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 The Celebreality Interview - Risky

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PostSubject: The Celebreality Interview - Risky   Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:16 pm

Looking back, how do you feel about Chances decision to pick neither of you?

The reason that he gave was good, but then again, I also feel like it was bulls***. He knew what he was getting into when he said he was gonna do a show. He knew from I Love New York that it was going to come down to a difficult decision and that somebodys heart was gonna be broken. He should have been prepared to do that, or he shouldnt have done the show.

Was your heart broken?

Yeah. Cali made a valid point, that shed been doing things since Day 1 to win his heart, but I did really open up to him the last few weeks. Our connection got strong. He was telling me all the time how much he loved me, but then at the end, it was like, Oh, I didnt fall in love with you.

Did it take time to get over?

No. I got over it really quickly. Thats kind of weird. But then when I saw him again at the reunion, it brought back feelings I had. It went away pretty quick initially, though.

Do you get angry when you think of how it all went down?

Sometimes. I still get feelings and stuff when I watch the show. But as long as I dont think about it, Im OK. Im not really angry, though. I respect Chance for his decision. I just feel like if he knew he might not choose anyone, he shouldnt have done the show in the first place. I feel like it was a waste of my time. Everyones saying, Its a tie. Neither of you won, neither of you lost. But it would have been better for me if he would have just chose someone. I just feel like he made us go all the way to that point for nothing.

Was it a total waste of time? Did you get anything out of it? The friends? The exposure?

Yeah, the exposure was really good. I am still friends with a couple of the girls from the house. Im still friends with Cali despite what she did on the last episode. She apologized and everything. It was to be expected, though. We were too close in the end. So yeah, I gained some friends and now have opportunities. Those are always positive.

Did you regret opening up to Chance?

No. It was something I needed to do in the first place. I regret waiting so long to do it. I feel like if I hadnt waited, maybe the outcome would have been different.

For maybe the first five episodes, we didnt so much as hear you speak.

You didnt see me at all.

What was up with that? Was that strategy?

No. Believe it or not, I actually was doing things. I was doing a lot of stuff. Thats why I was always one of the first three girls to get my chain. They just didnt show me. I guess I wasnt just as interesting as the other girls. I think because I didnt keep up drama and because I was the friendly one that got along with everyone in the house, it kinda knocked me off camera. It wasnt strategy, trust me. I was working hard to get him.

When Chance dismissed you, he asked if you could be friends. Can you?

Oh yeah. I cant hate him for his decision. Ill always be his friend and Im gonna keep my tattoo, too.

No regrets in that department?

No. My tattoo says, Stallionette. Regardless of whether I was picked or not, it still represents my time on the show and my experience. I feel like Ill still be a Stallionette, no matter how it goes. Not only are doors opened for me, but the show made me realize a lot of things. So Ill keep the tattoo as a memento of what I went through.

What did it make you realize?

For one, not to go on TV looking for love (laughs). No, it made me realize I shouldnt have my guard up if Im going after something I want, and to not be so shy and timid.

The past three episodes were full of attacks on you: Milf accused you of giving Chance head, Rabbit revealed that your brothers in jail and Cali called you average. How did you cope?

As far as Rabbit and Cali, they saw me as competition. They had to do whatever they had to do to get me out of the house and get Chance to not like me as much as he did. I wasnt surprised about that at all, I just didnt know when it was going to happen and how. As far as Milf, I really dont know what possessed her to accuse me of what she accused me of when I wasnt her competition. Maybe it was that everyone was attacking her except for me, and since Id been so calm and cordial the whole show, she figured it would be an easy way out. She figured I wouldnt attack her back if she targeted me. But she realized that she targeted the wrong one.

You were cool with Milf till then?

I had no animosity or beef with her at all. I was cool with everybody. But after she accused me of doing whatever she said I did, it changed my whole view on her. I always thought she was too old to be in the house and she kept talking about how many problems she was having with her family and whatever. I felt like she should have been trying to get her family and her life together. But when she accused me of that, I started listening to everyone else and I started hating her like everybody else did.

The Rabbit situation was ironic, too. Her revelation ended up endearing you to Chances mom.

It helped me instead of hurting me. I was pretty flattered by the whole thing, though. Chances mom told her, Tell me a reason why Risky wouldnt be good for Chance, and the only thing she could come up with was that I had a brother in jail. That has nothing to do with me at all. It has nothing to do with my character or what type of person I am. I feel like everyone has had a family member in jail at at least one point in their life. Chances mom could relate to that.

Do you resent Rabbit for trying to use that against you?

Its the past. I really dont care. But at the time, I felt like it was wrong for her to bring up something that personal on national TV. If I wanted it out like that, I would have brought it out myself. Im not ashamed of it at all, but I felt like it was the wrong way for it to come out. But I dont have any resentment for her. Not anymore. I kinda got that out. I wrote a little blog about her on MySpace and I vented so Im OK now.

What was your brothers take on the situation?

He was shocked, too. He really felt the same way I did about the situation, as well as my mother and my other brother. Im really close with the brother thats in jail, and hes still there now. The whole thing is a sensitive topic for my whole family. We just felt like it was wrong to put it out there like that.

Rabbit also accused you of being ghetto. What do you have to say about that?

I think its funny. Rabbit accused me of being ghetto, but she was doing the same thing everyone else in the house was doing. She always accused people of being ghetto and not classy and slutty, but she dresses the same way, she acts the same way, she does everything the same way. I feel like shes a hypocrite. She called me ghetto because I blew up at Milf, but anyone in their right mind would have blown up the way I did when something like that happened. If that makes me ghetto, so be it.

You mentioned opportunities that have come as a result of the show. Is there anything you can talk about?

I have another show in the works, but I cant talk about that. I have a belt line Im working on now because every night at elimination, I wore a belt. Ive been in a couple of magazines and I have a couple more articles coming out, too. Im really thankful for the doors that are opening.

Looking back on it all, was it a good experience?

Yeah. Overall, it was really good. I gained new friends and exposure, and I learned things. I learned what and what not to do when trying to get someone you like.

You were a class act, Risky.

Thank you. Thats another reason why I was mad he didnt pick me. Even though they didnt show me too much in the beginning of the show, whenever they did, it wasnt because I was stabbing someone in the back or doing this or doing that, keeping up drama. It was because I was being real. I was being a real woman. Even when Cali turned on me, I didnt turn back on her. I feel like I was real the entire time and that should have sailed me all the way through, but I cant change his feelings.

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The Celebreality Interview - Risky
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