loudest cheers and Lance was somewhere in the middle.

Samba Scores
Brooke and Derek: 9, 9, 10 = 28
Lance and Lacey: 9, 8, 9 = 26
Warren and Kym: 9, 7, 9 = 25

Then it was on to what we were waiting for all season long: The Freestyle routines! (And the stripping! Wait, what?)

Brooke and Derek are up first and use the not-so-subtle suggestive powers of dancing to Youre the One That I Want from "Grease." It only takes Bruno two seconds to shout, YOU are the one that I want, Brooke! You ended up in positions Ive only seen in the Kama Sutra.

Len and Carrie Ann both say it was the best freestyle they have ever seen.

It was fantastic, but I dont know about ever. Maybe I was too distracted in the beginning because when I saw Brookes poufy pink dress, I immediately had horror flashbacks to Marie Osmonds creepy doll routine. Then Brooke jumped on the judges table and whipped off her dress to reveal hot pink sparkles everywhere in a bra top and skin tight Capri leggings with a giant silver diamond buckle. In an odd twist, Derek actually added an article of clothing, an ill-advised pepto-pink bedazzled blazer. Watch this clip to see if Derek is still with Shannon Elizabeth and if she's making an appearance in the ballroom.
Brooke and Derek: A Perfect 30!

Lance and Lacey made another risky move by choosing a hip hop routine to Run DMCs Its Tricky for their freestyle. It was funky and fun, but it didnt have any lifts to compete with Brooke's acrobatics and it didnt have any real wow factor to compete with Warren's charisma. They also failed in the costume department, since there was no stripping, just boring black t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. "Lancey" does get a point (from me) for their sense of humor, howeverLance throwing one shoe over his head at the end was a clever touch. Watch this video to see what Lance would do with a disco ball trophy.
Lance and Lacey: 27

Warren and Kym also get tricky by starting out classy, dancing slow to Proud Mary before ripping off their costumes for some slinky, silver threads and tearing it up to a faster version of the song, with a lot of lifts and a lot of energy. And the crowd goes wild! Bruno says resistance is futile. Carrie Ann said it was her favorite out of all the routines. Len said: Warren is an entertainer that no one else could touch--and gave him a 10! Too bad Emmitt Smith already danced to MC Hammers Cant Touch This because it would have been a perfect song for Warren. Watch this clip where Kym admits she had to Google Warren...she had no idea who he was!
Warren and Kym: 29

Tuesday night the winners will be revealed at the end of two hours of show that includes performances by Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keyes, Jeffrey Ross roasting the finalistsand the return of Crazy Cloris!

Finale Leaderboard
Brooke and Derek: 58
Warren and Kym: 53
Lance and Lacey: 53

Winner prediction: Brooke and Derek

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'Dancing with the Stars:' It's Down to This
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