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 MTVs The City is FAKE!!!

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PostSubject: MTVs The City is FAKE!!!   Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:54 pm

Read this interview "The Citys" Oliva gave in which she admits that the shows producers asked her and Whitney to get into a fight.

How do you feel about how youve been portrayed?
Its a little disappointing. Im a much nicer person, much more laid back and relaxed, not serious like they show me. They can only use so much footage in 30 minutes so I think that they really narrow it down and sometimes it doesnt come out exactly how I would like.

You look sad a lot on the show.
Im not sad at all! Sometimes they catch me at off moments. Its just me off in my own world.

When did you begin to sense that you had been cast as Whitney's adversary?
You kind of pick up little things here and there, but to be quite honest our relationship in the office is super friendly. There are definitely times when were sitting at our desks and were silent because were working and I feel like they take a lot of those stares or weird looks during times when were actually doing our work!

So you feel like the show has misrepresented your relationship with her?
Yeah. Its really disappointing because at the end of the day Im really happy for Whitney. I think shes adjusting really well to New York and I dont have any problems with her. Seeing the show is upsetting, but all I can do is try and be myself. Im sure it takes a lot of effort for the editors to sit there and try to create, like, drama out of me when I really am not a dramatic person.

Talk about the item that appeared in Page Six, which reported that producers asked you and Whitney to fight for the cameras. MTV denied it. Is it true?
You know, honestly, our producers ask us to do things that we dont want to do. Im not going to do and say anything that I dont want to do. Im at the office to do my work. Im not at the office for personal reasons and Im not going to have my personal life interfere with my work environment. Its completely inappropriate.

Were you surprised to get that kind of request?
Nothing surprises me these days. Are you kidding? Nothing surprises me. You just have to put your foot down.

Palermos rep interjects: But just to clarify, I think the Post item did come off in a way that implied a physical fight. There was no physical fight.

They didnt ask you to get in a physical fight; did they asked you to get into an argument?
Hmmm, yeah, pretty much.

To anyone whos watched or read about The Hills, hearing that elements of the show are staged is unsurprising.
I think a lot of stuff takes me by surprise, but then again I do not do anything I dont want to do. Its a reality show and thats it. Im going to be myself. If I was an actress, itd be a different story.

Palermos rep steps in: I just kind of want to take a step back and clarify here for a second. It would be unfair to say MTV asked Olivia and Whitney to get into a fight. I think the thing with these two girls is, especially in a work situation, they tend to sit at their desks and quietly do their work and go about their business, and you really cant create an entertainment TV show out of that kind of footage. Its not necessarily that the producers say, "Girls, get on set today and start a fight," its that they step in and say, "Hey, its obvious you guys are a little tense, we need you to talk about it." Its not them saying, "Hey, lets stage a fight. Heres a script." There is definitely a strong element of production involved, just because they need the girls to verbalize what theyre thinking, otherwise viewers cant follow whats going on.

Why do you think that item made it in Page Six then? Especially if the request was as benign as, Can you guys verbalize your feelings?
Honestly, I dont know because I dont really talk to the Post. I mean, it didnt come from me at all so I have no idea.

Palermos rep: There are so many parties involved in the making of this show, especially when youre filming scenes at DVF, and a lot of people who are eager to make it appear more dramatic than it is. Where this stuff comes from? God only knows. Theres been a lot of misprinted items about Olivia in the press.

Olivia: Yeah, a lot (laughs). Moreso than I would like to say.

Lets talk about the episode where you and Whitney styled a cover for Elle. It looked as though you were trying to steal Whitneys spotlight after she chose the winning look. Can you explain what happened?
The part you didnt see is when I was actually looking at the clothing rack, I pulled the [winning] jacket aside. So it definitely was a group effort. The two of us pulled it together. And I did, on three different occasions, which they didnt show, make it clear to my bosses and to Joe Zee [creative director at Elle] that it was a mutual project. I didnt take full credit for it.

Why then do you think Whitney got so upset about it? They showed her rolling her eyes and talking to her friends about what you did.
See, when I was with her, I never saw that! I was a little surprised to see it myself.

Do you and Whitney hang out when youre not filming?
Unfortunately, I have so much going on right now that I barely have time to do anything. Im taking classes, trying to finish undergrad while filming [the show]. Im trying to balance it all and also make time for my friends ... but we also work together so much that we also need some down time.

Why did you agree to appear on The City?
The entertainment industry is really fascinating to me and acting is something I want to do down the line, so I thought being in front of the camera would definitely be a really good experience to get comfortable. Also, working at DVF is quite cool. Diane Von Furstenberg is an amazing woman and shes so inspiring.

Why do you think you were chosen for the show?
That I dont know! Im out and about in New York and Im a student and I live a normal life. Maybe because I am a true New Yorker, I am actually the only true New Yorker on the show, and that kind of brings a different level to it. I really do know the city. I was actually hoping to be a mentor to Whitney.

We only see bits of you and your cousin Nevan. Do you wish that were different?
Nevan and I are family and were super comfortable together and we have this funny banter where we kind of mock each other. We love it. Were just ourselves. Ninety percent of the funniest things we say to each other you never see, which is unfortunate, but of course Im hoping they show more. Were the New Yorkers! Forget about L.A. and Australia! Its The City right?

You guys are usually in your apartment though.
Nevan and I really dont go out, I dont go out because I have a boyfriend and we really like to stay in and just relax. Nevan goes out on occasion, and when we do spend time together its honestly eating Chinese food, going to the movies and hanging out. Its nothing too fascinating, but it is fun.

How has your life changed since being on The City?
It hasnt really changed so much because Im so consumed with just working and being in school that I dont really have time for anything else.

It sounds, in general, like you're not too happy with how you're seen on the show. Why continue with the show into Season 2?
Once you start something, you dont stop in the middle of it, you follow it through and you hope that it gets better and you try to learn from any mistakes. Its a learning process.

"The City" finale airs March 16 at 10 p.m.


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MTVs The City is FAKE!!!
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