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 Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Episode 1

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PostSubject: Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Episode 1   Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:53 am

Episode 1

* Original airdate: January 29, 2009
* Episode recap: Hell's Kitchen - Episode 501, "16 Chefs Compete"
* Signature Dishes: Compared to previous seasons, where Ramsay would find little praise in contestants' signature dishes, a surprising number of dishes were acceptable this season, with only some low marks for presentation. Among the low points were Colleen's chicken enchiladas and Seth's ratatouille with honey, which Ramsay describes as the worst thing he ever tasted.
* Teams:

Spice Rack (Red Team)
Blue Brothers (Blue Team)

* Service: Power failed partway through the appetizers. After 20 minutes, power was restored, and the men began to release entrees. After stalling several times, dinner service ended after the customers began to leave. Only the men served any entrees.
* Nominees for elimination: Wil and Seth
* Winner: No winner; the service never went beyond the initial entrees. The men were declared the losers after 90% of customers rated Giovanni's waiting service below average, and customers rated Carol's waiting service 88% above average.
* Elimination: Wil nominated himself, and the rest of the men nominated Seth. After arguing their positions, Wil was eliminated. Ramsay commented that Wil lacked the heart to continue.

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Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Episode 1
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